Sunday, January 10, 2010

Kitchen Tips from me to U!

Hope u find these tips helpful
Click on the questions to find the tip that is located in my blog.
It's in the posts. You have to read through.

1. How to make green vegetables "green" after blanching, or even prolonged boiling.
2. How to get the "wok hei" , the distinctive fragrance from stir frying, like Chinese restaurants style fried vegetables.
3. How to get a smooth surface for Seri Muka
4. How to make smooth Chinese Steamed Eggs
5. Tenderizing beef using common household ingredient
6. How to get equal layers when baking Sarawak/Indonesian Layer Cakes
7. How to get a smooth tart crust that does not leak
8. Temperature control in making buttercream
9. How to prevent overboiling porridge
10. How to make sure no fish bones in fish porridge
11. How to prevent fishy smell in porridge
12. How to detect food dye in tea

I'll add to the list as I continue to blog.


  1. Thanks for sharing, Wendy. I see you have changed your blog design :)

  2. haha, the major change was few weeks back, still doing bit by bit.... until i find it satisfactory

  3. Hi Wendy i'm a huge silent fans of your blog, got so many things from wandering around your blog thanks very much


  4. Danty,

    Thanks for loving my blog. It's comments like this and people like you that keeps the fire in me to blog and blog
    Thanks a lot!!

  5. Hi Wendy,

    I just happen to wander into your blog (after looking thru Nasi Lemak Lover Sonia's blog) Thank you for the many many tips which you have so generously shared with all your readers. Keep up the good work. Thanks for your effort. Sandra

  6. Sandra,
    U're welcomed and thanks for wandering by.
    Do wander by more often and see you around :)

  7. HI Wendy,

    i'm new to your blog. Thanks for sharing your tips and recipes. i'm already addicted to your blog! I find it very informative.


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