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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Classic Macaroni and Cheese - Pasta week # 2

Recipe created in Aug 2011

My first encounter with Mac and Cheese was at Kenny Rogers Roasters in 1994 at KotaRaya's branch. It was my favourite side dish. Sometimes I will just order Mac and Cheese and nothing else. Each time I go to KL by bus, I will surely dine there at least once just for this. It was only walking distance from Puduraya Bus Station.

My first time making this, was out of box. I saw instant ones at Cold Storage and immediately bought some to try. Taste exactly like Kenny Roger's. Delicious.

Then.. this time, it's my first time making it from scratch. I know I have to do a bechemel base and then, melt the cheese in. It's easy peasy. Although some recipes calls for it to be baked at the end, I chose not to. I want it to be just like how I first ate this.

Maybe I overdosed on the cheese..but I see other recipes using even more. Or maybe the boxed stuff really don't contain much cheese but flavourings. Something of which I am more accustomed with. So, feel free to use less cheese.. Or dump in some cheese powder that comes with ur McD fries :p

This version doesn't taste exactly like Kenny Roger's or the boxed ones. So I hope you do not compare this with those that are made with cheese flavouring. (Malaysians : Let's say, compare Cheezels with Cheese Rings, it's like this with KR's, that big difference in flavour)

I happened to get this block of cheese at a really low price... it only has a few more days of shelf life which is why it was 80% off.  I don't mind that as long as I quickly use it up.

Warning to people with hypertension: Consume this moderately.
My mom has hypertension, although not serious, had sleepless night after eating this, yes this one that I made. She said, her head kept on thumping that ngiht. Scary. It's very high in sodium, the cheese's the culprit.

You see, even though my cheese is so orangey, but yet , the sauce looks so light. Imagine how much food colouring is used in the boxed ones... Ewwwwww....

Classic Macaroni and Cheese
Recipe source: WendyinKK
Feeds 4 adults generously

25gm butter
20gm flour
500ml fresh milk
225gm cheddar block, grated (can use more or less if preferred)
Salt and pepper
250gm macaroni or any other suitable pasta (spirals, penne will work fine)

1. Heat a saucepan on medium low heat.
2. Put in butter and cook until it has melted. Be careful not to burn the butter.
3. Put in flour and cook for 10-15 seconds.
4. TURN OFF the fire and with a wire whisk in hand, stir in ¼ of the milk until a smooth paste is achieved. Add more milk gradually and whisk until a smooth mixture is achieved.
5. Return saucepan to the stove and cook on medium low heat and cook until the sauce boils. Stirring it gently all the time to prevent the base from burning. It will thicken to the texture of light cream soup.
6. Turn off the heat and put in grated cheese. Stir and the cheese will melt.
7. Taste and adjust level of saltiness and add in some pepper.
8. Cook macaroni as per instructions on packaging until al dente.
9. Drain macaroni (no need to be too thoroughly dry) and pour into cheese sauce. Put in few tablespoons of the ‘pasta’ cooking water if it turns too thick.
10. Stir to combine well and sprinkle some parsley flakes or additional pepper if preferred.
11. Serve macaroni and cheese immediately

*take note that the cheese sauce will thicken a lot when cooled down. After combining with the pasta, it seems slightly watery, but it will be fine once it cools down to room temp.


  1. This is my kind of comfort food but hardly cook this. I like them bake with some breadcrumbs on top :)

  2. drooling... thanks for the recipe and am gonna try this weekend :)

  3. i so miss macaroni and i can cook it at home...thank you for sharing this recipe...

  4. i love cheesie food!! looks very yummy :9

  5. Oh no!! I miss this so much!!
    I love the taste of KR's Chessy Macaroni too. I will make this for my kids this weekends.
    Thanks for sharing, have a nice day:)

  6. hi wendy... how r u? lama tak bw kat sini... nak try la mac n cheese nih.. anak2 suker sgt bab gini..

  7. My girls will loveeeee this :0 Thanks for sharing :)

  8. i love mac n cheese baked tee hee hee .. but ya this one needs to be consumed in moderation (whether or not got hypertension)

  9. I always have this outside, thought it would be tough to make my own one.... But after seeing your recipe and steps here, maybe I'll give it a try one day :D

    I love cheese!

  10. i don't really appreciate this, too cheesy and buttery..

  11. Gert,
    YAya, next time I'm going to do a baked version. Just wanted to do the classic version first ;)

    hope u like this

    Don't feed ur bf too much of this, hahaha, FAT ah

    hehehehe.... me too.

    Pink Lady,
    I won't say it's exactly like KR's because that one, the cheese taste is different. Just like cheezels and cheese rings (the orange one)

    tu la, lama tak datang jengok Wendy.

    Hahaha... I hope they do :)

  12. Swee San,
    Fat die ah! LOL

    Not tough, but this recipe could be too much for ur 4 mouths.

    My MIL is the same like you, LOL.

  13. Wendy,lucky he not very like cheese...hahaha.....want to ask you somethings.Can i put the sauce over night in the fridge and morning i heat it back in the microwave?

  14. Hody,
    should be fine, but cover the top with a piece of cling wrap directly on the sauce's surface. Must be touching the whole surface.

  15. ok...thank you...later go back i will try to make..keep for tomorrow breakfast...

  16. I love macaroni cooked with cheese but my kids like tomato sauce.....aiseh, have to cook with tomato

  17. Your mac and cheese looks so silky and luscious and creamy and delicious!!!

  18. Oh shoots, now that you post this, I really have to make for the kids, no more excuses.

  19. now you reminded me of my days too in kotaraya, that time also always take the bus to puduraya, then walk across but have food at the foodcourt at the upper level of kotaraya. i never tried mac and cheese before, not even in Kenny rogers ipoh, THey got or not? I never realised the emborg cheese is so yellow until you show it now.

  20. hody,

    Ur kids don't like cheese?


    Ah Tze,
    What about u? LOL

    Thanks :)

    Haha... they'll love u to bits

    Got, still on the menu, but not as good as before. The gravy seems thinned down nowadays.

  21. My girls love mac and cheese! Looks really creamy good...yum! I usually would add some sliced ham into it...;)

  22. wah, you can even remember which year you visited kenny rogers!!! amazing! LOL But think I had my first kenny rogers around that time too! I loved their mac & cheese too! and their corn biscuits! have you tried making those as well?

  23. I crave food that is wholesome, fillng and.....just plain comfortable. .... Gorgeous pictures

  24. I too have to wait for bus at Kota Raya during those early working days:P brings back memories indeed! Mac & cheese looks delicious but too creamy for me, too, my boys will love it though!

  25. Pengsan! cheezy2 things makes me kick out the word DIET from my LIFE! So yummy and the glossiness...uhhh, pengsan again!

  26. Headaches after cheese. Sounds like your mom has migraines...I will get migraine attacks after eating cheese... camembert for me!

  27. Bee,
    Yummy with ham :)

    It was my first year travelling to KL with friends. I was 16 and that isn't hard to remember :)


    Yeah, not to everyone's tastebuds

    apa salahnya sekali sekala? La, meh masak mac and cheese

    Not migraine, she said, the brain was active whole night macam got drums in the background, the heart was uneasy. The next morning, made her drink lots of water.

  28. this will fei si ngo....but very delicious lor...

  29. Can I substitute the cheddar block with cheddar slices (kraft/Bega) etc?
    Planning to try this recipe too...

    Yen Li

  30. Yen Li,
    those slices are higher in fat% and milder in taste.
    It might turn out very mild een if you use the whole 250gm pack. Plus price isn't much cheaper.

  31. The photos of this pasta look fantastic, very brave of you to say your mum could sleep after!@


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