Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Apple Butter - Let's Jam # 2

Made in Jan 2012

I bought some freaking cheap but ugly looking apples from the night market. They have streaks of brown on their skin, but when cut they look perfectly fine. And I have to clear the fridge or at least shrink my stock to make way for Chinese New Year. I didn’t really need these apples, but I can’t help but buy them because they were really cheap.

this pic was taken 2 weeks back, 6M after it was bottled

Frankly.. this looks more like apple jam than apple butter. Is it because I didn’t use ground spices, but whole? Well, my family(s) are not big fans of spices in sweet things. Using them whole is a better choice. I didn’t have any cloves on hand, but I think adding some in will be great. It’s not very sweet, but sourishly sweet. Maybe due to the vinegar used, although I have reduced the amount. So, don’t fear and cut cut cut cut the sugar. If not you will cry cry cry cry because it is sour.

I hope to try another version made with red apples, of which is of course, sweeter. But the recipe is different. Next time, I shall, if I get some nice cheap red apples.

Apple Butter
Recipe source: Simply Recipes
Adapted by WendyinKK

Stage 1 Cooking
1kg green apples (Granny Smith)
1/3 cup apple cider vinegar (Original recipe was about 1/2 cup)
1 cup water

Cut apples into large chunks. Put everything into a pot. Pour in apple cider vinegar and water. Bring to a boil and lower to a simmer for 20 minutes. Apples will be soft. Press apple pieces through a sieve and discard the skin. Press the pulp (and all liquids in pot) through the sieve and discard the final remains. Measure puree and calculate the sugar needed

Ratio is:
1 cup puree (250ml): ½ cup sugar (100gm)
Mine is
3 cups puree (750ml) : 1.5 cups sugar (300gm)

Stage 2 Cooking
300gm sugar
2 pcs 2 inch cinnamon stick
Few cloves (I didn’t put)
1 heaped tsp lemon zest
2 Tbsp lemon juice

Place a saucer into the freezer. Pour puree into a pot, put in everything and cook on medium low until thick. To test, place a little bit of the cooked puree onto cold saucer, it should form a blob, and not spread out. Pour hot apple butter into sterilized jars with one cinnamon stick in each jar. Place the cap on and let it cool down. It the safety seal goes down, it is properly sealed. If not, just keep it in the fridge, chilled all the time.
Makes approximately 2 bottles

Stage 1

Stage 2  begins at the 3rd pic

Stage 2 cooking


  1. all that wonderful pectin!!!!! :)

  2. This must be good; just nice to spread it on cream crackers. I just loves it.

  3. I just couldnt wait for your next post on the red apple jam then, as i love red apple more, not so souris.
    I vaguely recalled seeing somewhere we can use apple butter to replace butter in making cake, this would be great news if works:)

  4. good house got many green apple...will try it...

  5. Thanks a lot. I have an apple tree (granny smith) in my garden and wondering what should I do with them aside of apple pie this coming fall. Now I know what to do. Pack them in cute little jars and off as pressies for the love ones~! Thanks Wendy!

  6. so what's the difference between apple butter and apple jam??

  7. Alan,
    Weirdly the jam's not as solid as I'd think it'll be.

    good to bake bread with, as fillings :)

    I won'tknow when. I haven't made it yet.

    Let me know how it turns out

    Oh yes, this method is perfect for shrinking storage space for apples, LOL. 1kg will only make 2 jars, LOL.

    Shu Han,
    If you googled, you can see apple butter is thick, dark, heavily caramelized. Mine is cooked not long, light and not that thick, doesn't even taste caramelized. Let's say, a lotion and a cream, mine is a lotion, LOL.
    But the recipe source's version is like this.. hehehehe.

  8. looks good! am going to try this!!!

  9. If I can get cheap n good condition green apple I will try out. I like to have my jam in my bakes.

  10. Heat it up and drizzle over vanilla ice cream.....yums!

  11. i hv not even tasted apple jam before. at first, i thought your jam got butter one..haha..and i also think it's nice that you add in that cinnamon stick into the jam to enhance that flavour!

  12. Hi Wendy, just finished my Apple Figs Jam. Sure would like to try this jam the next time.

  13. I must try making so much about it. Imagine them on your ice cream...SLURP!

  14. This recipe comes at the right time. We are getting sick of peanut butter.

  15. thaks for the step by step pic. it makes jam making less daunting. Btw, when i first made pineapple jam this year, i had the computer w ur step by step pic w me in the kitchen. I havent thank you for that! Thanks Wendy! =)

  16. Dear Wendy, i enjoy your blog. 1st peek, i was addicted! Great recipes. Do you happen to have any recipe for Ayam Penyet?


  17. Ms Val,
    If you need any recipe, please check out the recipe index or use the search box.
    sorry, I've never cooked ayam penyet before.

  18. Hi Wendy,

    What safety seal? Is there safety seals in the Heinz bottles that you used?

    Do we need to over-turn it after putting on the lid?

  19. Poh lin,
    The safety seal is the "pop", if it's nicely sealed, the middle of the lid will sink, if it's not, it protrudes slightly.

  20. Hi Wendy, finally has the time to make this jam. Thanks for sharing, it's lovely.

  21. Hi Wendy, Happy New Year 2013. I made this jam. Nice and thanks for sharing.


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