Friday, June 10, 2011

Meet Mr R??


First of all, thank you for all the well wishes and concern conveyed. I truly appreciate them.

Secondly, I'm fine, alive and kicking, fed well, resting well and everything's well.

Thirdly, sorry for not posting Mr R's picture for so long. His name is actually............ not confirmed, but then again, I'll still give out the gift according to the original intended name.

The winners are..................... *drum roll*

Elin and Mary Ng. Please email me for mailing address.

Reuben 尚文, that's his name. But my dearie is going to change them, BOTH. Sigh, it's really brain cracking. 
I really loved Reuben, ever since I had Lydia, if she had been a boy, I would've wanted to name her Reuben, which meant "First Son", but she is a girl. So, when I finally got a boy, I wanted Reuben. But alas, few days back, I realized, when combined with his surname, he could be given a very vulgar nickname in Cantonese. Something that I truly want to avoid. So, had to settle for another name. We still have  5 days to dateline to name him and hopefully we will be able to come up with it.

Now, since he will not be called Reuben, Let's call him Di-di, which meant little brother in Chinese, until he gets his name.

Di-di was good to me. The day I was supposed to be induced, June 1, I was dilated and having mild contractions(detected on the CTG), very very much to my delight! The doctor wanted to burst my water bag and put me on drip to induce me. I told him, "No". Being a third timer, haha, I knew what I want. I told him, I want to wait since I'm already dilated and contracting. And so, he only inserted a tablet in me to help with dilation and allowed me to wait...... it was 830am.

3pm, Doc came and checked my dilation, going on very well. He wanted to burst my bag again, I said no! I was having contractions, every 5 minutes. Still bearable. I want the pain to slowly build up rather than come too fast too soon too quick for me to handle.

4pm, I told my hubby to call the nurse to give me Pethidine. The pain seemed to be getting worse, and I'm not holding it well. Nurse then asked me why I didn't allow doc to burst my bag at 3pm just now. She said, it might take a long time until I get into labour and will be in pain for a much longer time. 

430pm, the Pethidine seems to be not working. I told the nurse. I wasn't groggy, the pain is still the same.

445pm, I asked for Gas. Pain is getting stronger.

5pm, 8cm dilated. Absolutely groggy with gas. Midwife found that my membrane was missing, so I have actually burst my own bag sometime ago. Well as you all know, I was low on water. How would I know. I wasn't wet at all. I might have had it gone when I went to the loo.

5.21pm, Di-di came to meet the world in his birthday suit with 2 pushes! One push less than both sisters. He's 3.16kg, with his father's nose and lips.

June 6, I went back for a check up, Doc said, "Wow, everything came so smooth and quick."
I told him, "Actually the few days before I came, I ate all the forbidden foods. Watermelon, papaya, fennel, and fenugreek, all foods that will cause contractions."
Doc laughed and said, "No wonder you were 3cm dilated when you came."

Maybe it was a coincidence that I dilated. Maybe not. I was so scared to be induced by drip that I induced myself first with foods that are supposed to cause early labour. To me, it's ok, since I'm already full term, so what's with early labour? I want to go on labour!

Haha... so, that the story. I do not know if I will get complains on this article like I did for mine on Lyanne's birth. I was told behind my back that I shouldn't have written that on my blog and it was unnecessary. But then, for those who said that, Ooooopps, I did it again! LOL.

Some of you might want to know the sisters' reaction. Whether there is any sibling rivalry or jealousy.
There is none. They both love him to bits. Sometimes too much. Lyanne always want to lay her head next to Di-di, rubbing her face against his. I just worry that she'll bang her head on him, as she is famous for her "tit tou goong", which meant, steel head kungfu.
Lydia will always want to carry Di-di. So, I asked her to sit down on the couch, firmly sitting deep with back rested, and place Di-di on her lap, teaching her to support him with her arms. But one thing I do worry is that she attempts to carry him from his bouncer whenever he cries. 
But so far, they both show deep affection for him, which is great.

Both pictures taken the night that I came back with Di-Di.


  1. Congratulations on your newborn!

  2. Congrats Wendy!! Di-Di is such a lovely baby!!! can't wait to pinch his cheeks haha!

  3. Congrats and take good care Wendy...Sandy

  4. Congratulations!! I'm so happy for you and your family! DiDi is very very cute! =)

  5. Congratulations. Yr son is so cute & handsome.

  6. Many congratulations on your safe delivery! I'm so glad everything went smoothly. Your baby boy looks so cute. :) All the girls will love him. ;) haha

  7. Congrats. Di Di looks a lot like Lydia and with lots of hair too!!! :D

  8. Gongxi gongxi! He is a beautiful baby boy!

  9. To all,
    thank you very much.

    Belly Good Cooking,
    Haha, yes! Lydia's looks very much like her father and paternal grandma, do does Di-di.

  10. Hi Wendy,

    Congratulation on your new born.
    Di di looks so much like your husband :)


  11. Hi! Just got to know your blog not long but have gone thru yr older post. I'm fr Singapore. Been waiting for a couple of days to see your baby!Very lovely BOY! Take Care!

  12. Congrats. Such a handsome baby with beautiful hair. Glad everything went well. That is funny how you ate all the forbidden fruits to induce labor. I know the impatient feeling. Rest well and enjoy your newborn.

  13. Wendy..thanks for the winning gift :) Love it and will think of a recipe using it.

    Didi looks great the hair and the sideburn of his :))

    Take care and I also in ' confinement mood ' nay not that, it is the confinement fo o o o d that I crave. Can't wait for you to post up so that I can cook some for myself :p

  14. Awh ! So cute! congratulations to being mummy again :)

  15. Congratulations on the new arrivel and take care:)

  16. Congratulations Wendy! Di-di is so cute. I like his hair. Same as you, I supposed to be induced which I was so scared of but eventually Lucius heard me and came to the world 2 days before the day of my induction. :)

    Take care!

  17. Congrats! cute cute, come Uncle Pete cubit-cubit the cheeks!

  18. u free this weekend?i want come to visit u?i will call u before i coming.can u sms ur full address to me.

  19. Congratulations! Finally Mr R is here. :)

  20. Congrats!!! hmm...I'm trying to figure out the vulgar word :P

  21. Congratulations on your 3rd bundle of joy!! How beautiful he is ;) Hope you manage to find the name soon!

  22. OOOOO... Mr R is gorgeous!! Congratulations!! You and your baby are looking good..

  23. Congratulations Wendy... ^_^

  24. LOVE all the long anticipated photos of your "Di'Di" and also those of his sisters. Oh yes, I love the wet look:D

  25. Congratulations to you and your hubby!!! He is a handsome little young man. Look very much like his eldest sister.

  26. Congratulations Wendy on your new arrival. He is so cute and have lots of hair. What did you eat?..hahaha. Take care


  27. can see that little didi looks very much like little lyanne. Is your confinement lady cooking well for you? I hope this time she cooks the red dates soup nice for you! You rest well!

  28. Congratulations!
    The baby looks cute..:)

  29. Awwwww Wendy! Oh my god the baby is too cute! congratulations. You look well and happy. so glad everything turned out fine. When I was a third timer I sure knew what I wanted to ..hehe.

  30. Congrats!!! Di-Di is so handsome ♥

  31. To all,
    Thanks for all the well wishes. He is getting more and more handsome each day, LOL. Not as "lou beng" as the first day that he was born.

    She's doing better this time and sure got hiccups in the beginning. But her cooking skills, sama saja la. But improve on soups cos I give her translated recipes from my blog, kakaka. Today I stir fried my own vegetables. She watch from the side and clean up after me.

    Oi Lai,
    Are u still using GPS? I'll sms u the coordinate. Or u want me to email you a map?

    Haha, my confinement are not that ordinary. It might not bring you the same sweet memories. Some call my diet, too modern.

    YOu'll know what I ate very soon. Confinement month postings coming up soon!

  32. Congrats Wendy! Glad Mommy and Di-Di is doing well... rest well! Di-Di is such a darling already!

  33. Wendy, congrats on your new born! Love looking at your Di-di, rest well and take care ya!

  34. So happy for your this post. Congrats Wendy!
    Di-di hao suai hor!! :)

  35. Congrats Wendy! What a darling little boy.... take care :)

  36. Hi Wendy,

    Congratulations on your new arrival into the family! I'm so glad to hear everything went smoothly, and btw, those who mentioned that you shouldn't have written articles like that....well, to h**k with them, what's with writing something to share about the joy a mother could have? Moreover this your blog, you have the right to share what you want...... and I'm very happy for you, take care and rest well ya!!

  37. Congratulations! Xiao di di is so cute and lovely! :)

  38. "老餅" so funny! But I know what you mean! :) He's a handsome boy and congratulations to you all.
    As for being told off for what you put in your blog (I assume for all the details) it's YOUR blog and your way of remembering the special moment! Thank you for sharing your birth story!

  39. Congrats. very cute baby, you and your husband must be very happy.

    As I said I know the name is Reuben. well, too many already chosen it, Ok, how about Royce, if you are still finding.

    Do hava a nice and healthy confinement. Mine was already 29 years ago, but I remembered I had a modern one and violated most My MIL does not believe in traditional confinement and told me not to "pantang". Good for me but my mum was horrified when she saw me wearing two string dress when she visited me and kept on saying, " Wind.. oh wind would attack you, and you would have rheumatism when you grow old".

    Now I had 3 grandchildren, My DIL followed her traditonal style back home, as I was not the confinement lady, I did not advise her any. As long as one feels strong and healthy, there is no fix rules after delivery.

    Take care....and kisses to your little baby

  40. Congrats Wendy! On the arrival of your healthy baby boy! He is so adorable, looks a lot like you!

  41. Hello Wendy,

    Congratulations! your baby is so adorable. Glad to hear that you had a smooth delivery... Take care.

    jasmine tan

  42. Hi Wendy, congratulations on the smooth delivery of your baby boy. He looks sweet.
    Well, one's name will follow him/her for a lifetime and its better to find an appropriate one.
    Thank you for picking me as one of the lucky winners. My email is
    Take care and enjoy your confinement.
    from:mary ng

  43. I am just hoping from Quay Po to give you Congrats on new addition to your family..Awww what a cute kids, I have three and when I see baby so beautiful as yours I want more :))) I wish you luck, and much more sleep!:)
    Btw Nice to meet you!!!

  44. WENDY, he's sooo CUTE! CONGRATS! (:

  45. Wendy, Congrats! Glad to know you had a safe delivery and have a cute and handsome baby boy. Reading your whole process of getting to deliver, remind me of my elder son Lucas delivery , so touching, this is truly mother 's love. You did a great job my friend.

  46. Oh gosh! Your baby boy is sooooo cute! Sorry I missed this bad of me lah. :P He has so much hair, very healthy looking! I wish I have the courage to have 3rd child and be as lucky as you to have a boy, lol! Congrats!!!!

  47. Waa..looks like I m late in my wishes too! A big congratulation to you Wendy...such a cute boy!:D

  48. Congrat Wendy !! Cute buanget.. :-))

  49. Gosh, you sure have gone down a lot from the look of that first pic! I've been checking for postings for a couple of weeks before school reopened...then I didn't get to touch my computer. and you'll be surprised at how much more work we have now in school, wait til you go back to school la...things will be even worse when they abolish PMR and have school-base evaluation, you'll see la.

    Congrats on the latest cutie in the family! I think he will look like your two girls, with those rosy-apple cheeks! Just choose a name which you REALLY like and don't bother about registration, the fine's only a mere RM5 if you miss the 2 weeks and you'll get another month of time to think!

    Congratulations again, so happy for you! You make me wanna try for a girl myself...though my hub made it very clear to stop at 2 liao! :D

  50. Meldy,
    I tot ur hubby asked u to try, but u said stop, unless can guarantee girl, haha.
    I'm very much the old old me, same me when I was in PESS. At that weight lor.
    We've registered oredi, and haha, sticking to the same name in the end, but changed the chinese name.
    I don't know if I'll ever get back to school for real, but then hoh, I know there'll be lots of A's if it's school based accessment. At least 50% of students getting full A's. You know la, how we are forced to help them, if not, "kena query". Why B, why C, why D.. sien diao!

  51. Wow! Didi looks SO MUCH like his 2 sisters! All like from the same mold! Rest well and recuperate! Post more photos :)

  52. Wendy, Congratulations to the new addition to your family!! I hope you are taking good care of yourself during confinement.

    Mike, you have done well having found this amazing woman to share your life with.


  53. Woo hoo! Congrats on your newborn! Great to see both baby and mommy are doing well! Yay to daddy too!

    Your daughters must be sooo excited to get a new toy to play with! :-P

  54. Hi i've nominated your blog for a Liebster award.


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