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Monday, August 6, 2012

Kiwi Buttermilk Pancakes - Pancakes #1

I saw the use of kiwi in buttermilk pancakes in a local women’s magazine, but I didn’t note down the recipe, but I knew it used buttermilk. It was very pretty.
I have never used buttermilk before this. I mean buttermilk from the carton. The cultured buttermilk that I’ve got looked like watered down yogurt. If you add lemon juice/vinegar to milk, that is not buttermilk but soured milk. It can give you similar results, but not as good

Traditional butter is made by letting the milk sit and ferment before churning, and the fermented liquid residue after churning is buttermilk. It’s in a fermented form, so it’s sourish and acidic. If you make your own 'buttermilk' by separating your cream (either by beating or shaking and not by culturing), the liquid residue is not sour, due to absence of bacterial activity. If your homemade buttermilk isn’t sourish, how can it react properly with baking soda to give it that infamous softness and fluffiness? So, I’ll still stick to yogurt + milk, if I need a good substitute for this so that I can get the similar viscosity. But then again, I've tried using yogurt with this same recipe, it doesn't give the same results, it's much less favourable.

I know some people will say, can just substitute with soured milk, that is milk+lemon juice/lime/vinegar. But to me, the result is not the same. The result of soured milk pancakes is similar to those made from yogurt, furthermore, the viscosity is not there. It makes the pancakes spread and thus, less height. There was no turning back after I tried buttermilk, as in real buttermilk, not soured milk.
I love how thick I could make this pancake to be, but yet, soft and fluffy, almost like sponge cake. And the recipe is very easy to remember too! Almost one of everything

Buttermilk Kiwi Pancakes
Recipe with minor adaptations from: Fine Cooking
Makes: 10 slices of 4-inch wide pancakes (batter spooned with a Chinese soup spoon)

1 cup cake/superfine flour (120gm, original called for plain flour. I weighed my one cup of flour to make sure I get the same amount next time)
1 tsp baking powder
½ tsp baking soda
1½ Tbsp sugar (original recipe was 1Tbsp, but I used slightly more than original recipe due to the presence of kiwi which is *sour*)
Pinch of salt
1 large egg
1 cup (250ml) buttermilk
1 Tbsp butter (15gm)
2 kiwi fruits, each sliced into 5.

1. Heat a non stick pan and heat the butter until just melted. Let it turn warm.
2. Sift cake flour + baking soda + baking powder together. Mix in sugar and salt. Set aside.
3. Mix egg with buttermilk. Mix in melted butter.
4. Pour (3) into (2) and mix until combined but not smooth.
5. Heat the pan (used in 1, no need to wash) and put in one slice of kiwi. Top the kiwi with 1 heaped Tbsp of batter. Cover pan with lid (if you have, if not it’s ok) and let it cook on medium low heat.
6. When the rim of the pancake has cooked (solidified), flip the pancake to cook the other side, take care not to dislodge the kiwi.
7. Repeat cooking process until batter is used up.
8. Serve pancakes with honey and butter

*Note: you can either reverse the batter/kiwi procedure, meaning batter first, kiwi on top. Works the same but there is a risk of the batter covering the fruit when you flip.
**I made some with bananas because Lyanne doesn’t take kiwi.

One note about the colour of the kiwi fruit. Mine were quite green before cooking, and they all turned yellowish later. The picture of the kiwi pancake in the magazine was still brightly green, hmm... did they edit the pics or did they brush on food colouring to the kiwi slices?

My carpenter happened to drop by to fix my cabinet's hinges and he had tea at my place with these. :)
Buttermilk pancakes are fine and fluffy, whereas the same recipe when made using yogurt gives denser and heavier pancakes. The yield is also much lesser.


  1. very nice! nampak sgt fluffy kan.. will try this one day tp kat tganu ni tak pernah jumpa lg buttermilk in packet gitu..
    i've tried yr curried scramble egg, it's so good.. love the taste.. thanks for sharing the recipe :)

  2. Very pretty pancakes. I usually use the buttermilk for muffins. Your carpenter got good timing :)

  3. Wendy, your pancakes look so fluffy and light. The addition of the kiwi made your pancakes look elegant. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Wow.. this pancake look so fluffy and delicious.. thanks for sharing ya... bookmarked already...:)

  5. Mmmm, got butter milk, I like that....yum

  6. That looks real fluffy indeed, I have not made pancakes for years! Even then, I used only premixed batter. Gotta try this too although I have not seen buttermilk in any stores here.

  7. This looks really nice! :}

    Would you be able to make you tiao? They are chinese fried bread sticks (I think that's what they call it in English)
    They are very crispy and light on the inside and it's not supposed to tasted cakey.

    Let me know. ^^

  8. Dear Wendy,
    The pancakes look gorgeous!
    Certainly will try this weekend :)

    May i know what else could we do with buttermilk?


  9. K.Nor,
    Tesco dan sesetengah Jusco ada.
    Try la, sedap!

    Phong Hong,
    Buttermilk is very versatile.
    When used in muffins they make the muffins taste far better than with milk

    Yeah, it's the kiwi that caught my attention in the magazine, haha

    Hope u will like it


    Bake with yen got la.
    TEsco Jusco or those angmoh grocers, all ada

    London's Beauty,
    A good youtiao should never be cakey at all.
    I would never buy a cakey youtiao.
    Sorry, I have no plans to make youtiao

    Kah Chin,
    You can keep it for a week. And make more pancakes.
    I think you will want to make more instead of just one batch.
    A lot of cakes, scones and muffins call for buttermilk,
    and the most popular on my blog here is, the moist chocolate cake. Most of the recipes on my blog that uses yogurt actually called for buttermilk of which was hard to come by before this

  10. wow! the color and the texture so so nice!

  11. The buttermilk really gives it the soft and fluffy texture....looks so good. I have not fully recovered from my cough. Still floating in the air feeling :( Sorry for not dropping by to support MFF :p Haih...back to work though :)

  12. i cant get buttermilk in Kuantan...haih....

  13. Apple Mama,
    thanks :)

    Still got a long way to go for Aug ;p
    Eh, serious, try buttermilk, very diff de, no joke.

    Pei San,
    Bake with Yen la... try there.

  14. Really fluffy like sponge cake. Now I know the story behind about the buttermilk. Thanks for the info. I always mixed milk with lemon. meaning I can substitute with buttermilk next time?

  15. Wow, so pretty,love the golden color. At first I thought you used golden kiwi...hehehe

  16. Dear Wendy

    My daughter loves chocolate chips pancake. My 1st piece will usually turn out smooth and nice but all the rest of my pancakes looked rough like flower on top.
    Can u pls advice, thank u.

  17. Love the photos showing the difference between the texture of buttermilk and yogurt ones, seeing is believing :)I normally add yogurt into mine, which I was already very happy with. Never came across buttermilk in stores but I am totally convinced now, must try buttermilk. Your pancake looks so pretty with the slice of kiwi on top.

  18. Tis looks really appetizing and very pretty, reminds me of the aussie muffins that i love. Thanks for sharing, must learn how to make one day.

  19. oh, i remember you telling me and elin about the buttermilk pancakes that how fluffy it is . Now i can see it. Now can get buttermilk quite easily, just that have to get ready few recipes before buying the whole carton as i see their shelf life is quite short.

  20. Definitely trying this, but must make sure to grab buttermilk while gro-shopping this week. Or I might just go make a quick dash now?

    Hmm...temptations a tonne, whenever I drop by here lah, Wendy. Just kidding, thanks for sharing your wonderful recipes (as always!).

  21. The pancakes looks so soft and fluffy. I agree with you that store bought buttermilk are better than using homemade substitutes.


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