Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tuna Potato Cakes

This is one thing that I made out of the pantry while I was posted to Felda Selancar, Pahang, 6 years ago. Selancar is a resettlement with oil palm being its major industry. Surrounded by oil palms as far as the eye can see, going out to the nearest town, Segamat is 50km away. I kept lots of canned food and other not so perishable foods at my quarters.

After making this, only did I realise it actually taste like "bergedil", a Malay "dish", hmm.. I don't know how to categorise it, but bergedil is always found where the rice stalls are, eaten with rice. Sometimes with soto as well.

Something easy to make for dinner or kids parties.
I used to make this using the smallest can of tuna, now that packaging size is no longer available.

1/4 cup tuna flakes, drained amount.Flake tuna finely. (1 regular can of Ayam brand, tuna in brine will need 3 potatoes)
1 russet potato, cut into 1cm cubes
1 heaped Tbsp cornstarch
1/3 tsp salt
dash of pepper
1 egg, beaten
Some oil for frying (U can pan fry or deep fry)

1. Bring a saucepan of water to boil and put in potato cubes. Simmer for 3 minutes. Check if potatoes are cooked, but not mushy. Drain.
2. Place flaked tuna and drained potatoes into a bowl. Put in salt,pepper and cornstarch. Mix well.
3.Use clean hands, place 1/2 tablespoon of potato mixture onto palms and shape into a patty. Place on a plate. Repeat until potato mixture is finished. U can stack the patties, they won't stick to each other.
4. Heat oil for frying. When oil is ready, dip 1 patty into beaten egg and place carefully into hot oil. Fry both sides until golden. Dish up and drain.


  1. The recipe looks simple, thanks for the recipe, will try it out soon :)

  2. Min,
    This can be made a day or 2 ahead, keep them refrigerated until the time to fry.

  3. Mmmm, looks easy...maybe i'll make some next week, when i reclaim my kitchen(for a week)
    can keep just like that in fridge? no need freezer? or maybe it can be kept longer if we freeze it?

  4. Mel,
    I've never tried freezing this. But I suggest u line each layer with plastic sheets or non stick paper before u freeze them. These will be great for Ee Sync :)

  5. This is some what like a croquet but without the bread crumbs... interesting dish. Sounds like a delicious snack.

  6. Oh ya hoh... croquettes... hehehehe, never passed my mind before this :)
    Thanks Shirley.

  7. Hi! I have made Salmon Potato Cakes before, and have always wondered whether tuna would work. You just convinced me that it does. They are beautiful! You have a wonderful blog.


    PS: I replied your Castella questions on my comment page. :)

  8. hey Wendy, I tried the Ondeh Ondeh again... too soft this time, hahaha... The first time, the Sweet Potato just dissolved in boiling water - not even flour to bind, I guess. I added more flour... but I think still not enough. This time round, it feels like just eating mashed sweet potato - no chewiness at all. Wah, our tongue is so difficult to please... too chewy, cannot, not chewy enough also cannot...

  9. wow you have a nice blog. I like your postings especially those on chiffon, pizza and dumplings. The instructions are so detailed.

    Great work!

  10. Ju : Thanks for the reply

    Shirley: Haha.. it's not easy making ondeh by guessing. And it's hard to be 100% accurate with a ondeh-ondeh recipe as not all variety of sweet potatoes have the same moisture level.

    Irene: Thanks! Do drop by more often.

  11. I've just made some of these...using a last can of sardine instead of tuna...and I boiled the potatoes in their jackets before i cubed them--felt a bit mushy thou...maybe i made too much, so i fried them bigger i think, using a tablespoon of patty for a piece...dunno how can i post the pics here, maybe i'll use FB...thanks for the fantastic idea!

  12. Melody,
    Ha! Sardines!! Great idea.
    The reason why I cubed them b4 boiling is to shorten the time, plus more even cooking. If u boil them whole, by the time the inside is cooked, the whole potato is mushy. The recipe here calls for potato that is just cooked, not until mushy, cos it'll make shaping easier and less wet. Show me the pics in FB pls.. can't wait to see them. Hey, abt the soy jelly thingy.. don't forget to comment too.. thanks

  13. Hi wendy,
    this recipe is a keeper. very easy to make and tasty too.

  14. Delia,
    Thanks for trying this out.
    Hope to see you around more often!!

  15. Err..just want to ask...Flaked tuna and drained potatoes mix well with salt, pepper and cornstarch...do we need to SMASH them till fine? how to make in patty shape?? Sorry la...i am not good with KITCHEN things...need your help SI FU!! Thanks...
    From, Patricia

  16. Patricia,
    The potatoes will slightly mash up while you mix.
    BTW, I don't think totally mashed up potatoes will be nice here, that's my personal opinion.

    To form a patty, just place a tablespoon of the mixture into your hand and form into a flat circle, like what is in the picture.

  17. Hi Wendy,
    I've tried making this tuna potato cakes yesterday. It's delicious. I ended up not eating as much I wish, maybe because I became full by 'smelling the food' while cooking...haha. nevertheless, my husband said it's good and can be served as entree...

    I just wonder was it easy for you to shape into patties...? My potatoes were cooked but not mushy...but when I put them on my hand, i need to press them, only shape into patties...is that right?


  18. Tel,
    I pressed it in my palms gently, but firmly to shape

  19. Hi Wendy! I have been looking at your blog and facebook and all your recipe looks amazing! And I couldn't decide on what to cook/bake. And yes! This is the first easy thing that I cook last night and it is super shiok! Thanks alot for sharing with everybody your recipe. :)

    From, Serena

  20. Hi Wendy,
    Do you think these tuna potato cakes can be baked instead of frying? If yes, do I omit the coating of egg then proceed to bake? At what temperature should I set the oven?

    Thanks for your reply,

  21. Lynn,
    you still need to coat it with some oil, to bake.
    Try 200C (I'm not too sure), and bake until they are golden enough for you

  22. Thank you Wendy. I shall try and see if taste good.


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