Monday, July 23, 2012

Aubergine Omelette - Eggs # 1

The last egg themed week was last year, before I moved. Quite long ago.
When I saw this recipe, I was caught on by the fact that it used aubergines to top the pancake. I wonder how it tastes like. But I’m not keen on having it as pancakes as I wanted to make this for dinner so I changed it into omelette, thin omelettes.

This recipe required a 9 inch non stick pan, but an 8 inch pan will work just as fine if you use smaller eggs. One egg per omelette, so if you can adjust the thickness of the egg, it’s pretty much ok if you use other pan sizes. My omelettes are about 2mm thick.

What did you think this looked like if I didn’t tell you it’s topped with aubergines cooked in egg?

Aubergine Omelette
Recipe source: WendyinKK
Inspired visually: Candey
Serves: 4-6

1 ft long Aubergine/eggplant/brinjal (accumulative), I used 3 pcs of 5inch long aubergines
3 large eggs (Grade A, 60gm with shells)
Few tablespoons of sliced spring onions
Some salt to taste
Cooking oil for frying
Equipment requirement : 9 inch frying pan

1. Slice aubergines as thick as 4mm.
2. On medium low heat, put some oil into frying pan and lay aubergine slices in pan. Flip them when they are fragrant to fry the other side.
3. Beat one egg with some spring onions and a bit of salt. Pour into frying pan (pour from the side)
4. Add more oil if it seems dry and fry until the base of omelette seems golden. Flip omelette and fry the other side as well.
5. Flip onto plate and repeat step 2-4 until all aubergines and egg is used up


  1. Oh, this is the first time I seeing using aubergine in omelette! Interesting. But unfortunately one of my family members do not aubergine.... what a pity. It is full of nutritious goody inside.

  2. Nice ! I love anything aubergine...and in an omelette...I am sold ! It looks delicious..simple and no fuss :) Thanks for the idea !

  3. This is so interesting with the looks tasty. Good for breakfast or lunch!

  4. Great idea to use brinjal in this unusual way! This will be my next brinjal dish with a twist! :)

  5. Wendy, I like frying omelette with brinjals but usually I'll fry the brinjals first then mix in beaten eggs. Will try your way next time.

  6. Apparently it's some popular dish from the Philippines. My aunt's Filipino maid made aubergines omelette and she said it's a staple food in her kampung. It was good :))

  7. Your omelette looks so classy. I can never get my omelette to be so nice and flat :)

  8. Mel,
    Don't let that one person deter you from trying this out

    Simple and nice

    Yeah, for breakfast too!

    Kon Yin,
    Hope ur family likes this

    Ur method is like how petola eggs is like, right?
    Hmm, want to try your version some day

    Sue Me,
    Is it like this?
    It looks rather different and even method is different.

    Phong Hong,
    Low heat and long time cooking wil make the omelette less fragile. Patience is the key

  9. pan frying brinjals is very tasty..nice idea! looks like what?? looks like brinjal la..haha! but at a glance looks a little like some kind of western sausages..:)

  10. This is what I call a Chinese Pizza minus cheese! :)

  11. Lovely presentation! I love eggplants! I often use it in frittata or quiche too....


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