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Monday, April 1, 2013

Kuih Jala Mas, the Golden Threads of Kelantan (with video) - MFF Kelantan #1

First attempt

Whenever I think of Kelantan, the first thing that comes to mind is jala mas.
It was introduced to me by my friend Nurul during my teaching days in Selancar.

And the first reaction I got from my Malay colleagues while seeing me eat was, "Tak manis ke?" which meant, isn't it sweet?
Yes they are sweet, but it's not meant to be eaten like chomp chomp chomp. If one were to slowly savour it, thread by thread, it's actually very nice and fragrant.

Some are very sweet and sticky, but not all.
Some smelled eggy, but not all.

This kuih is originally made with duck eggs, but nowadays have also been made with chicken eggs because duck eggs is kind of expensive to use.
I saw a few recipes, all with different ratio of sugar and water. I tried a diluted syrup to make and it didn't work out. I still had to boil it until it seems syrupy before beautiful strands can form.

I also tried using just pandan to infuse the syrup, but the eggy smell remained. Cinnamon wasn't it and then I tried adding cloves. It somehow smelled better, almost like the better ones I bought in Kelantan. I used some rock sugar to cut down on the sweetness but still maintain a high sugar content.

2nd Attempt

Health warning: High cholesterol due to egg yolks. But then again, it's about how you eat. Eating one piece a day is not the same as chomping 5 in a go.

Ok, I'm guilty, very guilty. The last time I had one was before I even had Lydia, and so after 7 years of drought, I just chomped 5 in a go during my first attempt. I don't get to eat Jala Mas every year. Then for the next few days, I avoided eggs. The 2nd time I made this, I made sure I was disciplined and kept them in the fridge to be slowly enjoyed over a few days.

I tried playing with the formation of the threads

Jala Mas
by WendyinKK

8 egg yolks
100gm rock sugar, pounded to smaller pieces
400ml water
150gm sugar
1 or 2 blades of pandan leaf
1 pc clove

Special Utensil: 1 piping bag with 2mm round nozzle. Or banana leaf formed into a cone with small hole at the tip.

1. Put water, rock sugar, pandan and clove together. Bring to a boil and lower to a simmer until the rock sugar melts. (keep covered as you simmer)
2. Meanwhile lightly beat egg yolks and strain to remove lumps.
3. Put in sugar into the simmering syrup and cook until dissolved. Remove pandan and clove.
4. When the syrup looks syrupy, Put 1 tbsp of yolk mixture into prepared cone and drizzle it around the pan. Use chopsticks and fold the egg yolk strands
5. Lift the ready jala mas onto a plate.
6. Repeat until all yolk is used up and discard the syrup.

*If it looked and felt wet, zap it in the microwave to dry up a bit. It gives better mouth feel when the jala mas is drier.

I tried making a video on my own...I think it'll be much clearer than to just describe with words. I sound funny here. How come I always sound funny when recorded? Or is it they way we hear ourselves is not the same as how others hear us.

I took this pic after using

I am submitting this to Malaysian Food Fest Kelantan Month hosted by Gertrude of My Kitchen Snippets


  1. I missed to try this during my trip to Kelantan, and I found they like to use duck eggs for their sweet, even kaya also 100% use duck eggs. I also eaten one interesting sweet Tahi itik using egg white!!

  2. Sonia,
    tahi itik coming tomorrow :)

  3. Great video! Will try this out! ;)

  4. I think I must be your neighbor soon

  5. Interesting! I am watching this on silent mode in office so can't hear your voice lol!

  6. Interesting dessert. I stayed in Kemaman, Kelantan when I was kids. I was too small to know Kelantan food. The food my mum usually buy is rojak and Laksa(white sauce).

  7. bagusnya u dapat buat video mcm ni.. biasanya org dulu2 buat guna daun pisang yg dibuat bentuk cone, tp bila guna piping bag dn nozle gini, pun mudahkan kerja kan.. :)

  8. I never had this before, from the photo I also thought is roti jala.

  9. witing for your tahi itik... hehe

  10. Wendy...thanks a million for the video, as a Kelantanese my self,never did I dream of making this myself even though I love jala mas. But now I cant wait to try making this my own.

  11. First time I heard about this Kuih Jala Mas. I loved the beautiful and intense yellow in them.

  12. Great job dear. Never try this as I prefer to buy and keep it in freezer for stock. Just wanna check, how do you include the remark on the above this comment box?

  13. Azie,
    hihi! Thanks.
    Go to settings > post comments... scroll down... >comment form message

  14. oh like this ke..the video helps.Now i can make Puding Raja (Pahang) with this jala mas.tqvm


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