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Friday, April 12, 2013

Fish Satar, Kelantan Style- MFF Kelantan #8

I had Satar many times before.
Flaky fish parcels that bursts with sweetness from the coconut and onions.
It's origins are from Terengganu. But they are sold almost everywhere nowadays.

When I went to Pantai Bachok in Kota Bahru, I saw this satar stall and as usual, I will buy some. To my surprise, there was a crunch factor in it, and it was green! I asked the lady what was the green crunch and was told it was water convolvulus or locally known as kangkung. Being the inquisitive me, I asked whether this was Kelantan's style and she happily said YES.

I find it hard to forget... crunchy, juicy and fragrant. I love it

I tried to replicate it and I'm glad mine tasted alright, but sadly without the smoky fragrance as mine were oven grilled. The texture was soft and flaky, unlike fishballs were we expect them to be  bouncy and very smooth. And they were juicy. Not spicy. But I think I should use more shallots.
I also chose to use aquatic kangkung as these grow on water and are known to have crunchier stems.

Kelantan Fish Satar
by WendyinKK

100gm fish flesh (from 250gm fresh sardines)
2 shallots
1 small piece of ginger (7gm)
1/2 red chilli
60gm freshly grated coconut
1 tsp asam pulp mixed with 50gm water, rubbed to dissolve.
1/2 tsp salt and some black pepper
1/2 tsp sugar
4 sprigs of aquatic kangkung

6 pcs of banana leaf (6X6inches)

1. Pound shallots and ginger until pasty, then add in chilli and coarsely pound it. Remove all these and set aside
2. Put in coconut together with fish. Add in salt, sugar, pepper and asam water and mix until combined.
3. Thinly slice kangkung and mix it in. It's is now ready for wrapping.
4. Wilt banana leaf over open flame or blanch it in boiling water.
5. Fold banana leaf into quarters and open up a pocket. Fill in one heaped Tbsp of fish mixture. Press the mixture to fill the corner on the bottom. Fold the top to close up.
6. Grill at 220(fan forced) or 240C for 15 minutes until the parcels release juices and the leaves start to  char.

*Traditional recipes call for pounding, but I used my chopper to do all the pounding work, with the same sequence.


  1. nicely folding. Looks much nicer than the ones sold in Chukai

  2. ngape tak pakai cili padi or cili api?
    tak tahan pedas ye
    kamipun klu mkn bedna ni
    mmg la kuis2 cili apinya tu
    mmg mc nak terbako mulut

  3. Small Kucing,
    Cos I made just a few, have all the time to fold them nicely, hehehe

    bukan tak tahan pedas, tapi yang Wendy makan kat Pantai Bachok, langsung tak pedas. Cili tu letak untuk bau jer

  4. wah...nak balik kampung la this week.Nak makan Satar :)

  5. Wendy, your satar looks yummy and your folding banyak cantik!

  6. Hi Wendy! I realize I have not tried a lot of the yummy Malaysian food that you feature on your blog! Are these like Otah?

  7. Cik manggis,
    tapau untuk Wendy! huhuhu

    Phong Hong,
    Thanks :)

    I'm not surprised, a lot of Malaysians have never eaten them too, LOL. Don't worry, you're not local

  8. HI Wendy,
    This is new to me. Looks full of fish flavour which my kids like..:D
    I love MFF event, I learn lots of Malaysian Food from here.
    A lot of this food are so yummy and full of original flavours.
    Just last night we cook AMM again..:D

  9. nice, looks like have to wait till Ramadhan :p

  10. This looks yummy! Will give it a try. I might have to just grill it in al foil though, since i can't source the banana leaf. I think the kids will love it, and egg free too! Thanks!

  11. Hi, We live oversea, and trying to find sardine flesh is kinda hard, can we substitute with mackeral?

  12. Maryam.
    I think mackerel will work well here, but it might make the satar firmer than usual


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