Friday, August 3, 2012

Durian Cendol - MFF Melaka #3

I first had durian cendol more than14 years ago at Tan Kim Hock Melaka. Back then, it wasn't served in that fancy wasteful flower shaped carboard handled container. See here and here. I think now, San Shu Gong is more popular for this, and is served in a wasteful fancy durian printed cardboard handled container. Frankly I'm more comfortable without that handle thingy. It's a waste of money and resources. And the cost is just absorbed by the customer, us.

No matter who is more popular, we can't be travelling there to eat it all the time. We can make it at home. It's durian season now.. what are u waiting for???

Wait... you may think, how to make cendol at home without an ice shaver? I never own one but yet I can make cendol and tub tim grob at home. How did I do it? A blender, the same old blender that I make my almond butter with. :p

Forgive my pictures today... I was racing against time before the ice melts. I forgot to freeze my bowls the day before i made this, so the prepared bowls of durian cendol were melting right before my camera.

Durian Cendol
Recipe source: WendyinKK
Serves 6

2 cups Cendol (can use store bought or homemade)
1.5 cup sweetened red beans (can use canned or homemade)
375ml coconut milk
375ml water
750gm ice

Sweet Durian Paste
200gm durian flesh
200gm palm sugar
300gm water
Pandan leaf (optional)

1. Mix coconut milk with water. Put 250gm of ice into blender and pour in 250ml of the coconut milk mixture. Blend until fine. Pour this into a container and freeze while you complete the blending. You can do this step in advance before serving time.
2. Prepare sweet durian paste. Combine everything into a small pot and bring to a boil. Lower to a simmer and cook until the flesh looks mushy. (Add more water if needed). Turn off the heat and let it cool down.
3. To assemble: Place coconut smoothie into bowl. Top with cendol, red beans and durian paste. Serve immediately.

Want some????

I am submitting this to Malaysian Food Fest, Melaka Month


  1. oh yummy!!! with the hot weather.. looking at it, make me cool..

  2. In this hot weather nowadays, a bowl of cold cendol is just so wonderful to quench my thirst! BUT oh no, I am sorry, I don't eat durian, unfortunate!

  3. adui...punya sedap and I love cendol...but durian cendol havent try yet...salivating now lol!

  4. This few day already feel want to eat feel more want to eat cendol....hehehe....

  5. you make everything look so simple! don't even need to shave ice. muahaha. i can imagine friends will be super impressed if i make these. thanks for the recipe!

  6. Just too awesome, it has been a while (I believe more than 10 yrs) since I ate the famous durian chendol in Melaka. TQ Wendy!

  7. Hi Wendy,
    Homemade durian cenfol, yum, yum.
    May I know where did you buy your bowls? Been looking for plain white bowls with handles but seems so difficult to find,

  8. cynful pleasures,
    the weather's very cruel these few days

    So sayang, u missed out on the the best fruit in this world.LOL

    Jangan tunggu, bikin saja.
    Is it durian season in Sabah?

    Can make urself, very easy only lor

    It's perfect for entertaining. keep all the components in the fridge and the empty bowls in freezer.

  9. Joelyn,
    then end the draught and douse urself with cendol soon :)

    Oh la la, self service plese!

    Crockery reject shop. Those budget shops like Max Value, KEdai RM2 are my usual hunts for cheap tableware. I don't buy expensive stuff.

  10. 看到我的口水都流下了。。。

  11. This looks sinfully good ....I'm trying to visualize the taste...because normal cendol just taste like coconut milk plus gula melaka. So this durian version I presume the durian taste empowers everything?

  12. Owwwwww...another interesting recipe! It looks so yummy. Love the noodle-shape cendol. Here in Indonesia we have a different shape but I can't wait to try yours, only there is no lye water available here...

    Thanks for sharing, I want to try soon...!

  13. Tracy,

    I'd say, depends on your durian.
    The coconut milk is still rather strong, even those that is sold in Melaka.

    Maybe I squeezed them too long, hehehe.
    Is air kapur available there? It's similiar.

  14. woohooo...Wendy, you literally made me salivating!
    must try must try :)

  15. Ooh lucky me then. I have kapur sirih in my kitchen, but now is not durian season, huhuuuuuu >,< Sudah tak sabar ingin mencuba...thanks for the feedback Wendy...

  16. Hi Wendy, this is what I was looking for.. had cendol in my mind for the past few days but I've no ice machine =( but blender.. I have!! Thks for the idea!

  17. wow, lau hor sui lor! i must try ice blending one day too! that durian paste sounds very delicious in chendol

  18. Can I get a bowl please, pretty please? Oh, dying for durian here.


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