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Monday, April 16, 2012

Tiramisu - Caffeine Cakes # 1

Recipe made in March 2011 (LOL, more than a year ago!)

Oh my Oh my…. Tiramisu : )

It’s so funny that all the blogging years, I’ve never never attempted a Tiramisu. Nor did I ever felt tempted to try it out. When some people I talk to know that I bake, they ask me, ever made tiramisu? I’d be dumbfounded and said no, not yet. It seems that is the first cake they ever ask me. Is that a pre requisite for someone who bakes? Must every baker make 1 tiramisu once in their life? Well, maybe a lot of people love tiramisu, but I was just so so about it. Most tiramisus I had are very bland, taste more like a coffee cream cake more than anything else. Maybe mascarpone is too bland for me, or those bakeries just didn’t use as much mascarpone to bring the flavour out? It just doesn’t appeal to me so so much that I got to add it in my baking list. Frankly, it is not.

But then I got 3 pasteurized eggs left over from my mayonnaise attempt. I was chatting with Swee San about my pasteurized eggs and told her I made mayo. They are very pricey at RM5.99 for 6 eggs. Then she asked me to think of things to make with my balance of eggs. It’ll be a waste to cook them and eat. I should make something with raw eggs. At that moment, I didn’t have anything in mind, but then I thought, hmm..maybe spaghetti carbonara again. But in my heart, I also felt, why make something I’ve never made before. So then I asked Swee San to suggest to me instead since she’s the cake pro. The next day, she left an offline message to me, suggesting Tiramisu. I looked at the message, and thought, oh yeah. Maybe I should make this I’m “not so excited about” cake. And if I use uncooked eggs with it, maybe it’ll change my mind. And it’s also a good chance for me to use more of my Nescafe Gold and with a coffee theme planned, I really should try this. Just for the sake of trying. I refered to Swee San’s recipe in her blog, and developed my own filling recipe from there. Using hers as a guideline.

The day I went into my kitchen to weigh my stuff for the sponge, I saw… No Cornstarch!!!! Gosh!! How could I ever run out of it??? So, I looked at the recipe again, okok, I’ll just use all purpose for it.
And when I sifted the last layer of cocoa powder over the cake, I remembered, I forgot the BOOOOOZE!!!! How could I???

During my MIL’s last trip back here from the US, she called me after arrival asking do I have any liquor to buy at the duty free shop. I asked her to get me a bottle of Kahlua since I do see many bakes using that. Thinking that this will be a good debut for that new bottle of booze, I was estatic about it. But in the end, it was left out, still in the cabinet, waiting for me uncork it. Stupid, idiot!!! But then, haha, it’s more child friendly now. I did not intend to put in a lot anyway, just maybe 2 Tbsp, but even so, I totally forgot about it until I was at a stage of no return. If only I remembered before I sifted cocoa powder over it, I could still mix in some liquor on the last layer of cream, but then….. it was after sifting, and I could do nothing about it.

Knocked my head on the wall 3 times!!!! Stupid!!!

Recipe modified and adapted from: Swee San

5 egg yolks
50gm sugar
5 egg whites
Pinch of cream of tartar
80 gm sugar
165gm all purpose flour

1. Prepare 2 pans (10X10 inch). Line with paper.
2. Preheat oven to 200(fan)/220C
3. Beat egg yolks with 50gm sugar until thick and pale. Set aside.
4. Wash beaters and beat egg whites until frothy. Add in cream of tartar and beat until soft peaks. Add in sugar gradually and beat until medium stiff peaks.
5. Pour beaten egg yolk into whites and sift half the flour over both type of eggs. Fold.
6. Sift remaining flour over batter and fold.
7. Put batter into piping bag with a 1cm round tip. Pipe lines of batter onto both pans.
8. Bake for 6-8 minutes.
9. Leave cake to cool totally before use.

Coffee Solution
1.5 Tbsp Nescafe gold
150ml boiling water
2 tbsp kahlua or more (optional, other other suitable liquors)

Combine both and set aside to cool down. It’ll taste pretty bitter. Mix with liquor.

Cheese Filling
6gm gelatin
30ml water
250gm cream cheese, room temp
3 pasteurized egg yolks, room temp
50gm sugar
300gm whipping cream(dairy), whipped to soft peaks
3 pasteurized egg whites, room temp
¾ tsp cream of tartar
80gm sugar
Cocoa powder for sprinkling

1. Place water into a heatproof bowl and sprinkle gelatin over. Let it sit for a while so that the gelatin granules will bloom. Heat bowl over hot pan of water or in the microwave to melt the gelatin. Refer to this post. Set aside to cool. Freeze a mixing bowl at this point for the cream
2. Beat egg whites in a clean bowl on high (hand mixer) for 1 minute. Put in cream of tartar and beat for another 4-5 minutes. It should have taken on form. Put in 80gm sugar gradually and beat for another 3 minutes. It should form peaks when beaters are lifted. Put in fridge while you do the next step. Take note that pasteurized egg whites needs more acid and more time to beat it up, and it yields lesser than regular egg whites.
3. Rinse the beaters and remove bowl from freezer. With that bowl, beat whipping cream until soft peaks. Transfer cream to a bowl and set aside in fridge.
4. With the same bowl, beat cream cheese until smooth, it’ll take only a minute. Put in 50gm sugar and beat for 1 minute. Put in egg yolks gradually and beat until smooth.
5. Fold the whipped cream into cheese mixture.
6. With your melted cooled gelatin in your left hand (if you’re right handed) and your hand mixer on your right, run the mixer on speed 1 or 2 (if 1 is too slow for ur machine). Drizzle in the gelatin as the mixer is on. Make sure the mixer mixes the gelatin evenly.
7. Pour cheese mixture into egg whites and fold. Use immediately to fill cake.


1. Prepare a 9 inch loose bottomed pan, or if you don’t have one, fully line a 9 inch square pan with lots of overhanging paper.
2. Trim 1 layer of cake and place it into pan, it should fit snugly, try to remember the direction the grooves are facing. Or just clip something on the pan to mark the direction.
3. Brush half the coffee solution over the cake.
4. Pour half the filling over the cake. Level surface by smoothing with a spatula and shaking it left and right gently. Sift cocoa powder over the filling with a small sieve.
5. Trim another layer of cake. Place it exactly in the same direction the previous layer was put.
6. Brush the remaining coffee over.
7. Top with balance of filling, level it and sift another layer of cocoa powder over it.
8. Chill for at least 5 hours before serving. Best is overnight.
Yummmm………. The raw eggs tasted so good. Fluffy raw egg whites added a beautiful dimension to the filling. Very light and soft. The gelatin amount is just enough to hold everything from weeping, but not so much that it firms it up. The cheese flavour is more prominent, err… cos I used cream cheese instead. Coffee flavour distinct and just nice, the cake’s not soggy not wet, but moist. The grooves on the sponge are bit shallow, but then I do hope the next time around I don’t run out of cornstarch and I can try the recipe as per Swee San’s.

Overall, I’d say, I did quite a good job here : p , but then taste is a personal matter. I do find my version better than those I ate out there, but then I won’t say all the versions out there. I have never ever eaten all the tiramisus out there, just comparing to those that I ate before. I won’t mind making another one..but I’ll make sure I won’t forget the booze.

First Attempt

And I did make a 2nd one weeks later and I also forgot about the cornstarch and almost the booze too! I only added in the booze on the 2nd layer of brushing, LOL. I am getting old, admit it.

2nd Attempt

I am submitting this post to
Aspiring Bakers #18 Layers of Love (April 2012)


  1. wah...look very nice and not using mascarpone cheese.all recipe on my hand is using mascarpone cheese.i kedekut to buy mascarpone cheese..hehehe...i will try your recipe...thank you...

  2. i bought a big bottle of Kahlua at the duty free shop too, but have yet to use it till now, almost a year already, just remind me that i have so long did not make a Tiramisu cake!

  3. omg how can u forget abt the booooozzzzeeeeeeee !!!

  4. Yr cake looks so beautiful. i hv yet to bake tiramisu and of course going to bookmark this.

  5. Nice one! Nice and soft filling with the added meringue. I thought you are sending this for AB event?

  6. This is lovely. I have yet to try this cake too.

  7. Hahaha, hope your head is not hurting too much! Ai ya nevermind la, get more pasteurized eggs and make again la. This time remember to spike the cake more, lol! You know I made tiramisu last Sat too and was gonna post today. But now not sure should I do it since you just did...can ah? My recipe is eggless one that Sonia tried before. ;))

  8. Haha...I do forget certain steps too (eg. forgetting to dip the sponge in the coffee mixture) while assembling a tiramisu cake for the first you are not alone...don't feel bad about it. :)

  9. OH MY GOD!!! it looks so delicious!!! too bad, i donthave oven, cant try this out...

    Siew Ee

  10. Ya, mascarpone cheese so pricey. I made one last March using creamcheese and pasteurized eggs too.Now the eggs cost 7.99 perbox( 6pcs)
    Exp huh...
    Btw, I like how to sliced your cake, very neat.Look at your slice makes me want to make again :)

  11. Your 1st Tiramisu and 2nd one looks good to me. Nicely done...Wnedy, next time jot it down on a paper and keep inside your wallet or save in your handphone memory. In case you forgot, u'll definitely remember you got a back up!

  12. I have never tried making tiramisu too :) my friends asked me too. My church friends told me that can use bailey instead of kahlua coz I told them I dont have kahlua at home. So one day I might just try it. Have to wait for Jo to be back...she loves it! Now bookmarked yours for the time being :)

  13. Give me anything infused-with-caffeine and I'm going to sapu clean the plate.

    Your first and second attempt of tiramisu cake were such a success :D I think I need to practise 10 times to perfect it.

  14. looks so yummy... once i tried but disaster... this time deffinitly going to try this n

  15. hody,
    I kedekut too, hahaha!

    I dunno what to do with the rest of the Kahlua.. any suggestions?

    Swee San,
    I didn't mise en place
    that's why.

    i hope u like this

    Yeah, forgot to add the linkup

    Do try it someday with a preferred recipe.

    Post la.. get viral with it, LOL

    haha.... same boat eh:)

  16. Siew Ee,
    then go buy one! LOL

    Yummy little cooks,
    woah, raise price again? Sei Foh lor

    If put into pocket oredi, how to remind me at the moment? LOL

    Yummy bakes,

    CGMC got lots of good bakers, right?
    Can la, Baileys, as long as it's booooze

    then practise 10 tmes. don't give up

    If u're baking ur own sponge, then just make sure u got the eggs beaten correctly and fold, not stir.

  17. My favorite cake!!Such a PERFECT looking cake. How you slice it so perfectly? Been a while since I made this cake. I prefer using mascarpone cheese as it give the tiramisu a smoother taste.

  18. Gert,
    I'm too kedekut to buy mascarpone.
    Plus it was a sudden decision to do this, no access to mas ka po ney here, haha.
    Maybe next time.

    I used a clean sharp knife and wipe after each cut.

  19. Mmmm....that's really beautiful tiramisu. Looks very delicious too. My girl would be over the moon if I make this. I have never made tiramisu yet. Maybe should try one day. Thanks very much for sharing. Hope you have a great start to the week.

  20. Hello WendyinKK

    I would like to try your recipe. Is the cocoa powder the type used for baking, or drinking chocolate? Thanks.


  21. MaryMoh,
    The one day will come :)

    ogyep yummy mellow,

    Baking cocoa.
    But it's drinkable too, provided one boils it with sugar and milk.

  22. I agree with you, everytime I mention that I love baking, my friends or people will ask so did you do tiramisu or cheesecakes? Haha...

  23. I love this... I am so gonna try this. When I told the baking supply store owner " I have try making Tiramisu Cake before" .. she went like like laughing at me so loud. So malu weihhhhh ... LOL

  24. so strange..why bakers hv to make tiramisu meh? hv you tasted the ones at indulgence? next time we make a date to go there, see if you like it. I think they probably also use the egg whites method also fluffy, maybe a little too soft but as far as i can remember , it didnt taste boozy.

  25. I like tiramisu but I can't take raw eggs. Yesterday I found a recipe on youtube making tiramisu without using eggs. May try one day (don know when, lol). Yours looks very tempting.

  26. Your tiramisu looks wonderful! Looks perfectly baked! Tiramisu has been on my list of to do, but I'm not in a hurry!

  27. hanushi,
    Haha, funny hoh, why must tiramisu

    U mean she laughed becos u never tried?

    my cousin goes there weekly for tiramisu.
    they can't be boozy, even the sultan dines there :p

    I was sien oredi of those non eggs version, which is why I tried it with eggs.

    kitchen flavours,
    so many things to try out, right?
    If it's not because of having extra pasteurized eggs, I also won't bother. LOL

    Kak Nita,
    thanks :)

  28. Wow! very nice! I like all the way you did the sponge, look like the fingers biscuits usually used for tiramisu! So neatly cut!

  29. Hi Wendy, your tiramisu look extremely good. Very tempting and addictive dessert, my top favorite. :) can never stop eating.

  30. tiramisu cake.. i love it... i want to learn .

  31. Ooo.. lovely!! I usually make mine with the sponge fingers. Hmm.. perhaps I should try with sponge cake.

    I am very uncomfortable with not cooking the eggs because of the very lethal semolina poisoning. Hence, I will give the eggs a hot bath. Hahaha.. and yes, i like it better with mascarpone.. some how, it taste lighter. And yes, booze.. ooh.. lots of it.. kahlua and rum is a must!!

  32. wat a gorgeous d stunning cliks
    proud following you..:)
    do stop by mine sometime

    Tasty Appetite

  33. Woah...very nice looking. I make with sponge fingers. Too lazy to make sponge cake.

    I don't use raw eggs in making tiramisu. I just whip additional cream to replace the egg whites.

  34. wow, you can make a cake from heaven!

  35. the pettiest tiramisu ive ever saw :)

  36. I'm actually not that keen about tiramisu as a cake itself. I liked the concept of it, so I enjoy it more in things like ice cream,you know, as in the combination of flavours!

  37. oooh! Delicious Tiramisu! Are you sure that's your first attempt? It looks perfect!! :D Thanks for another lovely submission!

  38. Well, don't worry about the booze. This is the most beautiful Tiramisu I have ever seen. How did you do it

  39. Wendy, you did not do quite a good job here, you DID A GREAT JOB! Looks very professional. I am impressed. Hope to taste this someday:D WINK!

  40. Wow lovely collection of recipes...glad i found u i have been missing so much otherwise..
    stop by mine sumtime@

  41. looks very delicious, congratulations on the tiramisu, and I hope it stays the same

  42. I'd love it. I will try make it

  43. Hi, Wendy. I tried this recipe and it turned out to be the best tiramisu ever. I it. I recently bought some mascarpone for a really low price, so I'm just wondering, could i replace the cream cheese with it? Do I use the same amount? Would it be just as delicious? Tq.

  44. Hey! your Tiramisu looks sooooo yummmmmy!!!
    wondering how could you cut it soo nicely??
    i've made it myself, but always looked so messy when im serving it...pls tell me the trick! :)

  45. i dont have kahlua, can i change it with coffe?
    thanks :D


  46. Nicky,
    Just omit it.
    There is already coffee in the coffee solution.

  47. Wow! I can't wait to try this!

  48. Hi wendy, it's beautiful. What do u think if i convert it into roll cake? And about the filling, how if i do the egg whites like in the process of making SMBC?

  49. Marc,
    I don't think the filling is rollable. It's quite runny.
    Maybe you can find a technique to make it possible, let me know

    1. I tried it couple days ago. Yeah the filling's a lil bit runny but i only apply it in a thin layer on a roll cake though, then dusted with cocoa powder. The main problems are coffee solution that make the cake wet, making it difficult to roll, then comes the cocoa that covering the filling, preventing the cake to be glued when rolled.
      Btw, what cake do you recommend me for a wedding cake?

  50. Marc,
    First of all... recommendations for a wedding cake depends on what cake your guests like. I do not know which country you are from, and guests from different racial background will have different preferences too, age group, gender, diet needs or health background. You will need to find out for yourself.


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