Sunday, July 29, 2012

Lyanne's Book Cake - Random Sunday

It's not Lyanne's birthday any time near. It's many months ago and many months more to go.
I forgot to post this cake.. hehehe

My kids usually have 2 cakes for each birthday. The first one she had was the elephant cake, and the 2nd one, I made a book for her. With her birthday on 31 Dec, she would be starting school few days after she turns 3 and she's definitely the youngest in her class.

I made her a book cake, wishing her all the best in making that big step.. going to kindergarden.
To the surprise of her teachers, she is faring quite well despite being the youngest.
Phew, relieved!

The cake was made using this recipe. Cream you can refer here.
Inside was fresh cherries.


  1. You always post the best cakes! I really love the letters and the sprinkles. ^^

  2. so kretif u carved the cake to get that book design? where to get that alphabet? it is a biscuit?

  3. The 'book' look neat and pretty! Sure kids like to pick up those letters.

  4. Bou Shin,
    The letters are store bought biscuits :)

    Yes, biscuits.
    Supermarket, kedai runcit, pasar malam pun ada
    I piped the 'pages',

    You are soooo right!

  5. Wow! I am so impressed. Very nice, I like the book cake very much.

  6. Your piped the pages look like real book, well done!

  7. Wendy, my gal also born in Dec, on 18 Dec. When she 1st started her kindergarten, she was only 2 years and 2 weeks old, she was the youngest in the school lol. Initially I was also worried that she may not be able to pick up but mixing around with the schoolmates and classmates that are older than her, she picked up things so fast and so much.

    I love the book cake, so pretty, looking at the "pages", I feel like flipping it lol.

  8. Phong Hong,

    Actually I formed the curves by using a chopstick :)

    Thanks for the encouraging words.
    Lyanne is a bit not like the usual kid.... which is why I worried.


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