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Pistachio Macaron with Avocado Cream Cheese Filling - Avocado Week #3

I lurrrrrrrrrrrrve this macaron. The pistachio makes it soooooooo fragrant. I don’t know if it’s because I gently roasted it beforehand or pistachios by itself really taste this good in macarons.

And this macaron matures really fast. Maybe due to the immense moisture from the avocado, that minutes after filling, it turns soft and chewy, a true pleasure to eat. I could eat a few in a row. The macaron shell is still sweet, but not cloyingly sweet, but when paired with a slightly tangy filling, it’s very nice.

My macaron shells still need a lot of practice as they are still quite hollow. Maybe I should dry out my whites in the fridge before doing so that I can reduce the water content.

Pistachio Macarons with Avocado Cream Cheese Filling
Recipe source: Wendyywy
With basic macaron shell recipe adapted from Pierre Herme as seen on Swee San’s
Pistachio mixture
100gm pistachio nuts
100gm icing sugar
37gm egg white (from 1 Grade A egg)
Small pinch of salt

37gm egg white (from 1 Grade A egg)
100gm sugar
25gm water
Very small blob of green food colouring

1. Bake pistachios in a preheated oven at 150C for 3 minutes.
2. Grind warm pistachios with icing sugar in blender/mill and sift once.
3. Mix pistachio mixture with 37gm egg white, food colouring and salt. Set aside.
4. Cook sugar and water until it reaches 118C.
5. When the syrup reaches 105C, beat egg white until medium peaks.
6. When syrup reaches 118C, pour it into egg whites with beaters running on low speed.
7. Beat meringue until stiff and glossy on high speed (5 minutes with a hand mixer).
8. Stir 1/3 of meringue into pistachio mixture.
9. Pour pistachio mixture into meringue and fold(not stir) until batter is able to fall without trace after a count to 10.
10. Place batter into a piping bag with a plain 1cm nozzle. Pipe dollops of batter onto a lined baking tray (I used Tesco’s baking paper and they are easy to be removed).
11. Preheat oven to 150C (fan off).
12. Bake for 14 minutes on the lower 3rd of oven.
13. Remove from tray (with paper) and let it rest on a rack to cool down.
14. Peel macarons off and pair them with similar sizes. Keep air tight until time to fill. (I keep overnight)
15. Pipe a blob of chilled avocado cream cheese filling onto one macaron and top with another piece.
16. Serve immediately or keep chilled.

*Note: I used fresh egg whites and I didn't dry my mac shells.


Avocado Cream Cheese Filling (to be prepared if the shells come out fine)

60gm avocado puree (from 1 smallish Hass avocado, passed through a sieve)
½ Tbsp lemon juice
25gm sugar
75 gm cream cheese

Mix avocado puree with lemon juice. Beat cream cheese with sugar until it is smooth. Finally combine with avocado puree and fill the macarons. Best used when chilled thoroughly.

I am submitting this post to
Aspiring Bakers #17 – March Macaron Madness! (Mar 2012)


  1. Ooh....this looks very good. I think the pairing is brilliant. At least the filling is not so sweet. Can eat more hehehe

  2. Lovely Macs, Wendy, you sure did tempt me into baking some batch myself tomorrow, have a great weekend dear!

  3. this really a brilliant idea to add avocado into the filling! Lovely Macarons!

  4. Wendy, how do you measure the temperature? My thermometer won't pick up the reading coz the amount is too little.

  5. wow...looks it :)

  6. Green color macarons! Love the combination of pistachio and avocado.

  7. can replace almond to pistachio?walnut can ma?

  8. Indulged with ur lovely so perfectly bake!

  9. Poh Lin,
    Aiya, don't be so waisek. Macs are not meant to be eaten a lot at one go. LOL. The shells are still sweet la. I measured with a candy thermometer lor.

    Haha.. good good. Bake some!

    Ah Tze,


    oh yes, the pairing was superb

    Frankly.. I dunno ler.
    I'm still going to experiment with more nuts.
    Tartelette says, actually to use half almonds and half of other nuts due to high oil content of other nuts. But I was too daring to use all pistachios here, LOL.

  10. wah lau ar....look so delicious and look like very easy to do...i failed 2 times making this round round thing...grrh.....

  11. ok...let try using house got walnut..

  12. Oh nice, that pistachio did give off some green color to the shells. :) it's too bad my girl is allergic to pistachio, so youll never see any of it in my posts. :P Interesting filling, avocado is pretty blend in taste, so the filling is mainly cream cheese taste? Thanks!

  13. wendy, what do u mean by u didnt dry ur mac shell? u bake them straight away after piping? those little feet will "grow" meh? and u're really brave enough to use other nuts as substitute =)impressive!!

  14. Pei San,
    It is tricky, but if you understand and do all the steps correctly, it isn't hard to do
    Wish you success in ur next try

    Ooo.. post it up ya!

    Haha, got food colouring one la, hahaha, just one drop.
    No, can taste the avocado. Avocado on its own is pretty bland, but when combined with dairy, the taste accentuates. Which is why I combined avocado with dairy with all my 3 recipes this week.

    Yes.. no drying. Hard to believe?
    Swee San told us no need to dry and so we followed suit, it works well. ;)
    This mac is made using the Italian meringue method, it's different than the French method and less fussy to make.

  15. it's unbelievable!!but ur mac shell looks quite dry b4 baking.sre u working in an air-cond condition, or with the fan on? i always touch the surface to make sure that they're dry enough to bake(i've failed few times coz of the 'not dry enough' shell =.=)...

  16. beeb,

    No aircond, fan on, but how dry can the fan make it within 10 mins while waiting for preheating?
    which method u made?

  17. later after work if i have enough time,i will try to make it excited....if can now i want to back and try to make.... :P

  18. Cream cheese macarons....mmmm, creamy and sweet, tasty!

  19. reading and learning with my eyes....:(

  20. They look AMAZING!!! And the avocado cream cheese filling sounds so good I can just imagine eating these macarons! I truly wish I could have some right now....:p~~~

  21. Your macarons look sooo beautiful. Lovely colours too. The shape and sizes are all so consistent. Thumbs up to again, Wendy!

  22. After made the last macarons, i did not make it for few months already. Now look at your beautiuful macarons and love the great combo, you are tempting me to make some macarons!

  23. lovely smooth shells indeed! Love the use of avocado! Thanks for joining!

  24. Pete,
    You bet!

    No no no, you shan't.
    You must try to do. I know you can.
    Remember my offer?

    Make some for this month's AB, hahaha! Then you can eat all you want.

    Thanks.. heart always thumping when it's piping time. Gan Cheong la

    Oh make la.... I know you can come up with some nice combos tooo!

  25. ya hor...i always use italian method...

  26. There's nothing I enjoy seeing more than original macaron flavours - these are amazing! Go avocado!!

  27. Wow macaroons are famously hard to make, and you even made them with avocado cream!

  28. Regine,
    then you try the one Swee San shared.. most of us had success with first attempt, that is, if the syrup has been properly cooked to the right temperature.

    thanks :)

    Shu Han,
    The avocado cream is easy to do la, hahahaha.

  29. Macaroon fever is on!! You guys are quick. I already seen quite a few macaroons submissions. I have yet to try out this method. I like it as you can bake it right away.

  30. this one must be your fastest AB post. lol!! btw, what paper r u using?

    *Regine, actually alot of factors can cause the macaron not to rise, could be under or over mixed, the recipe itself (maybe too much liquid) or the egg white wasn't the right stiffness.. But if ur place is extremely humid, then you can just let it dry out for 15-20 mins..

  31. Gert,
    Oh yes, Bee and I, hahaha.
    Quick quick! I want to see your beautiful macs too!

    Swee San,
    hahahha yawoh, I was almost leaping out of my chair when I read Alan's posting on FB. So ngam I queued it this week.
    Tesco baking paper lorrrr. Very nice and convenient.

  32. Macarons, whatever flavour it is, it is always beautiful looking!

  33. Hi, my dear friend. I am literally salivating from looking at your yummy.

  34. remember. let me know when you hv time for me :)

  35. They look delicious! Do you have any tips on how I could get a good round shape to the Macarons?

  36. anonymous,
    Practise your piping skills, that's the best tip.

  37. Hi, do you care to share how to make avocado puree? chop avocado and simmer it with water? do you mind share how much water needed to simmer?

  38. Kat,
    Scoop out the flesh of avocado and mash with fork or blend with blender. No cooking involved.

  39. Hi, What is Tesco baking paper? Is it greasy proof baking paper? Are they sold in phoon huat store? What's the different with baking paper or parchment paper? Where is your location, havent read your blog completely. Thanks

  40. Charine,
    I hope you enjoy your browse through my blog, and go through my ABOUT. I think Google will provide you with a much faster answer without you needing to wait for me. My knowledge is still far inferior than Ms Google.

  41. Still working very hard to achieve nice looking macarons like yours. Not giving up:D

  42. Hi Wendy, can I ask if I want to try making macaron(first attempt) one week ahead of the event in case not successful still can do it. But if succeed, how do I store the shells for one week? Will it turn soggy or not as nice? Tia!


  43. Bernice,
    U can keep the shells in an air tight container in the fridge. It needs a dry environment. It will not turn soggy unless u fill it, or you leave it out in the humid weather


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