Sunday, February 28, 2010

Aubergine with Fragrant Topping

Katrika, in Tamil means aubergine/brinjal/eggplant.
And when they call u "Gundu Katrika", it means u're a fat brinjal.

Fat and brinjal seems to be the pair when it comes to calling people fat in Tamil. They dun call people "Gundu Pandee", fat pig. My friends will only yell at rascals "Pandee" when they pull their hair or do something very irritiating to them. Guess it's very different from the Chinese that likes to call people with huge mass, pigs. Why do I know abt this gundu katrika thing??? Cos my friend, "Pache Taukele"(Green Frog) likes to call me that back in my schooling days. If u're reading this, Taukele, u know I'm talking about u!!!

It's been a long long time since I've made this.
The aubergines/brinjals/eggplants or whatever u may call it are boiled, therefore it's healthier.
It's a very appetizing dish :)

Step by step recipe here


  1. This is good...though not too sure if will cause blurred vision if consume too frequently.

    Your pics make the dish even more tasty!
    : )

  2. LOL!!! You're so funny!!! "Gundu Katrika" is hilarious. :) Your dish looks yummilicious. I love brinjal done like that.

  3. oh i rber this dish!! you made it once back in our desa serdang house.. and i loved it!! hehehe.. wld love to do this dish, but my hubby dun like brinjals.. >__< some day..... ;)

  4. Irene,
    The blurring of eyesight is just my grand aunt's old folks tale. To believe or not is up to the individual.

    I didn't plan to write abt gundu katrika actually, the idea came on impluse.

    No.. this is a different version. That one u ate is boiled til soft and mushy, then doused with shallot oil and soy sauce. Slightly different in taste and texture. There are lots of other recipes that u can cook for dear Thad.

  5. Oh really....if it is not that true..then more brinjal please.... : P

  6. Sonia,
    Yup, simple and nice.

    I dunno whether it's really true or not. Sometimes what old folks say do have some truth in them. I'm not confirming the issue.

  7. 10q for the info!
    sometimes, cook until dont know what to cook lio.

    you create me idea to cook this as well. the info to quite clear! one by one.

  8. Voon,
    There are lots of ideas here on this blog that u can use and cook dinner with.
    That was the initial intention of this blog :)
    Recipes for u and ur lovely wife, not forgetting Vanessa.

  9. Hi Wendy
    No first then worry later : O

  10. Wendy, talk about the refreshing and delicious diet! I love this eggplant dish!

  11. THank you so much. I was just telling my huds the other day do not get me anymore brinjal as I dun know how to prepare or cook them.. NOW i know.. thanx to you :D

  12. Oh, I miss brinjal! My mom used to cook this but not my mil. And since my hubby is not a fan, I don't cook this at home too. Yours look really yummy! I'm drooling now!

  13. Merryn,
    I have another brinjal recipe. Hope ur try that too.

    Blessed Homemaker,
    Well, u can teach ur kids to eat this, then u can cook it since it's only ur hub not eating it. U can cook him another dish, or just fry him an egg to compensate :)

  14. "gundu katrika"...haha. I have a Tamil colleague who fits into this description.Now I have another name to call her.Mean mean mean.
    I love brinjau cooked all sorts of ways. I also heard about the blurred vision but I heck care. Just like eating too much kang kong will get cramps....hog wash.

  15. Vien,
    She'll give u the fist if u call her that :)

    I eat kangkung like nobody's business too!!

  16. No she did not. She just laughed and laughed. Even though she is plump she is sexy cos she has jennifer lopez's bum.I ever put a pen on her bum and it stayed there. Haha...Im kind of crazy at times.

  17. Vien...
    Wah, u are very naughty ler.


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