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Friday, April 5, 2013

Akok Kedut Kelantan- MFF Kelantan #5

My favourite Kelantanese kuih!
Akok kedut is translated as Wrinkly Akok. Because on the east coast, Terengganu's akoks are smooth : )
And there are many types of akok too.

When I told my Kelantanese colleagues from Selancar that I loved Jala Mas, they recommended that I try eating akok and it's even better. Hmmmm....

One day, during Ramadan  Bazaar in Serdang, Selangor, I saw some  akoks being sold. So I bought some.
URRGHHHHH! It was disgusting! It tasted like a soggy cake, almost a syrup soaked bahulu that reeked of imitation essence. Eeewww!

My colleagues consoled me, and said that sounded bad. And told me, if ever I go to Kelantan, I must get some that is locally made.

Indeed I did. I was converted by Nik Yam, the royal kuih maker. I didn't know that it could be so delicious.
I bought quite a lot and brought back for my family to try and it wasn't enough to go around. Everybody liked it a lot! It was the favourite among all the kuihs that I brought back.

yesterday's breakie, the post can't make it to be posted on the same day, LOL

I made this just yesterday because I was contemplating whether I should make this, because I know Gertrude will me making these too. Usually the host and organizer will not make the same thing because we want to expose you all to a variety of state food, but since I've done the minimal 3, I just got to make these and eat to my heart's delight. This recipe that I used is not as sweet as Nik Yam's. I was wanting to make more, so I made 18 pcs with this recipe in tart pans of which was a mistake. They grew quite wide and thin. I should have made just 12.  Although I used a higher temperature with the same timing, it didn't seem enough. Maybe my pan wasn't dark coloured, so it wasn't as 'hot'. Longer baking time will give a more holey kuih, that is distinct of akok kedut. I totally recommend baking it longer than 10 mins. But still mine tasted good without the holes, soft custardy with a fragrant soft (slightly chewy) crust.

Now, if you love palm sugar, if you love coconut.
And if you love to eat egg tarts, especially the filling.... the filling that has the texture like portuguese egg tarts.
Do give this ugly wrinkly kuih a chance to give you paradise.

If you are not familiar wih the local food, imagine deflated tropical yorkshire pudding,  fluffy tropical sweet custard... almost like that.

Use duck eggs for best results : )
But I didnt : (

Akok Kedut Kelantan
Recipe source: Aziejaya with slight adaptations 

5 eggs
30gm plain flour
150gm palm/coconut sugar
125ml water
2 blades of pandan, torn to thin shreds, or snip with scissors
200ml coconut milk
1/8 tsp salt
oil as needed

1. Preheat oven to 200(fan)/220C. Prepare a non stick muffin tin or disposable aluminium egg tart pans. Drop few drops of oil into the  pans. Put these pans into the oven to preheat together.
2. Chop palm sugar into small pieces. Put into a saucepan together with water and pandan. Bring to a boil and gently simmer it  for 5 minutes, lid on. Let it cool to warm. (I had 150ml in the end)
3. Whisk eggs vigourously and then add in flour+ salt and whisk until no lumps are seen. (no need to be gentle)
4. Strain in coconut milk and palm sugar syrup. Discard the pandan shreds.
5. Pour batter into prepared pans. (You may not finish all in one go, just repeat the baking)
6. Bake them for 12 minutes or until the surface is golden brown.

I am submitting this to Malaysian Food Fest Kelantan Month hosted by Gertrude of My Kitchen Snippets


  1. I am more used to the Terengganu akok so the Kelantan one looks funny to me. But I know that it is good!

  2. i wish to try coz i love palm sugar n coconut combo!!

  3. Hi, I'm kelantanese. These akoks have high content of eggs compare to those smooth akok. It'll taste better if u refridgerate them.

  4. fuiyoh.... looks damn good leh!!!

  5. this looks so yummy! I always think I've eaten everything singaporean/malaysian out there (I'm very greedy) but I've yet to try this! thanks so much for sharing and teaching me somethign new!

  6. oh quite easy to make. you're right akok is definitely super delish

  7. Hi,

    As a Kelantenese, to me your akok is perfect. This is my forever favourite kuih. You have made it perfectly. Congratulation.

    Azie Kitchen

  8. Azie,
    thanks for the recipe!

    Shu Han,
    Most Malaysians have never eaten most of Malaysia's food. There is too much out there

  9. Wendy,
    From what you shared(love coconut, love eating egg tart and filling texture like portuguese tart, i am very interested to try this too :D

  10. Wow, they look so delicious! I can't wait to try your recipe... But I have a question, when you pour the batter, do you fill the muffin tin full or 3/4 full?
    I love you blog, thanks for everything that you shared here...

  11. Masak-masak Sukumei,
    It depends on your mould.
    These tart pans are quite shallow, so they were almost full. If you use deep muffin pans, then half full. I think my source, Azie shows how she fills her pans

  12. Wendy, thanks for your replies! I just made this today, i like it so much! it is like eating coconut and palm sugar flavored egg tart filling!
    When preheating the muffin pan, I was too lazy and using PAM (cooking spray) to coat my muffin pan, the oil burned!! So I had to wash the muffin pan and follow your instruction to coat it with cooking oil :)

  13. Hi Wendy, thanks for sharing this awesome recipe. May I ask why my akok did not turn out wrinkly like yours? All my akok turned out to have smooth top which varies from Kelantan akok. I really appreciate if you could advise what went wrong. FYI, I use Ayam brand UHT coconut milk. Thank you.

  14. San San,
    Two reasons, either you were too gentle at Step 3, or your oven is not hot enough. But even if step 3 wasn't vigorous enough, it's the high heat that makes it expand, then deflate to get wrinkly.


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