Wednesday, January 13, 2010

If U Want to Use My stuff

Many of us learn from the internet. We learn from each other in the blogosphere and whatever internet sources out there.
How many of us really create all our recipes from scratch?
How many of us begin baking or cooking without a given written recipe or verbal recipe?
How many of us can really come out with something that nobody has ever done? Wow!!

I don't believe that there could be anyone that started to cook and bake with nothing but only intuition. There must be a source. I state my source of recipe in my post labels, Personal Creations, Tasted and Recreated, From the net, From Friends and Family, From Books  or Ideas From TV.

The rules below apply strictly to Personal Creations, Tasted and Recreated and From Friends and Family.
Personal Creations: My brainchild, therefore I guard them zealously.
Tasted and Recreated: I might not have invented them, but what I decided to put in to recreate them came from my brain juices.
From Friends and Family: Ideas derived from people around me, recipes taught to me verbally. So, u must not use them in a wrong way.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License. "
Please link back if you got a recipe from my site. Link back means put my blog post's link in your post to show you took the recipe from my site

Should u want to post a recipe that I adapted from another site or book, please credit the original author, not me. Only that seems fair.
Altho the recipes are permitted to be copied under the stated circumstances, do not copy and paste my write ups. They are my experiences, not urs. U don't have the same life and exact situations like me.

I hope u understand what I meant.

Happy reading and happy blogging!!!!


  1. whua!! i didnt log-on to your blog for a few days and suddenly so many posts!! Good , i get to read more...:P
    i steamed some 鸡蛋糕this morning, got the recipe from the shop which i bought my super fine flour. It was nice, very "padat", i think my MIL will like it if she's here but i prefer fluffy ones.
    It took me some time to get used to your blog at first, but now i think i like the now look better, easier to check your older posts. Thumbs up!

  2. Melody,
    Whua.....I tot u just logged in not too long ago asking abt egg drop jelly. Very padat? Something must have gone wrong. My old post button has always been there, even with my old template,maybe u didn't notice, just that now I highlighted where it is. kekekeke!!
    I think the old format, I list out my latest posts as many as 20 on the right panel, but this current widget I'm using, 10 is already very long. So, 20 last time and 10 now, it's easier now?? *** Scratch my head****

    When can we meet again huh???

  3. Really, i think that was a few days ago right? usually i would log in once everyday.
    Something about the 鸡蛋糕 yesterday, i steamed them in 2 batches, the 1st was harder after cooled. The 2nd batch which sat on the table while the 1st was in the wok, turned out to be a bit softer altho they'r the same. Funny, huh?
    I go thru your old post usint the labels, not the "recent post" button, there'r more "labels" now right? i find them easier to look for, the recipes i mean...and i soemtimes go thru the blogs that u follow, really good sorce of recipes!! Although i seldom bake or cook, its so nice to look at the pictures!! :D(Looks like we'r gonna have to keep in touch this way for some time...we seldom go out nowadays coz my eldest son is a real "terrorist" outside)

  4. Yeah, u can go thru the labels thingy for type of dish plus major ingredient used.

    U can also access my older posts using "Recipe Index"

  5. Abt ur ji dan gao... it's weird.
    Tee- dee...tee..dee....tee...dee.... it's the twilight zone....


  6. I've seen a few cases of people "stealing" recipes from forums and post the recipes in their blog without giving credit to the orignator. For bloggers like this, I choose to stop visiting their blog and removed them from my blogroll.

    There are also sellers taking pictures off the net, claiming they can produce that design. Totally unethical. I believe it's basic courtesy to acknowledge and give due credit to the orignator.

  7. Blessed Homemaker,
    Oh, it's some blog that u even know.
    Abt the sellers thing, it's a cupcake site right?? KitchenCapers did a good job spreading the word :). It's good to be aware.

  8. They were from the KC and when I visited their blog, I was very much inspired by them for their wonderful bakes, photography and writeup. But after some visits, I realised the recipes were copied from KC and posted in their blog without giving due credit to the originator.

    PS: You are a late owl too! ;-)

  9. I'm a late owl and a late bird.

  10. I found out wat went wrong with my ji dan gao already!! i didnt fold in the flour as being told, i just simply stir in the flour not knowing that there's a difference between folding n stirring...ha...ha...i suggest that i have a topic on "How to flod in flour correctly". so that idiots like me learn more... :P

  11. Hiya Wendy!

    I found your site from facebook and I'm so in love with it! Love the layout and the pictures, like you I only know how to aim focus and click. Don't ask me about how to use aperture and shutter speed. Completely hopeless!

    Going to go through your blog for great recipes


  12. Alesia,
    I think many people although are holding DSLRs nowadays barely know how to manipulate the functions :)
    Haha, but who cares????? I don't.

    Hope to see you more often. Do join as "follower" of my blog for updates :)

  13. I love your write up, well about yourself :) It feels so sincere and so much love for what you do! Fantastic blog! Really glad I found it :)

  14. Min,
    Thank you and hope to see you around more often

  15. Hi Wendy,
    By chance I stumbled upon your blog when I received an email from a friend for your Avocado Milk Pound Cake recipe. I like it very much and saw your link on the photos. So, out of curiosity, I log in. There, right in front of me there are so many delicious recipes and informative articles for cooking tips. Frankly speaking, I am not good in cooking and have always envy my friends who can really cook. You now what? Your blog is a great help to someone who are not good in cooking; just like ME, hahaha... Thanks Wendy, I do really love your blog!!!! I tell myself that now I have found a good 'sifu', I must try to improve my cooking! I will try some of your recipes once I have gone through all of them!! Once again, a big thank you to you!!

    Ivy Sew

  16. Ivy Sew,
    Thanks for dropping by. I hope my blog posts are of great use to you.
    Happy learning together


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