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Monday, February 22, 2010

Mushroom Potato Soup

Haha, u know what is this??

Baby food! Something really new on my blog.

Warning: I do not recommend this for babies below 9 months. Food choices for your own baby is yours, this is just my baby’s food.

I suddenly had this idea of making mushroom soup for Lyanne.
Bought some nice pesticide free white button mushroons, an organic leek and russet potatoes which are oh so yummy and soft.

For 2 meals:
2 russet potatoes, peeled and cut into chunks
4 button mushrooms, abt 1/3 cup when sliced thinly
¼ cup thinly sliced leeks
1 tsp or slightly more olive oil.
Small pinch of salt (optional)
3 cups water

Heat a small pot and put in olive oil. Saute sliced leeks until soft and slightly browned. Put in sliced mushrooms and continue to cook until mushrooms wilt. Put in water and bring to a boil.
Put in potatoes and simmer until tender. Season with a little bit of salt, if wanted. Puree and keep warm.

Ok, from the pic u can see I didn’t puree it. Lyanne likes it slightly granular. So, I forked out the potatoes, and pureed just the broth. I mashed the potatoes with a fork and mixed with the pureed broth.
Do whichever way ur baby prefers or whatever u think is best. Oh yes, u can mix it with ur baby’s formula powder, so that it’ll have creamy milky taste, like real mushroom soup.

Lydia loved it as much as Lyanne :)

Oh yes, I cooked this 4 months back :) I know I'm late, I know I am...... very much late.


  1. wah, a first - baby food...maybe you can feed her creamy, buttery mashed potatoes - then the adults can eat too...hehehe

  2. When I first read the name of your recipe , I thought this looks like baby food , I wonder adults will eat it...then when I read the details , I burst into laughter... it is indeed a baby's food.

  3. Wendy, you know what? I used to cook this for my kids too! But I always put them into the blender for a fine texture. I missed this soup!

  4. Shirley,
    Lyanne dun like creamy stuff.. And she dun really fancy regular buttery mashed tatoes..
    Which is why I made it this way :)

    Oh yes, my husband is also not a potato eater :)

  5. BH,
    I made it with very little liquid so that it will be like porridge. Something different from the usual rice thing.

  6. AFTH,
    Haha, baby food got "look" one :)

  7. blog about ur baby food recipe again yah next time..

  8. Zeta,
    Haha... Lyanne is not eating real baby foods anymore. Her tastebuds are getting more grown up nowadays. But I might do a post on rice porridge for babies. :)


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