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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Spiced Cola Grilled Pork Rack - Pork Ribs # 2

When I saw pork racks in Tesco's Non Halal Freezer, I went woahhhhh! I must must buy!
Although these are not big racks, but then better then none. It's not easy getting these here as local butchers with their cleavers won't sell you part of the rack (where it's meatiest!)

I've got 2 smallish racks

Cola is supposed to me a meat tenderizer. But my meat is not very tender, I don't know if it's because of the high amount of sugar used (it could dry up the meat) or because my lazy butt took 3 months to cook these after purchasing. I do hope to try this out again in the future, that is if I get some racks again.

Any butchers out there that needs advertising??? LOL. *I'm dreaming*

Spiced Cola Grilled Pork Rack
Recipe source: Wendyywy

1kg pork rack
1cup cola
100gm ketchup
135gm light brown sugar
1 tsp salt
2 Tbsp Worcestershire sauce
1 cinnamon stick
1 bay leaf
2 cloves garlic, bashed
2 shallots, halved and bashed

1. Put pork rack into a ziplock bag. Pour cola over pork rack. Let it sit for 10 minutes. Then put the rest of the ingredients in and lock the bag, pressing out as much air as you can. Marinate pork rack overnight.
2. The next day, put some oil onto paper towel and wipe roasting rack with the oiled towel. Place pork rack onto roasting rack.
3. Grill on 180(fan)/200C for 25 minutes, turning once after 10 minutes.
4. Meanwhile pour all the marinade into a saucepan and reduce the marinade to a thick sauce (mine was about half cup's amount).
5. When the 25 minutes is up, both sides will look golden. Remove pork rack from oven and generously brush sauce on the rack.
6. Turn the rack upwards again and generously brush on the sauce.
7. Grill with the same temperature for another 5 minutes or until the surface looks bubbly.
8. Brush another layer of sauce over and repeat grilling process for another 5 minutes.
9. Let rack cool down slightly before cutting.

Line your pan with foil... because you see... all the drippings will burn. You won't want to scrub your knuckles off.


  1. oh yes of course it is pork ribs. I WANT TO EAT THIS!!!!

  2. They look good!! I always wrap it up in foil and bake them until tender, open the foil, brush it with the sauce and continue to bake until brown. This way the ribs will be tender and falling off the bones.

  3. I would loves to try this too. If I am not mistaken, our local butcher here do sell pork racks too. Gotta to confirm this. Thanks for sharing this delicious pork racks!

  4. Book marked this!!!!! It'll sure makes everyone happy with it...:)

  5. Wah!!!! intense!!!!! I wanna get this too!!!!! A rack of ribs is so expensive here in Singapore :(

    I'd seen some recipes for grilled ribs advocating the filling of the trays with water during baking to catch the bits of fat, juice and marinade that trickles off. Do you think that would work?

  6. Drooling! Your pork ribs are staring at me from the screen....or was it the other way round? hehe!
    The butcher won't sell ribs cut this way, they will include the chunky back bones.

  7. Indeed, cola makes the meat tender! But I prefer the wrap in foil method to prevent the charring....I'm one of those ppl that freak on chao da meat, lol! Lovely...make me want to cook some soon!

  8. Woah! Super "swee"! The colour is really beautiful!

  9. I heard my mum said that is not easy to get a pork rack in M'sia!
    Grilled pork rack is always my favourite. I will try yours recipe. Maybe i will add in some lemon juice as i try before when i grilled chicken breast and it turned out "melt in the mouth".

  10. Gosh....drooling ! this pork ribs look good ! And your pork ribs are meaty leh. Mine , I bought from the butcher and it was meaty like yours. You bought yours from Tesco Halal section? I went that day..tiada liow :(

  11. Sorry ..I meant not as meaty as yours :(

  12. wow the prok really seduce me...hahaha!

    Wendy last time u mention before about the greeseproof paper from tesco. Which one should I buy? As i know Tesco have 2 types rite?

  13. Waaaaah this looks SOOOOO GOOD!!! Making me salivate! haha..too much info? sorry! I've never tried pork ribs with cola before - does the sweetness overpower?

  14. That's just too mouth-watering, Wendy!! It looks so tender and glossy....mmmm. I remember my Korean friends used cola to marinade pork ribs for braising. Summer will be here in a few months. This would be great for BBQ. Whole rack ribs are easily available here. Maybe you can consider moving here :D

  15. Swee San,
    LOL, eat eat!

    U also had beautiful spiced chicken yesterday, kekekeke.

    then it's low temp, long time baking right?
    I'll try that next time.

    Haha, here if they sell, they win include the huge heavy spine bones and the meatless ends. and they won't trim it nicely.

    I know ur husband will the most delighted one, LOL

    Travelling foodies,
    Oh no.. I dun want the extra moisture in the oven. It brings down the temperature and I have to turn it really high to get it caramelising.

    Small kucing,
    haha. thanks

  16. Jeannie,
    Ya woh, those bones are so heavy and it's impossible for us to chop them off.

    Haha, I love the chao da thngy, a bit tho, not too much.

    Passionate Abt Baking,

    Err.. I believe chicken and pork is very different. Chicken is a lot more tender than pork as their lifespan is also much shorter.

    Haha.. I know..
    Ur butcher so nice, but got inlude those spinal bones? But Tesco's racks are nicely trimmed and squarish. They got machine ma.. not the good old cleaver.

    Not greaseproof.
    It's baking paper. Check out my kitchen post.

    Dumpling Love,
    I added brown sugar some more la. It must be sweet and sticky to be nice.


    Oh no.. move for the sake of pork racks, LOL.
    I'm not that in love with pork to do that, LOL.

  17. gosh..if everyone makes this, the gerai selling this siu pai guat can close shop.. i need a bib now!

  18. Wow! I just made some today! I was lazy so just opened up a jar of Korean BBQ sauce and marinated mine for 2 days in a ziplock bag. Baked it covered in foil on a lower temp for 1/2 hr then opened it up to carmelize. Delish! Only problem was not enough ribs. Kids wanted more. I had to sacrifice 2 of mine. Yours look really good in the photos, not dry at all.

  19. lena,
    Haha... diff gerai diff taste la.. once gerai cannot conquer all.

    It's not dry, but it's not as tender as I hoped it was.

  20. Oh my, I've heard of cola chicken but this cola grilled pork ribs is my first time seeing. The look of its juicy moist skin is making me crazy!! I wan!

  21. Yes, include the back bone la :) I must look out for it the next time I go Tesco :p

  22. Wow, this looks seriously good.

    If I go to the market early and the rack is still available, my butcher will sell to me. If I don't want the bones behind, it will be a more expensive eg RM25 perkg instead of RM21 per kg.

  23. Wow, it looks so delicious. I definitely will try this recipe. Thx for sharing.

    Jean Ho

  24. at this hour looking at your photos make me think that I've not eat my dinner, soooo hungry!

  25. these ones are screaming for me to eat them!!!!!!!!!

  26. Hmmmmmmm... the taste is good.
    I did not get the good red brownish colour as yours.
    Is my marinade not thick enough to brush onto the ribs? How long needed to thicken the sauce?
    Thank you for sharing.

  27. Anonymous,
    I thickened it until it looks feels like almost the thickness of ketchup itself.

  28. These ribs look yummy :) but 25 minutes cooking is not enough for pork ribs to grt tender, no matter how long they are marinated. Try covering them with aluminium foil and braising for 1,5 hour on low heat. Then they will be so tender they are almost falling apart.

  29. Anonymous,
    I was hoping the cola will help me do the tenderizing job instead of roasting it for long ;)
    I've been seeing too many myth stories about dissolving meat in cola, LOL

  30. Hi Wendy

    Thanks for sharing this yummilicious recipe. Had this for 2 weekends continiously and all are being cleaned up and even my 3 year old niece wanted a piece of it.

    I baked the ribs in foil for about 1.15hrs and then grilled. Tender and nice.

    Good job done Wendy!!!


  31. Hi Wendy
    The ketchup - is it ABC Ketchup?
    I used Light Soya Sauce.

  32. Anonymous,
    So much light soy sauce??? Dear... it'll be so salty.
    Ketchup is the proper English term for tomato sauce.
    I believe the ABC one is kecap, of which is in Indonesian Language.

  33. Hi,
    Is it okay if i use caster sugar instead of brown sugar? Cant wait to try this ! so yummy but pork ribs very expensive last time saw at Fair Price 28$...:P

  34. Kat,
    Brown sugar has a nice smell and flavour. In caramelised dishes, it makes it different than dishes made with whtie sugar.

  35. I baked these ribs the second time. It is simply delicious. But I still did not get your shiny roasted colour. Praise! Praise! Thank you. Btw, what else can I do with the remaining sauce?

  36. Anonymous,
    I didn't have much sauce left, maybe just a few spoons of it.
    Maybe you didn't reduce it enough before for brushing that's why it's not shiny

  37. This evening I baked Spiced Cola Grilled Pork Rack for dinner. It was simply delicious. Thanks foe sharing. :)

  38. Happy Flour,
    Thanks for the feedback, and am glad you liked it :)

  39. Can I use pork cutlet instead?

  40. Tried this recipe.. So nice n my family love it. Thanks for sharing. Keep up the good work.

  41. Sheila,
    thank you for the feedback, glad this recipe is loved by your family :)


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