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Stir Fried Baby Green Beans with Olive Vegetable - Beans # 2 榄菜炒鬼豆苗

I first tried baby green beans fried this way in a vegetarian shop in Damansara Uptown. I went to dinner with my friend and his father who is a vegetarian. That was my first time eating olive vegetable.

After that I went searching for it and found some in Carrefour. I took the cheapest one, Singlong brand and I can tell you, it was nothing like what I tasted at the restaurant. It was very oily and the the taste was quite yucks. I didn’t buy another jar until lately.

Olive vegetables are not leaves of the olive plant. It’s actually mustard greens preserved in olive oil and with olive fruit (I found an olive seed in it). It is very oily and salty. According to Lydia’s ex nanny, Lydia loved this preserved veggie with her rice porridge.

I decided to give this preserved veggie another chance and bought another jar. Definitely not Singlong this time. And I was glad I did because I could finally recreate that dish that I once had, although there wasn’t any garlic there in the first place, but to me, I can’t give garlic a miss here.

Stir Fried Baby Green Beans with Olive Vegetable
Recipe Source: Wendyywy
Inspired from: A vegetarian restaurant in Damansara Uptown

200gm baby green beans
2 large cloves garlic
1 heaped Tbsp olive vegetable
½ tsp sugar
½ Tbsp cooking oil

1. Trim baby green beans, peel off both ends.
2. Peel and slice garlic.
3. Heat a wok until very hot.
4. Put in ½ Tbsp oil and fry garlic slices until fragrant and almost golden.
5. Put in baby green beans and stir fry for a while until you can smell it being fragrant. It will look half cooked.
6. Put in olive vegetable and then toss everything around.
7. Put in 1 tbsp water around the beans, not onto the beans. Toss until it turns dry and add another Tbsp of water. Not adding too much at a time, if not it won’t be fragrant.
8. Put in sugar and give it a final toss and dish up. Beans should be just cooked and stil green and crunchy.

*Cooking time should not exceed 3 minutes.


  1. I bet this dish with the preserved olive is very appetizing. The Singlong brand, is it very salty and oily?

  2. Looks delicious so crunchy and green. I like the preserved olive with plain porridge.

  3. Owh... We love olive vegetable too.. This would be a good thing to try on weekend instead of only the olive vege with rice:D

  4. Mel,
    Yup. Very salty and got some weird smell.

    So does my girl

    Yeah, try this for a change.

  5. Another one of your lovely dish that I should try out. Simple yet yummy. :))

  6. Olive vegetable is very yummy with porridge! The AAA brand not bad. ha... din know these beans are called "鬼豆苗"

  7. My girl loves all french beans, long and short.. very nice to bite..crunchy! normally i stir fry them with dried prawns.. never try this way before.. thanks for sharing!

  8. Belly Good,
    Hope you like this

    Fong's kitchen journal,
    Haha, I've seen one blogger call these 非洲豆. But these are baby french/green beans.

    Good thing your girls loves beans, good for them no matter how you cook them.

  9. I'm sure this is going to be good too..tried yr fried okra, it was fantastic..thanks! :)

  10. I have never tried this type of preserved olive vegetables! i'm intrigued, would love to try!

  11. i have a bottle of this, just used once, Thanks for sharing this recipe so I know what to do with this bottle before it get expired.

  12. never tried it before. Wonder if i will like it or not

  13. i used to have a jar too, dont know what brand was that, got from the sundry shop, that time didnt know much what to cook with that, so plain steam it..boring , huh? Next time if i get it again, i know what to do.

  14. Deliah,
    glad to know the okra was fantastic. LOL.
    thanks for the feedback

    Shu Han,
    If you like "mui choy" then you may like this one

    can eat with plain porridge, don't waste it

    small kucing,
    U like mui choy or not? If u like then, it's almost similiar except for the olive taste

    Steam it plain like that? then eat with rice?
    Can eat direct from the jar ma.
    I think if steam pork with this also should be nice.

  15. I love this dish for sure...I must get myself a bottle of olive vegetable first before I can make this dish...can imagine how nice it would be other than just simple stir fry like I used to do. I think the olive makes a difference here...right?

  16. You can fry this green beans (big) with four ankle beans. Even 1 time b4 i also mix with lady finger.3 all in 1 fry also nice.I had eat this b4 at Hakka restaurant.


  17. Yeah yeah...cook this with all the bean-beany are nice...and you are right too...steam with with pork or chicken will be a bit like mui-choy-kaw-yoke...and it's a good "S-O-S dish" on its own too, like when sometimes you'r the last to eat but the dishes are almost finished up by the other diners before you...

  18. 哈哈,“鬼豆苗”-很可爱的名字。配搭橄榄菜,很特别。我一定会试。

  19. Elin,
    Yeah.. it make it slightly different from the usual garlic stir fry

    oohhh... a non spicy 4 heavenly kings dish. Grest idea.

    you try b4 with steamed pork? Great! I'll try this next time, but not for SOS, hehehe.

    cherry potato,
    i'm not sure if that's the proper chinese word for it, but that's how we call it here, the sound. Sounds like those words, but some do write them as 龟豆. But I think they might be 鬼佬豆 made shortform into 鬼豆

  20. I have a bottle but seldom cook porridge. Now I know can cook with long beans. Thks for this post.

  21. Wendy, I love this dish. I have not cook it at home before but always order when eat in a teochew porridge place. Now I got to try this soon when we eat porridge the next time.

  22. Hi Wendy
    Can u please let me know where u bought your olive vegetable & what brand? Please give me the store name? Thanks/Siew Ching

  23. Siew Ching,
    Jusco. The brand's in Chinese, no idea how to read that. Just remember the look of the bottle u see in the picture

  24. Hi Wendy,
    came across your blog post when searching for olive vegetable recipes. Yes, I agree with you when you say avoid Singlong brand. Lately I'm been trying this 3A brand, the taste is completely superior in every way. Do try it. I love it when cooked as olive vegetable fried rice.


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