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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Krill Steamed Egg 虾皮蒸蛋 - Eggs #2

Krill… Can be found in wet markets, sold as fresh “geragau” or. It is also used to make cincalok (watch out for a cincalok recipe from Cindy, Melaka's host for August) and belacan. And there is also dried ones labeled as udang kapai.

Some sold are dyed with food colouring, therefore, looking peachy. Go for those that looks pale. It’s really cheap, and once you’ve tried it, you will know that it’s actually quite flavourful.
Besides being cheap.. krill is also very nutritious. Antartic krill is a good source of Omega 3, but those sold here… are not from Antartic, just locally caught. It may not be as superior, but then again, won’t be too much worse, right? It’s still protein.

Picture of dried krill, here

When I saw this recipe, I was actually skeptical. I never knew that this fleshless mini shrimp can be used to steam eggs. I wonder, what will the taste be like..Will it taste funny?
The first time I made this, I just used a little bit, about 1 Tbsp only. I was worried about the texture, whether it will taste gritty. But no, it didn’t. It actually made the steamed egg tasted umami and the texture didn't bother me at all.

This time, I used more, 2 Tbsp and the surface of my egg has enough krill to go around. You can use more if you like. Normally I go with this ratio when I steam eggs:- 1 part egg to 2 parts liquid. But because I rinsed the krill before use, I reduced the water used.

Krill Steamed Egg 虾皮蒸蛋
Recipe source: WendyinKK
Idea from : Ziyumama

150ml eggs (3 Grade B eggs)
2 Tbsp of dried krill
¼ tsp salt (adjust amount according to the saltiness of your krill)
Dash of pepper
250ml water
1 tsp oil
½ tsp sesame seed oil

1. Break eggs into a bowl. Mix with salt and pepper, beat until the eggs look homogenous. Let the mixture sit while you do the rest, the egg will water down.
2. Prepare your steamer and place a rack, add enough water about 5mm lower from the rack. Bring the water to boil.
3. Rinse the krill. Drain.
4. Grease a clean dry deep dish with oil and sesame oil.
5. Combine beaten egg with water and rinsed dried krill, lightly stir to combine.
6. Put greased steaming dish into the steamer and pour in the egg mixture.
7. Cover with lid and steam on medium low heat for 15 minutes or until done, surface is set.

*Note: Steaming time depends on your steaming vessel, distance of water from dish, height of lid, width of dish, height of dish…so.. the time is just a guideline. But using medium low heat, it may take longer, but you will have more control of the texture. Go slow and steady.


  1. I've never heard of krill before..I thought they just used really tiny shrimps to make cincalok. Does the dried krill you use taste like cincalok then?

  2. Wait till I get hold of this Krill at the wet market then I shall make this steamed egg... a dish for the young and the elders!

  3. Fern,
    No. Cincalok is fermented.
    I used dried krill. Almost like dried shrimp but minus the texture.

    Fresh ones are hard to come by, dried ones, the ones I used are easily available at supermarkets and grocery stores.

  4. last sunday i saw this dried krill at wet market...but we dont know how to i know..

  5. Oh...I never knew that you can steam eggs with them...I must try using the dried ones ! Thanks for sharing ...this will go well with porridge especially when I am not well..this bad weather causing me to cough non stop...haih but this will definitely be great for me :)

  6. Another great idea. Looks so delicious !!

  7. Nice steamed egg. Krill also used by many to make fritters :)

  8. I always fry it as part of an omelet, but this is recipe is great - less oily with all the flavor.

  9. perfect steamed egg, all nice and velvety smooth! when you over steam it it gets hard and honeycomb like, I've learnt from experience low heat is the best way to go. never tried using krill in omelet before!

  10. Not sure if I can get the krill here in Singapore's wet market. Been trying to look around for it

  11. Great idea! When I was in primary school, my teacher told us if you swim in the sea during krill season, just open your mouth for them to crawl in and you can eat them fresh! Very sweet it seems but I can't swim!

  12. I have never known how to use these krill. They sure looks very delicious steamed together with eggs. But sadly, I can't find them here.....hmmm.

  13. I saw those tiny fish but not too sure whether it is krill. This is one great idea for a simple dish!

  14. WOW!
    Sounds like a fab dish! I bet its sweet and delicious! & I always thought those things where deshelled small shrimps :p Or when they have shed their shells :p
    If I see them in Chinese Supermarket I will have to get a pack :p

  15. i've never had them before, dont know what to do with them cos i thought they are just like shells, maybe people used to deep fry them and sprinkle them on top of some dishes, steaming it with egg is rather interesting!

  16. Hi Wendy,
    I bought some from the sundry to try make this recipe. Can I check with you whether I need to pre-fry the krill first?

  17. Debby,
    No need.
    The krill in this recipe should taste sweet and subtle.
    If you fried it first, it will be a bit too outstanding and the texture won't be soft, could end up chewy instead

  18. My daughter has 6 krill as pets. I let her see the recipe and she clutched her heart fearing I was going to make a meal out of her krill! Haha!

  19. Please someone...I have read where if you eat enough Krill shells,(skins),that you can get fluoride poisoning. Do you always need to de-shell by hand all of the krill you will use in your recipe? Thanks.


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