Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Crab Cake Burgers - Seafood Week # 3

I never ever thought I’d make crab cakes. Never! Simple because crab meat is pricey.

For CNY this year, my FIL went on a seafood spree. Bought this and that and this and that. My MIL looked at the pack of crab meat and asked me, “Do you know how to finish this up??”
Haha, of course I do! The easiest way is crab cakes. It uses a great deal of crab meat.

And then few days before the day I was supposed to cook this (hey, I need to buy and gather ingredients ok, it’s not like I want to cook now, I can cook now), I then had the idea of making burgers out of the crab cakes and then hahaha, make my own mayo!!! Lime mayo with crab sounds good eh??? This crab cake burger is 100% homemade, except that I didn’t make the raw ingredients myself, didn’t plant my own lettuce, didn’t plant my own wheat, but then, all made from scratch.

I’m not that always that particular about my food, but I take it as a learning experience. Of course, buying buns and mayo is like.. walking next door only. Yes, I do mean that literally. My current neighbour, front and side are grocery stores and 2 more few doors away. But then, it’s a good chance for me to add more ‘posts” to my blog. Kekekekeke. But in the process, I do learn something new of course. I’ll talk about my mayo next time. And my burger buns too.

Today it’s only about the crab cake burger.

These are the crab cakes

The recipe initially called for 1 pound of crab meat, so then I reduced everything accordingly and skipped most of the seasonings as I can’t be bothered to go get mustard that I don’t’ really consume.
I too, like the other try-ers of this recipe found it too wet, even when I skipped the lemon juice and the mayo. My crab meat were moist but they weren’t wet as they weren’t frozen in water as some in supermarkets are. I found it so so hard to form into patties and flour them before frying. So, in the end, I threw the flour that I prepared to coat the patties with into the whole mixture itself. Phew, life is easier then on. I could form soft balls of it and gently place them into the pan. Life is full of contingency plans. Just don’t sit there and cry. Crab meat is very expensive to be wasted.

Crab Cake Burgers
Crab cake recipe loosely adapted from Paula Deen

350gm crab meat
1/3 cup chopped red capsicum
1 cup chopped spring onion (green and white, 2 large sprigs)
1/3 cup finely ground Ritz crackers (can use more actually)
1 egg
3 Tbsp all purpose flour
½ tsp salt
1 tsp Worcestershire sauce
½ tsp black pepper powder
8 burger buns
Some butter for spreading
2 cups of coarsely chopped iceberg lettuce
Some homemade lime mayo (recipe to be posted don’t know when) as dressing or any other dressing of choice

1. Mix all together and form 8 balls.
2. Heat a pan on medium low heat and put in some cooking oil.
3. Place balls of crab mixture into pan, and with an oiled spatula, carefully press the mixture down to form a patty.
4. Fry until both sides are golden.
5. Dish up and drain on absorbent papers.
6. Split burger buns into half and lightly butter them before toasting on a clean pan.
7. Place crab cake onto the lower half of the toasted bun, top with a tablespoon of lime mayo and then some coarsely chopped lettuce before covering with upper half of bun.

All packed into a large Tupperware and will be transported to my in law's place to be chowed down together


  1. i think i will like this minus the frying part haha

  2. Wow... I wish this is my lunch! So yummy looking!

  3. Paula Deen's recipes are always sinfully good, lol! And this is indeed one of them, yummy!

  4. It looks perfect. The crab patties look a nice golden brown and a bit crispy. Yum! I'm glad it turned out wonderfully. My mom also adds a bit of flour into ground pork from our leftover dumpling fillings to make meat patties.

  5. Wendy...that is so delicious looking and awww you are making me hungrry just looking at the crab cakes. Your MIL must be proud that you can just cook up something from the crab meat she gave you :) She is further happy that her son is fed properly...married a woman who can cook well :)

  6. Yummy!! I want to try this recipe! Thanks for sharing.

  7. J3ss,
    The frying part is very easy la, no splattering.
    Plus it's just shallow frying, like frying an egg only.


    This is my first time trying her recipe.
    I'll try to watch out for more of hers next time

    Yeah, flour is a good binding agent.

    I'm not only feeding his son well, I'm feeding her well too. Hahaha!!

    Hope u like it

  8. Wow! Those better be delicious with all those expensive crab meat in them!

  9. Usually, you will need to use a ring to form the patty. Try it next time without flour, the next is fresher, more meaty.

  10. I can't seems to get good quality crab meat already done. I don't have that luxury to hand pick all those meat as well.

    Nevertheless, this burgers are to die for.

  11. Jenn@ChasingFoodDreamsMarch 2, 2011 at 4:06 PM

    Drooling... miss this terribly cos I use to eat a lot of this in US when I was studying. This is the American lazy way to eat crabs.. kekeke.

    That crab pattie looked so crispy and delectable that it makes me want to go and buy ready peeled crab meat. The only this is Msia dont have good freshly peeled crab meat. I have bought some before and although pricey, I feel its not that fresh.

    Sigh.. drool again.... :)

  12. Sonia,
    My FIL said he got a good deal on it. So, I guess it's not too expensive

    Oh yes they were delicious

    The ori recipe called for coating each patty with flour before frying...So it should've been pretty easy to handle rather than being so wet.
    I'll try ur method next time, with a ring.

    My FIL got them from a fishing village. Freshly picked ones. But I still had to run through the crab meat with my fingers to check for bits of shells.

    I totally understand that. Those sold in supermarkets are frozen in blocks of water.

  13. Wendy, this is indeed a treat! I have a packet of crab meat in my freezer, I am going to try to make this with it. Thanks for the timely recipe, you are the best!

  14. OoLala! Your crab buns looks sooo good. To get rid of the crabby water, what about spinning them in a salad spinner ?

  15. is so mouthwatering esp the patty is homemade! is even better than store bought ones! (:

  16. This looks so delicious. You make me hungry. ;)

  17. They look really good. Nicely shape and brown. The next time try putting in the fridge for half and hour before shaping it. That is what I usually do as the crackers will obsorb most of the moisture.

  18. i feel like trying this out, do you think the frozen crab meat are good to make this?

  19. Quay Po,
    Hehe, Hope Stitch and Nick will like this

    Experimental Cook,
    My crab meat weren't wet, which was why I didn't bother to squeeze water out from them.
    But after I mixed them...gosh... water seeped out like nobody's business. But If I strain the water after mixing, then all the flavouring will be gone.

    You can't find this out there. I don't think there's any

    Actually hoh, I didn't shape it immediately.
    I left it about half an hour and that's when I see more and more water coming out. I fI did shape it right away, there would've been less water. I guess it could be the problem of the juicy capsicums and spring onions releasing water when mixed with salt.

    Mine was frozen.

  20. I'm drooling over your burgers, they are so special & look tasty too.


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