Monday, September 30, 2013

Remove Almost Bourdain-- IMPORTANT

Dear all friends,

Almost Bourdain by Ellie was a very popular blog few years back. She stopped blogging actively in May 2012 and the blog was closed down almost half a year ago due to her own reasons.
Recently in August, the blog has been revived.... And there were postings.

Don't be happy.
It's NOT Ellie there. 

Ellie's screen shot of the "new" Almost Bourdain in Sept 2013
It is Ellie's old posts..... resurrected

According to Ellie," Someone knew how popular this blog was, and waited for the blogspot name to be available again and snapped it. The new and old Almost Bourdain operate with the same URL and so, all the links from everywhere who have once linked to Almost Bourdain will still land on the homepage.

This person also posted old blog posts from Almost Bourdain into the 'new' Almost Bourdain. To be able to post it word for word, with the same format , the person must have downloaded them long ago, in anticipation for this moment."

Now I won't want to dwell into more details. But just to tell you Ellie's is not the person behind Almost Bourdain now. It's someone else.

Ellie has written to the blog owner and the posts were removed, and the blog's new owner deleted it. But Google allows the blog to be revived by the same owner within a short period of time. Few days later the stolen recipes were replaced with a pretty girl's face. The blog is republished so that all redirecting and landings will still go there. The new owner  has locked the blogspot and the traffic.

As seen on 27th September 2013

In order, not to let this person gain from Ellie's work, and traffic from the old Almost Bourdain's readers,
PLEASE DELETE ALL LINKS to Almost Bourdain. Ellie's recipes aren't there anyway.

All recipes that you once tried and linked to Almost Bourdain, DELETE THE LINKS
If you followed Almost Bourdain and linked up, REMOVE IT. Not nice to confuse people if they think it's Ellie there.

It's NOT a coincidence that this person became interested in the same blogspot, as this person once tried to republish Ellie's work there, word for word, without her permisson. Suspiciously like a planned, awaited scheme.

If you loved the Almost Bourdain by Ellie,
If you were thankful for her sharings,
Please do this for her.


Ellie's  posts, but it's not Ellie

No need to go to the blog and give the new owner a piece of your mind. The new owner will be happy that you visited. 


  1. Ok done that! Shame on that woman! Copycat! And I'm not going to follow on her main blog too!

  2. Wendy, thanks for informing. I've already deleted it.

  3. Thanks for informing, wendy. I vaguely remember that the blogger stopped blogging some time ago, but recently I saw the blog re-appearing on my feedly news feed since I subscribed to Almost Bourdain long ago. I will delete her with immediate effect.

  4. oh my ... so sick, people just try to take advantage from our works...

  5. Thanks for telling us....

  6. Thanks for this announcement, Wendy! What this person has done is very, very bad!!

  7. Thanks for informing. I've just removed it.

  8. She is so meant. For sure I won't support this thief's blog

  9. of course, everybody understand the concerns.
    However, before you put up this post, did you get a lawyer to vet your comments?

  10. Does anybody know how Ellie is? I remember when all of this was happening and how upset she was. Please send her regards from one of her biggest fans.


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