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Chelsea Buns - Cinnful Rolls #1

Chelsea Buns... Looks like cinnamon rolls? Almost.
The difference is in the filling. It has mixed fruits especially currants.
And it is glazed with either honey or golden syrup.

The dough is on the firm side, very manageable if one chooses to knead by hand. I was captivated by the picture of the source, buttttttttttt. The instructions given seems to be for a coconut rum cake :p
I had to refer to other recipes to get an idea on how to do it

The dough was actually way too firm actually and I changed it on  my 2nd attempt to make it softer. Much better.

loose in the dish, before 2nd proofing

Best eaten on the day itself, and when it was warm.

Chelsea Buns
Recipe modified from : Better Homes and Garden

Bread dough
170gm plain flour
170gm bread flour
1/3 tsp salt
30gm golden syrup
150ml milk
1-1/2 tsp instant yeast
28gm butter
1 large egg
1 egg yolk

1 tsp cinnamon powder
2 Tbsp brown sugar
3 Tbsp castor sugar
30gm butter
½ cup mixed dried fruit (I used currants, raisins, cranberries and apricots)

2-3 Tbsp Golden Syrup
1 Tbsp soft brown sugar

1. Mix everything together and knead until it is no longer sticky and becomes smooth, at KA speed 3, 15 minutes (no need window pane stage)
2. Cover and let it rest for 1 hour or until doubled.
3. Meanwhile prepare a 9 inch baking dish (round or square should be fine). Grease it with butter.
4. Then melt butter for the filling and mix cinnamon with both sugars. Set both aside.
5. Place dough on working surface and roll out into a large rectangle.
6. Brush with melted butter and sprinkle the cinnamon sugar onto the dough. Sprinkle the dried fruits too.
7. Roll it up, tightly like a swiss roll. Cut into 9 pieces.
8. Arrange rolls in baking dish, they should be loose. Cover and let it proof until puffy.(no need double, the rolls will look tight)
9. While waiting for the buns to proof,  preheat your oven at 150(fan)/170C. Bake for 25 minutes or until golden.
10. Remove from oven and brush golden syrup generously over the buns. (sprinkle some soft brown sugar if prefered) Let the buns cool for 10 minutes, then remove them onto the rack (glaze side up) to cool

And the following pictures are from another attempt just 2 weeks back.


  1. favorite...i love cinnamon...

  2. Your buns look really fabulous !! And with cinnamon and sugar, its really beyond words ! My favourite !!

  3. Oh Wendy, I have been searching for this roll buns for quite awhile and now you are posting for it; I can search no more!! I really hope I can successful make this as I am not very good of making bread and buns! This must be real yummy.

  4. They look soft and fluffy and I like the sprinkle of sugar on top. I remember Chelsea bun was the very 1st bread I learned how to make and it turn out as hard as a rock ha ha..

  5. Hody,
    the best is yet to come, LOL


    this one is not too hard to make

    Actually the ori recipe was quite hard, I had to add another yolk and change the flour,
    but not rock hard la, LOL.
    Now ur buns must be really soft now, no more supplying to construction sites, hahah.

  6. love it...I am now bun crazy once again :) thanks to you ...putting up all the mouthwatering buns here :p thanks for perfecting the texture of the bun for us...have bookmarked this !

  7. Elin,
    Not to say perfect, but made the ori recipe softer. Maybe that wasn't suitable for our tastebuds, u know la, how we like things to be soft.

    U see lor... Wednesday

  8. Sonia,
    The last attempt pics are :p
    Not the first, LOL.

  9. Like always, your buns look perfect!! :)

  10. Looks soft enough for me.

    Can't wait for more of your cinnamon goodies.

  11. Yes, yes, we can see how fluffy and soft the buns are and yes, yes, I am so tempted to try these too lol!

  12. this look so good, yum yum...
    currants and honey, i can imagine the taste and can see the buns are so soft...:)

  13. yummy little cooks,
    I wish too, LOL, not always la

    Poh Lin,
    On not all ..friday's not cinnamon

    wait first... patience, see all first

    I didn't use honey here, but golden syrup ;p

  14. I am planning to do cinnamon roll too this weekend! It is so wonderful that you had share this recipes with us! I had mixed fruit which had marinated with brandy, can i had use it or not? What can I replace with golden syrup? ^^ JasMine Chuah

  15. Chelsea bun? I've always thought this is called honey bun, my bad, lol! I love it with lots and lots of honey, yeah, I'm a bee :p

  16. he he, I thought it was cinnamon rolls....

    Looks really yum yum!

  17. It reminds me on my first Chelsea buns nightmare, hahaha! That's where I started to learn how to make a better bun.

    Yours Chelsea buns are lovely!

  18. oops...sorry, overlooked at the glazing you used here...but, either honey or golden syrup, both should taste good on the buns, yeah? :)

  19. Lovely, lovely! Btw Wendy, what's your address? Maybe I can snneak up into your kitchen for a bite!

  20. JasMine,
    Err.. should be okgua. Brandied chelsea buns lor, LOL.
    Use honey then.

    Honey bun is almost like this, but deep fried :p

    British version, Chelsea :p
    Cinnamon buns are rather American.

    Not too hard to do :)
    all the best :P

    Ah Tze,
    Haha, why everyone seems to learn Chelsea buns as their first buns ah? Now only I know.
    The original recipe is very firm, maybe that's why they make you do this first, hahaha. Rather true that the real recipe is not much of our liking, LOL.

    Sherleen T,
    I chose to work with one that uses golden syrup to make it more British :) LOL.

    My address is www.wendyinkk., LOL.

  21. Guess I really love your presentation . Each and every photos has its way of speaking beautiful bake goodies. ;) . I am always a fan of your blog ;) .. btw if its alrite , I just wanna ask what camera are u using ? ..

  22. They look delicious . This could inspire me to start cooking bread

  23. good morning, do you mind to throw some buns over pls? i saw the little green pears in tesco the other day..reminded me of your "pears"..haaiz!

  24. tania,
    Bread baking is not too hard, just time consuming

    Yeah, throw them right at you. LOL.
    No la, my buns are not that bad that they can be used as stones la, LOL.
    Eh, I still saw those small pears in my Pasar pagi.

    I saw them on your blog ;p

  25. viola.... looks beautifull.......will try n this weekend

  26. I always associate cinnamon buns as overly sweet buns...I guess all that icing in top just result in that. So I guess yours is perfect since its only a sprinkle of sugar and mix fruits ya?

  27. Hi Wendy, actually i bookmarked 1 'ang mo' cinammon bun recipe and until today i still not make it yet. reason the recipe yield 16 buns (cannot finsihe ler) and now your is 9 buns and less cinommon powder.. love it. Going to bake this tonight.. hopefully but anyway bookmarked this and remove 'ang mo' de. :)



  28. Hi Wendy, it is me again Jamie. :( i tried to make this bun yesterday and i do not know why my dough is getting more and more sticky no matter how i knead it and how long. :'( i always have this problem when come to bread dough. DO you know why? i follow all the measurement..
    Jamie :)

  29. Jamie,
    Yes, it will be sticky but as you knead it will be better. The sugar melts, that's why it's sticky, but the time when it stops being sticky, the kneading is enough for this bread. You can only try whether it's still sticky with a clean hand. If you touch it with clean fingers and nothing sticks, then it's kneaded enough, that is for dough with plain flour.

  30. Nice pun and the buns look great too!


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