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Friday, January 22, 2010

Rainbow Yogurt Layer Cake

I had this idea of making, something not so usual, not adorned with cream, not as filling as a butter cake, a light cake, but not too bare like a plain sponge cake. So came this idea of a multilayer colourful yogurt filled cake. I wanted to name it Rainbow Yogurt Cake, but the layers don’t look much of a rainbow huh. But duh..rainbow seems nice.kekekeke.

The moment I cut the cake.. it looked so pretty. The moment I bit into it, I loved it. Tangy with yogurt, and so light. I passed some to my neighbours and those who didn’t like yogurt found this too sour. But to yogurt lovers, it’s good stuff. My siblings love this too :)

Actually, these are very old pictures, almost 7 months ago, I guess.  I don’t know whether I should post them, cos the pictures weren’t so nicely focused and so overexposed, because at that time I was really just beginning to use Mike’s DSLR. Totally *zip* of whatever functions. I was anxious to take the pics because the layers were so pretty and I just can’t wait for him to to come and help me. But nonetheless…. Here they are. I’m still not good with DSLR, just learnt how to use aperture and a few more buttons compared to the time of these pics  And Mike’s considering getting me a point and shoot camera with macro function, cos I’m always complaining abt the pictures having too much of depth of feel, I want the whole pic to be clear, rather than that teeny weeny spot. Frankly I do not know the uses of the lens in his collection.  It’s like gambling each time I take pictures. Sometimes I win with superb pics, sometimes I lose with out of focus pics, or too much depth of feel, or whatever problems that even photo editing cannot aid me at all. Plus I am not that good with photo editing (am using Ulead, cos it’s more for a dungu like me).
Photoshop seems too complicated, too many things that can be clicked..:)

Sponge recipe:
Refer to my strawberry yogurt cake (Rainbow yogurt layer cake is actually even older….. kekeke)
Bake in a 9 inch square pan
When cake has cooled, slice cake into 4 layers and place them into a square removable bottom pan, or u can find a plastic container (I use a 8.5inch Tupperware, I prefer to use this cos I can cover it up to avoid drying out) that is about the same size of the cake, or smaller(container should not be bigger than cake, if not all the fillings will drip out from the sides. If the cake is slightly too big, trim it to fit snugly. Line the whole plastic container with baking paper. I folded the baking paper like a basket so that I can lift the whole thing out of the Tupperware.

2 cups (140gm) Dutch Lady Strawberry Yogurt
2 cups (140gm) Dutch Lady Blueberry Yogurt
2 cups (140gm) Dutch Lady Citrus Mix Yogurt
¾ Tbsp gelatin + ¾ Tbsp gelatin + ¾ Tbsp gelatin
50ml water + 50ml water + 50ml water

1. Prepare 3 microwavable containers and put in ¾ tbsp gelatin each + 50ml water each. Stir lightly with a toothpick. Let it sit for 2 minutes until gelatin blooms. Microwave on high for 10 seconds. Remove from microwave and give it a light stir with toothpick, Check whether gelatin has dissolved, if not, zap on high for another 6 seconds.
2. Pour same flavours of each yogurt into 3 individual bowls.
3. When gelatin has turned warm, with a balloon whisk, stir in one portion of gelatin mixture into 1st yogurt. Immediately pour over 1st layer of sponge. Top with a layer of sponge.
4. Repeat step 3 with yogurt of another flavour.
5. Repeat step 3 with last yogurt.
6. Chill overnight or at least 5 hours before serving

If u like things to be sweeter, try adding 1 tablespoon of sugar into each hot gelatin mixture. Stir to dissolve.


  1. Hi! I've passed you an award. Do feel free to pick it up from my blog :)

    I love the beautiful colours, Wendy! This cake looks really good. Great job on it!

  2. Hi Wendy,
    I would like to bake this cake in a 7inch round pan. Hence could you show me how to adjust the ingredients quantity to fit my cake pan? Also, I would like to add the Strawberry yogurt layer (which you did for your Neapolitan yogurt cheesecake) on top and sides of the cake using a 8inch cake ring pan. Do you it will be feasible?
    Thank you!

  3. Lynn,
    Bake an 8 inch round sponge, it will shrink to slightly bigger than a 7 inch.
    Reduce it the recipe by 20%. Actually by calculation, you should reduce this to a 3 egg recipe,but I think it might be too thin to slice as I sliced this cake very very very carefully.
    You can do the strawberry yogurt topping and sides...probably you will need double of that recipe to get a good coating

  4. Hi Wendy,
    Thank you for your reply. However I am still puzzled about one thing and that is how do I make this Rainbow Yogurt Layers cake if my sponge is slightly bigger than 7inch in diameter? My intention is to make this Rainbow Yogurt Layers cake in 7inch pan followed by covering the whole cake with Strawberry yogurt topping (which you did for your Neapolitan yogurt cheesecake) in a 8in ring pan. In this case, I will end up with a very thick outer layer of strawberry yogurt around the cake right? If so, how much more strawberry yogurt topping should I make?
    Thank you

  5. Lynn,
    Trim your cakes to fit.
    You can try double, any extra just let the kids lick away :)


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