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Monday, January 11, 2010

Not so pretty Pandan Mantous this time

I did it again ... but this time not as pretty as the previous attempt.
I know where I went wrong, I didn't let the rolled out dough relax before I rolled it up, therefore, after I rolled it up, and the dough strip relaxed, it actually squeezed the inner rings upwards, creating leaning towers of mantous... After being steamed they were even more protruding and some pieces looked obscene, as commented by Mike.

This time, the pandan juice separated in just 18 hours!!! Good eh!!
Actually this is the usual time, but I don't know why for this post, it took me 4 days.. sigh!!

And I shaped some dough to be like these.....

The final result!!!

The colour's more toned down after steaming.


  1. It actually looks very green! Is the colour all from the pandan juice?
    And imperfection is perfection for homemade mantous. I love them. Playing with different shapes.. they look absolutely cute!

  2. I only see slides on wowzio, wait, I see the 1st slideshow, but the images are blurred. Nice color of your pandan mantou !!

  3. Blessed Homemaker: Thanks :)

    Tracie: All the colour is from the pandan juice. look at the lower pics, they are much toned down after steamed, but still green.

    Sonia: Thanks! u're the first to respond to my slideshow questions. Thanks alot!! I'll remove the 1st slideshow then.

  4. Was there a slideshow? Oops, time to change my glasses :P

  5. BH: Yes.. there was. It was there for almost 2 days. I removed it immediately after I saw Sonia's comment.

  6. These are so pretty! green is my fave colour and malay cakes are always green!! LOL

  7. Zurin,
    Pandan is what distincts Malay cakes from the others:)

    Truly Malaysian with Pandan :)

  8. I love steamed mantou especially pandan flavor... your mantou look really

  9. AFTH:
    Thanks. The laugh behind it is really cheeky..

  10. You know what? at first these looked like the shape of poop!! Coming from me, that's not a bad thing, because I have an obsession with things poop shaped- so now I want to make these in this shape but brown! (prehaps, chocolate flavoured??) =) I think they look really good!

  11. Von,
    If u plan to make poop mantous, just replace the coconut milk and other liquids with cow's milk and add in cocoa powder.
    Actually I planned to make poop buns too, but never got to it. Haha.


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