Thursday, March 10, 2011

One Bowl Blackberry Cake - Berry Week #4

I’ve seen blackberries last year and they were super expensive, like about RM25 per punnet. And few weeks back (the time I wrote this post) I saw them at Jaya Grocer for RM15.90. I just got to buy them!!!
I came back, kept them in the fridge, I had no time to make anything as Christmas was around the corner and Lyanne’s birthday was soon to come too (that time).

After everything passed, I finally could get my hands on the blackberries. I used a few for the pizza cake and the balance I made them into this cake.
I didn’t have milk and lemon, but then I thought of the apple juice I have in the fridge. Haha, could use that instead to substitute the acidic part of the recipe. And I also reduced the sugar as I found 2/3 cup plus extra for sprinkling to be a bit too much, plus, now I’m using apple juice, so better reduce, not the usual 30% for American recipes, but more.

A simple one bowl cake, Lydia’s first cake. She helped with the stirring and putting in the blackberries. That girl put her finger into the batter bowl and licked it. “Yucky, I don’t like this!”
Haha, I told her, it’s not cooked yet. Wait til it’s out from the oven, then you tell me it’s yucky.

Kids : )

One Bowl Blackberry Cake
Recipe Source : Espresso and Cream

135gm cake flour
½ tsp baking powder
½ tsp sodium bicarbonate
80gm sugar + 20gm sugar for sprinkling (reduced from 2/3 cups(135gm) +extra for sprinkling)
125ml unsweetened apple juice (substituted the milk and lemon juice in original recipe)
55gm melted butter
1 egg
1 cup black berries (I used less than one punnet)

1. Preheat oven at 170(fan)/190C. Line the base of a 9 or 10 inch shallow pan. (I used 10)
2. Sift flour, baking powder and sodium bicarb into a mixing bowl. Mix in 80gm sugar.
3. Make a well and pour in apple juice, melted butter and egg. Mix until combined.
4. Pour batter into lined pan and arrange blackberries(I cut each into half) onto cake.
5. Sprinkle sugar over batter
6. Bake cake for 20 minutes (the baked cake is only about 1.5cm tall when cooled down)

The moment Lyanne saw the cake, she yelled “Pizza!!”. Hahaha, she didn’t give the same reaction when she saw her birthday “Pizza Cake”. I wished she said the same when she saw her birthday cake. Ok, about the taste, simply divine. It may be thin, but it’s not dry. Soft and fluffy and the sugary crust was simply delicious. Best eaten warm so that the sugary crust remains crunchy. When I brought this cake down to Mike’s office, people looked at it, asking me whether it’s sweet, due to the look of it, but when they all tasted it, they said, not sweet, and it’s just nice and very yummy.

If you cannot find blackberries, feel free to use other berries. But don't forget to change the name to fit the cake.

I am submitting this to Aspiring Bakers March 2011 Fruity March


  1. Oh my dear Wendy, another beautiful and yummilicious cake... did you hear your little precious inside your tummy saying "mummy, mummy, let me out soon, I am drooling inside here!" hehehe. Swee San is taking us to Klang for Bak Kut Teh next Saturday, wish you can come with us.

  2. Interesting and appealing to the palate! Wonder if it would be same if I were to steam it?

  3. Quay Po,
    If Bak Kut Teh, then I cannot go looo. Cannot consume dong gwai when pregs. Thanks for the offer.

    I can try

  4. Wendy, the cake is so beautiful, I hv blueberries sitting in the fridge, may be can grab some and bake this cake since it's so simple ^_^

  5. Recipe is easy to follow, will try it out someday. Thanks wendy! Really admire your passion in baking & cooking. Your kids are bless to have a good chef as their mum =)

  6. Who said pregs can not take dong Kwai, I still eat BKT during pregs. Sikit boleh lar.

  7. neyeeloh,
    Oh sure, blueberries will work fine.
    Hope you like it

    Thank u. I'm just a homecook. Chef.. no la.

    My friend who is a herbalist told me not to.
    He said, they use a certain part of the dong kwai to make BKT of which is cheaper but not good for pregnancy, can cause abortion

  8. The last pix look like a giant piece of cookie. I like this cake especially when they have any type of fruits in it. The blackberry in Malaysia are expensive. Now over here they are selling $2.50 a punnet and I still think it is expensive :)

  9. Gert,
    Haha, as always, imported fruits are very very expensive.
    Eh, can plant over there ma, plant some la.

  10. this looks like a great tea cake! haha! the pizza cake sure brings great memories! not surprised though your daughter said that..

  11. Wow! Like the look of this cake, the colour so golden and no cracks at all! I tried baking pumpkin buttercake using your recipe, the top cracked so much:(

  12. Looks yummy! But Wendy, why the name is one bowl, but the end result is so flat? :D hehehehe ...

  13. lena,
    heartache each time u know... kekrkeke

    Since this cake is so shallow, there will not be cracks.
    Oh yes, my pumpkin cake cracks like hell too. My picture showed what..:)

    It's named one bowl cos you only use only bowl to do the job.
    It has to be that thin for the berries to show.
    If it's any thicker, the berries will be lost frm top view

  14. The crust looks crispy....., I love crispy crust


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