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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Homemade Chinese Croutons - Random Sunday

One of my favs condiments for congee/rice porridge is crispy youtiao bits.
Hawkers usually will deep fry them but I choose to bake them.

Snip the youtiao thinly. Spread on a baking tray and bake at 140(fan)/160C until they look golden and crispy. Won't take too long, maybe about 10-15 minutes. I don't really set the time precisely as it depends on how much I'm baking. I just keep an eye on them.

Keep them air tight.
And whenever you need some, sprinkle them on.

They might be good for your Asian salads too!
Use these instead of fried wonton skins.
You might love these!


  1. Fantastic idea, will try it out! Have been a silent reader cum fan of yours for a while. I made your croutons and it was yummy. My kids love it. Now, I bake an extra loaf of bread just for croutons. And, your Caesar Salad is REALLY good, much better than the original. Thanks ALOT for your generosity in sharing. ;) xoxo

  2. One way of keeping leftover youtiao. :)

  3. Malays call it chakoei...good idea also... will make some and keep them airtight... crunchy right....????

  4. ooo thanks...this is a good idea. will try

  5. celine,
    thanks for trying out the caesar salad and for the feedback.
    I hope you will like this on your porridge :)

    I actually purposely buy a lot to make this, LOL

    ogyep mellow yellow,
    Yup, chakoi is a derivative from the Cantonese way of calling this "Yau Char Kway", that means fried ghosts. In Mandarin, it's is properly called as You Tiao. Yes, it's crunchy.

    U're welcomed

    Small Kucing,
    Hope u will like it

  6. I love chakoay in my porridge. Sometimes I'll dip it into the leftover assam pedas..oo nice!

  7. wow you tiao croutons? It's funny, I've never come across them somehow. only your usual you tiao, uncrispy, in congee.

  8. I love these you tiao with my porridge too! Baked them huh! That's even better, less fat:D Some restaurants add these to black pepper ostrich meat too, so delicious!

  9. Hi Wendy

    Happy Monday!

    In penang, Rojak stall will add this, you tiao croutons... my favourite!

  10. never thought that this can be bake....good idea

  11. only problem is that i never have leftover youtiao because i finish them all! hehehe but baking them does sound like a healthier method which would help since it's already fried >.<

  12. If there is any leftover youtiao, I will snipped them into small bits, then freeze them. When required, I bake them till crispy. Freezing them keeps better.

  13. Even ham chim biang is good to snip into small pieces and bake later.. taste like little cookies after baking..

  14. thanks for these information, i never knew that they can be baked to keep longer :))

  15. that day i ate tou suan w this, it turns very yummi too!

  16. May i ask how long i can keep these?


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