Thursday, March 3, 2011

Cheese Baked Rice with Prawns - Seafood Week #4

It’s been long long time since I had mozzarella cheese on my dinners, besides pizza.
Today I’m yearning for some. And the week before, I’ve just bought 500gm of mozzarella.
I was thinking of doing seafood with the rice, but my squids are all frozen in one lump, so I can’t get some out. I only have prawns, that were separated into portions. So, I only used prawns.

Baked rice needs a creamy sauce, and what’s better than béchamel sauce. Bechamel sauce needs milk and I don’t have milk, then I went to the nearby Indian eatery to get some fresh cow’s milk. You can use any milk you like, just that this fresh milk is the only milk available by now within walking distance as all the shops are closed on a Sunday evening. For baked rice, the sauce is not as thick as those used for baked pasta, so, you might find this to be much more liquidy than the original version.

Bechamel Sauce
20gm butter
1 Tbsp flour
350ml milk
Salt and pepper to taste

Heat butter on medium low heat in a saucepan. With a whisk in hand, put in flour and stir until no lumps are seen. Let it cook for a while then pour in milk and gently whisking all the while. Bring to a boil and season with salt and pepper. Remove from heat and set aside. Stir the sauce once in a while, to prevent a skin from forming on top.

The Rice
Adequate rice for 2 persons

As many prawns as you like n
2 cloves garlic, finely chopped
2 eggs
1 medium sized carrots, finely diced (5mm)
Salt and pepper
Cooking oil
As much sliced spring onions as you like
As much mozzarella cheese as you like

1. Preheat oven at 180/200C.
2. Heat wok on high. Put in 1 Tbsp of oil and put in prawns, spread around in a single layer. Do not toss them around. Let them cook until they start to curl and turn pink, then flip them over to fry the other side. When both sides are cooked and fragrant, dish up and set aside. Wash wok.
3. Heat wok and put in 2 Tbsp of oil. Put in garlic and cook until fragrant and slightly golden.
4. Put in carrots and rice and toss until rice is hot.
5. Push rice aside and put in eggs.
6. Push rice back onto eggs and toss everything until eggs are cooked. Season with salt and pepper, make sure it’s not as salty as your usual fried rice.
7. Place rice into individual baking vessels.
8. Top rice with béchamel sauce. Then arrange prawns on top of sauce. Then sprinkle spring onions and finally the mozzarella cheese, as much as you like.
9. Place the baking pans into a large shallow pan and put into the preheated oven and bake for 20 minutes or until golden.

See the sauce in there?

I was delighted with the outcome of the rice. The sauce was the right thing to add and the extra step of frying the rice made everything more flavourful. The spring onions were the best addition (never see anyone adding this), as when baked right under the cheese, it imparted a wonderful fragrance to the baked rice.
But let me warn you, if you are on a diet, just put that aside when you savour this rice. Definitely calorie laden, but definitely satisfying (IMPO).

See the stringy mozzarella cheese? Yummm

I wonder if you noticed the different coasters? My girls love to play with them and they always get missing.
Which is why you see mismatched coasters. I can't find matching ones!


  1. What can I say but one word...DROOLING ! LOL! Great one and I am sure your baby eating well too especially the momsie is eating well :) I want to try this one day , thanks for the recipe. Have added it to my to do list :)

  2. Looks absolutely mouth-watering!! Mismatched coasters are nice. Add character and variety :) Love your pics!

  3. J3ss,
    Haha, who doesn't?

    I made this I think... before I was pregs.
    Long ago oredi.. hehehe.

    Haha.. thanks.

  4. Jenn@ChasingFoodDreamsMarch 3, 2011 at 2:15 PM

    so lovely.. like someone else commented before, I have to wear a bib everytime I come to your site! ;)

  5. It's time for a change of occupation for you. You should start a restaurant. I'll be your loyal patron! Yummy!

  6. I love this! So cheesy & yummy ;)

  7. Aha! Now I know what I can do with my leftover rice. Thank you !

  8. hey, my internet connection is not up yet, i using the Maxis broadband now, boleh update then I update lo, hehehe.. This look very tempting and yummy!

  9. Looks so creamy! Have to keep the spring onion tip in mind.

  10. hey wendy,

    Thanks for sharing this recipe. Gonna try this someday =]

  11. That's such a mouth-watering dish I would add a lot of big prawns on top...mmm

  12. Oh yes, I remembered I fried my rice first before baking it with the rest of the ingredients...makes a whole of of difference. :) I am thinking of making Mac & Cheese with ham inside next time but worry with the mozzarella on top might make it way too cheesy, hahaha!

  13. All your food pics are just so beautiful..
    Do you mind to share with me what kinda camera and lens you are using for all these lovely pics?? TQ

  14. I love cheese baked rice, I want to try this one day!

  15. I just woke up and I saw this!!. YOu are making me very hungry. I like this type of one pot meal especially anything with seafood or rice. As for Carlos it is all about the cheese :)

  16. Jenn,

    If you'd drive 6 hours to patronize me weekly, then I would. LOL

    me too

    Experimental Cook,
    Then you'll need lots of leftover rice

    Oooohh... I tot it was up oredi cos I see u back in action

    Oh yes, spring onions adds lovely fragrance to almost everything.

    Hpe you love this

    Hehe, The bigger the better

    Ooo.. Mac and Cheese with Mozza top? CRazy! But so definately for me.

    Information about my camera is in my "about".
    No, I no longer use the L-Lens, but only stock lens.

    Don't forget to give me feedback ooooo

    Cepat cepat masak for lunch or tonight's dinner looo. Cheese is so cheap there, I'll heap and heap it on my rice if I'm there.

  17. i dont really care too much on the calories if it's good..salivating now! i've tried the baked chese rice at wong kok, de gardens but i dont quite like that

  18. aww man i love baked rice! and yours looks absolutely mouthwatering to me :)

  19. lena,
    Oh Wong Kok is one of the worse HK eateries.
    I never like going to Wong Kok. Kim Gary taste much much better. But then even Kim Gary's is no match to this version, kekeke.

    Kekeke.... do try to make some to solve the mouthwatering :)

  20. Hi, Wendy, first time here, your baked rice looks yummy, I will try it next time.

  21. Oh, goodness. You can never go wrong with cheese!

  22. Not a fan of prawn, but this tempt me to try this recipe.

  23. Gaaaaaah!XD Seriously,I drool every time I visit your blog!!!

  24. Oh Wendy, now you are making me hungry early in the morning.....hehehe

  25. What a lovely one-pot-dish!! I alway enjoy visiting your blog; very shiok pictures!!

    I am having a book-give-away here:

  26. Mimosa,
    Sure :)

    Yaya, cheese makes everything wonderful

    Just replace the prawn with anything you fancy.
    It'll be fine

    Cousin, no need to drool la. Cook some.

    Where have u been? Long time you haven't been blogging

    Thank you for dropping by and for notifying me of your giveaway.

  27. I haven't had any type of cheese in my dinners for AGES.....not even pizza :( I love baked anything for dinners, but anything with seafood and white sauce is definitely a winner for me- and this looks so so good, I think I'll have to make this next time I'm cooking!

  28. Von,
    I hope you like this then :)

  29. Great site! Great recipe too! I love cooking for my son and he's going to love it. Your recipes are easy to follow, well pictured and I especially love the way you replace foreign ingredients with local ones....really a fan of your site now. Hope to learn more as a cooking father. Kudos!

  30. konokoni,
    thank you for ur compliments.
    Hope your son will enjoy the rice :)

  31. just a question, does it have to be mozarella? Can I use other cheeses? Tks.....

  32. konokoni,
    Only mozzarella will give u the soft stringy effect like those on pizzas. More common cheeses like cheddar will be hard after baked.

  33. I bump into this lovely page when I was google-ing about cheese baked rice. I am so gonna use your version of recipe for my first time baking! :D just a question, did you use grated mozzarella or slices? or does it matters? Thanks!! :D

  34. Siew Lee,
    It doesn't really matter, but grated ones will be more well dispersed.
    Hope u like it.

  35. I tried it just now, can't wait for your reply so I just used cheddar slices. I slice them into smaller slices so they were actually quite well dispersed. It turned out to be pretty good except that cheddar slices aren't good in baking and I forgot that your sauce was meant for 2 people and I poured it into 1 people portion, thus abit watery. Nevertheless, they taste really good! Thank you so much for your recipe! :D

  36. Siew Lee,
    There was once a question whether cheddar can be used to bake this, and it's just a few comments up. Cheddar will never give you a stringy effect, only mozzarella will give u this effect.
    I'm glad you liked this recipe, hope it'll turn out better for u with the right cheeese.

  37. Yeap sure! Cheddar is hard cheese thus not having the stringy effect. Will try to work out semi-soft cheese like edam and mozarella :) Well, not sure edam is as tasty as mozarella or not. :p
    Blog more about recipes I would really love to try making them!

  38. hi~ can i use a microwave instead of oven for the baking step~~ ? :D

  39. Anonymous,
    If your mircrowave has grill function, you may.
    If your microwave has combination function, you may.
    If it's just a regular microwave to "ting" your food, you may not.
    But you can try and let me know. It just might not brown, but just get burn or might just melt.


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