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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Pear Pound Cake Gratin - Pear #2

Remember my Coconut Lemon Raspberry Perfect Party Cake? The original recipe didn't work well for me and boy was I glad when I saw this recipe on Helene's blog. Pound cake gratin! Perfect way to use up not so nice to eat pound cakes or butter cakes or similiar stuff.

I kept the cake in the freezer for almost a month and was almost jumping for joy when I saw this. As always I love baking with recipes seen on Tartelette. And with the cake being not very very sweet, I stuck with the original ratio for the custard and everything went well. I didn't have pistachios or any red currants on hand, so I drizzled some chocolate over.

My kids loved this, both Lydia the baked fruit lover and Lyanne the baked fruit hater. This recipe is nice for cleaning up those pieces of failed cakes or over riped pears. Frankly, nicer than bread pudding, kekekeke.

I also made another pan of gratin few months later with the balance of cake in the freezer when pears were seen again. Same recipe, all same same. My kids were again, excited to see it :)

Pear Pound Cake Gratin
Original source: Saveurs France
As Seen on Tartelette
Modified version by WendyinKK

1/2 portion of Perfect Party Cake or any other pound cakes (9inch round 1inch tall)
2 large pears
250ml milk
1tsp vanilla extract
3 eggs
100gm sugar (depends on how sweet your cake is)
Melted chocolate for decoration

1. Slice cake into 12 slices.
2. Arrange the cake slices into a buttered 9 inch pan.
3. Combine milk, vanilla, eggs and sugar together.
4. Slice each pear into 12 slices. Arrange them on top of the cake slices.
5. Pour the egg mixture over.
6. Bake in a pre-heated 160(fan)/180C oven for 25-30 minutes.
7. Melt chocolate and drizzle it over the gratin.
8. Serve warm or cold.


  1. Another delicious dessert! Funny isn't it, that Lydia and Lyanne has different taste buds....

  2. Angeline,
    Oh yes, both warm and cold is sedap!

    They are like heaven and earth, very tak sama de.

  3. Hah! This is great Wendy. I have a frozen failed butter cake in the freezer. Sayang to throw away and I just chuck it in the freezer. Now I can make this gratin thing. Thanks so much!

  4. Hi Wendy
    What a great Eco recipe!
    Will try it out...
    You think I can replace pear with other fruits like orange apple which normally I got in fridge?

  5. So thats what a gratin is..good to keep this in mind in case i got some dud forelles again :p

  6. pear and chocolate, match made in heaven!

  7. Hi Wendy,
    Need some advice.
    May I know by when we should keep a cake in the room temperature, fridge, & freezer? I mean how long a butter cake can keep at room temp., by when should be kept in fridge / freezer?? Thanks!

  8. Phong Hong,
    Hope you can ressurect the failed cake to be a delicious dessert :)

    Apples could be a bit too firm for 30 mins baking, unless the apples are soft. Oranges should be ok. If u want to juice it, mix the juice with egg yolks first before combining with the rest.

    gratin is usually something made from leftovers, hehehe. Got seafood gratin, or chicken gratin.. hehe. Actually I think you did't ripen the forelles enough, mine are sweet :p


    Shu Han,
    yaya, that's why I drizzled the choc over :p

    Not all recipes are the same.
    ~Bakes with fruits are best chilled after 48 hours, but I'll go with 36 hours.
    ~Basic butter cakes can last at least 3 days at room temp and always taste better when cut after 24 hours. Some pound cakes last 1 week at room temp. But always be safe and chill it after 3 days
    ~If the recipe contains coconut milk, chill after 24 hours.It can go bad easily.
    ~ Freeze cakes when you know you won't be eating it any soon.
    How long it can stay chilled or frozen, that I cannot answer you,. it depends on the container u use, how clean it it, or how cold ur fridge is. I'll discard the cake if i see fungus, partially turning watery or sticky like glue (can see strands when lifted), or taste bitter/sourish like fermented. Other than that, I still eat.

    1. Hi Wendy
      Thanks for your details info.
      May I know what should I do with the cake Eg . , (baked cheesecake)after remove frm freezer? Reheat in oven?
      Btw, your above method is apply to all types of cake ( or only butter cake) ?

  9. May,
    Cheesecake should be let to come to room temp slowly, overnight in the fridge.
    The methods is not towards only buttercake, but the ingredients used in cake, you have to understand the ingredients and how fast do they spoil.

  10. i had a hard time eating just that party cake alone, luckily it comes with the SMBC which was nice!


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