Sunday, April 15, 2012

New plants and herbs, and update on my Strawberries - Random Sunday

It's been quite a while since I've last posted my plants.
I've been adding more plants and there'll be more to come.

New Plants
I bought my western herbs from those mini pots found at Jaya Grocer and BIG. Transplated them to the pot and they grew soooooo big. None died , so far :)

Cost me RM60 for this pot

I'm suspecting this is lemon thyme, but when I bought it, the label says just Thyme

Updates on previously featured plants

It's growing like mad, trying to creep everywhere!

My strawberries. Never flowered, but kept on having babies. I have more than 10 plants all around my garden.

Do you know what are these?
Sometimes things just pop out in my garden because I throw my food waste all around and let them rot.

Looks likea fruit tree sapling....but what is it? I dunno

I'm suspecting it's orange.

Calamansi??? Err... I don't know.

What is this thang??? I suspect it's edible
It looked like Sawtooth Coriander (刺芫荽)when it was small, but it's huge now (even bigger now, today!)
It actually tasted like English parsley.
It has no flowers, so that makes it super hard to identify

Please help me with this final pic

More to come the next round,
local herbs and a fruiting plant that caught me by surprise.


  1. The second last photo is Calamansi. That's all I know, hehe...

  2. sorry, i don't know all those...:p
    but i'm curious to ask, for those western herbs, do you need to cover them from direct sun light when they were transferred from small pot to your garden?

  3. You really have green fingers, just scatter the seeds also can grow! Mine bought back less than two weeks already dying haha!

  4. So much fun, I love seeing all these herbs growing wild :P) It does kind of look like a saw tooth cilantro, but it would taste like cilantro! You have a nice garden growing there.

  5. all your plants are healthy growing,,you have green hands.. My Rosemary and sweet basil sudah mati long time ago, now only thyme (Veron gave me), hehehe..

  6. Hi Wendy,

    Nice herbs! I grow them in my garden too and lately I am trying so hard to grow pandan and laksa but they just keep dying.

    The one that you suspect is orange looks like bay leaf plant to me - crush the leaf and smell it, it should give off a nice aroma. :-)

  7. Little Inbox,
    Yeah, that's what I think too!

    No, all direct sunlight, but morning sun as my garden faces east.

    Maybe my house got morning dew :)

    Looks like one, right? but taste like parsley, LOL

    U can try again, don't give up

    It can't be bay leaf. I never had the seeds here, plus bay leaf doesn't grow here. Indonesian bay leaf (daun salam) has much thinner and larger leaves.
    It smells citrusy and the leaf structure is definitely citrus.

  8. not only pandai cook but also have green thumbs ah. m so jealous of your plats...especially the kumquat

  9. Wendy you not only can cook, but can plant too. I wish to stay beside you as your neighbour...

  10. The last pic,I have no idea. sorry.

  11. You have green hands! Good to grow your own plants...... especially the Kumquat! (my favourites).

  12. Small Kucing,
    Kumquat ah, beli saja from nursery, LOL

    Ooo... if you are my neighbour,then I have to chain them up oredi, LOL

    Buy one plant back from nursery la, I hope they still have overstock from CNY.

  13. I think your guess on the last one is correct, Wendy..the saw tooth coriander. You have nice green healthy herbs and many people has 'green fingers'. You are very lucky!

  14. Mine all died except the dill hahaha me no green fingers. I want to try planting again:) Now I have pandan, daun kalsom, dill, calamansi, curry leaves and basil. Seeing yours makes me happy ...they looks so healthy growing in your garden. Good Foong sui :))

  15. Hi

    Wow your plants look so healthy. I have been trying to grow mint for ever so long but have failed each time. What is your secret? My rosemary and thyme are doing well. Yes your thyme looks like lemon thyme. Mine is white and green. Will send you a pic but do not know how!!


    1. Plant ur mint in a big pot n leave it outside nature will take care..... trust me i did that n now got too many mint

  16. Whoah such a nice garden collection going there. The plants look so healthy!

  17. Can I pluck some of your herbs? Outside sell expensive woh. Lol

  18. wah!!!!!!!!!! your mint is growing like a wild bush!! which variety is that?

  19. do you believe that the sage that i took is still very fresh in my fridge? it is so kind to me! the last one looks like sawtooth coriander..but i thot the leaves of that coriander is more thicker and harder..?

  20. What's Baking,
    But the prob is, it doesn't taste like coriander ;(

    Yes, my house is blessed with morning mist :)

    You mean they don't even live at all?
    I sprout them in water before I plant them.
    So far, has been easy to me.
    My email is in my About

    Food is our religion,

    Yawoh, that's why I plant, kkekekee.

    travelling foodies,
    The normal pasar bought mint. Some call it applemint, but err... i don't think so.

    I've never seen sawtooth coriander before :p
    I dunno how to compare leh.
    U got the freshest sage ever in Malaysia, sure can last long!

  21. my herbs are also growing very happily now that it's spring! basil is shooting up everywhere and best thign about homegrown fresh herbs is I can smell it when I walk past it! not sure about that last photo, i'm afraid ):

  22. WoW, Wendy u not only a super talented cook but you also has green finger :) how i wish i can be like you :) haha...
    by the way, you mention about food waste... er... such as? mind to give me some example because my pity garden is dieing :'(

    cheers, Jamie Low (hardcord fan-cy :P)

  23. wah...i "like" all the photo....tonight i'll show my mum see she know any of the unknown plant or mum only plant huge aloe vera, curry leaves, ginger, pamelo (for the leaves), pandan...

  24. Hi Wendy, I'm no expert in plants but I thought the leaves (in the last pic) resembled chrysanthemum greens 茼蒿.

  25. your rosemary grows really well, i tried two to three time but they still died on me, do you leave it in the open or in the shade, i thought maybe our weather is too hot for them to grow well, even my mints also cannot survive,btw, do you need to trim the mints often.

  26. ShuHan,
    I can only smell them when I water :)
    Maybe the air is too humid here, everything seems less fragrant according to my MIL

    Jamie fancy,
    Haha, I put all my fruit peels, vege discards into my garden. If I'm hardworking, I parboil my chicken skins, or any unwanted parts and bury them into the soil. I heard fish washing water is good for plants too, maybe due to the blood (iron), and that is good for green pigment development :)

    Pei San,
    sure, thanks a million

    If tongho I will have plucked them to eat right away, but they are not ;)
    Tong ho got smell one mah. thanks!

    all out in the open, morning sun as my garden faces east.
    Oh yes, the mint must trim often, if not won't look healthy.
    If the garden faces west.... then I think it's a sorry. You have to think of a way to make it survive.

  27. Err... can't be much help on the unidentified plants. I'm good at eating, but not in recognizing herbs.

  28. Dear Wendy, i think u hav a dandelion palnt in your last picture. u can gogle for a clearer pic...have a nice day!

  29. Hi Wendy!Where did you get the sweet basil plant from? I haven't seen it around.

  30. Pastry.Heaven,
    As said in the beginning of the post, Jaya Grocer or BIG. You can also get it from Cold storage.

  31. Your plants look great, especially your sage, and mint. My sage is still small, but my rosemary always does good year round! I was thinking the same thing about the plant that looks like saw tooth cilantro, but you'd think it would taste like cilantro! I should get a kumquat tree, our neighbor have one but never think to go over to get some. I enjoy seeing other's gardens.

  32. Hi Wendy, u really got green fingers..

    i plant thai basil b4... it KO after few months.. but lucky i did pass out some branch to my mum.. is growing bushes at my hometown now..
    i plant rosemarry.. KO within a month too ~.~

    then i think i should stop torturing those plants.. and i stop planting..

  33. Lyndsey,
    My sage grew so fast after I transplated it from the sapling pot. Yeah, get a kumquat tree, the fruits are delicious!
    It doesn't taste like cilantro.. that's the funny part.

    Thai basil is very easy to maintain one woh... Have u tried moving it to another part of the house? Try not to put the plants on top of concrete. It's hot.

  34. wendy trees do not know the name is Noni tree forest / little, bit bitter to eat. Noni made ​​if large tasty vegetables and salads. pictures to 4 from below ...

  35. ilahj,
    Pokok yang kira dari bawah, keempat tu?
    Maksudnya gambar yang pokok tidak dikenali yang pertama?
    Noni le tu..... ok.. tq

  36. I've got rosemary and dill, both died. Now I'm only left with pandan leaves and calamansi. And yes, your last 2nd pic does look like a calamansi plant.

  37. The last picture is weed lah.

  38. Wendy, how wonderful to have all those plants in your own garden. They are look so healthy. I don't like gardening so when my mum goes on holiday, my plants will go with her. LOL!

  39. Hi Wendy, your thyme is growing well. Mine is drying up and I'm still struggling to find out why

  40. Sweet Pea,
    try removings the old bits, see if it'll be fine.

  41. last pic is weed...
    banyak tumbuh tepi padang or bushes...

  42. Anonymous,
    Hehehe, weed ye.
    I tak pernah nampak ni la.
    I tengah suspect ianya family Asteraceae s/p I potong dalam dia nampak batang macam kekwa, dahlah daun pun macam dari family tu jugak. Tengah try short day kan dia, tengok dia bunga tak.

  43. Hey, you are a gardener too. And your plants are doing really well. Good for you!

  44. I can't help with the Unidentified Growing Plants - but yes the Calamansi one does look like a citrus plant :p

    If your strawberries are not fruiting and too many babies they may be using too much energy having babies. When you have decided you have enough babies (plants), next time they throw out a runner - the long stem (which if left eventually produced baby plant at the end); cut the runners off. Then more energy in flowering & fruiting :)

  45. The last pix is actually non edible.I got them at my home last time, just some wild plant.

  46. aniskuengkueng

    last pic, adakah daun sedikit berbulu (like velvet). kerana di kelantan daun ini mereka buat ulam...sedap oooooo.....

  47. The last photo looks like ketumbar jawa (sawtooth coriander). I bought one plant before. But it smells strong of coriander smell when u crush the leaves.

    The 2nd last photo looks like some lemony zest plant. I own a lemon plant, lime plant, and also a green mandarin orange tree. the leaves looks something like that.

  48. I had try to plant rosemary and thyme before but failed... maybe the weather here is not suitable to plant those herbs. hmm... if i could let the plants live in an air condition room with grow light probably will do the trick, but i can't afford the electricity bill..haha! By the way, where do you live? must be a highland right?

  49. Thomas,
    No I don't. I'm living in KK, Perak. At quite a low altitude.

  50. Hi Wendy,
    I had at first wondered if the first unidentified specie might be an avocado but with the rosemary next to it makes me think it could be a noni tree. Did you throw out one of them from your kitchen in the past? The second one looks like italian bay leaf. The last one looks more like a weed but I could be wrong.

  51. Hai Wendy,

    Do you make seedling to all your herbs? I you did, can I have it or buy from you.

    do please drop me an email at

    thanks :)

  52. Hi Wendy,

    I was looking for herbs to plant and came across your blog. Your herbs are so healthy, I was wondering whether I could have some or buy some stem cuttings from you. I have been trying to find, but seems very scarce in this area.

    Kindly reply to my email at, thank you very much.

  53. Min,
    Most of my herbs are dead now.

  54. The tree you mentioned, unidentified, seems to be mango

  55. hi, can i ask u, where u buy the Aloysia citrodora (Lemon Verbena), rose marry and thymus vulgaris L. (Lemon Thyme) plant in malaysia?

  56. pls kindly reply me at Tq vry much =)

  57. jia hui ang,
    I will reply you here for the benefit of other readers.
    The source of my herbs are listed at line no3, if you read the first passage.
    Thank you.
    And I don't have any lemon verbena


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