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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Avocado Milk Pound Cake - Avocado Week # 2

Today is my last day of Child Care Leave (Cuti Jaga Anak). 3 years have passed. Time flew by. And Lyanne is now in kindergarden.

But I'm not going back to school tomorrow. I applied to finish up my quota, that is another 2 more years. So, I'll be back to work in 2014, probably, hopefully.

Lydia's ex nanny gave us a few locally grown avocadoes and the colour is more intense than supermarket bought Hass varieties. It was beautiful when baked in a cake.

Actually this is the recipe from my 2nd attempt. The first attempt was too acidic, hence, dry and crumbly texture. Then I modified the recipe a bit and this one is nice. Perfect with a cup of tea. The colour is really this intense.. no joke.

Avocado Milk Cake
Recipe created by: Wendyywy

115gm butter
50gm sugar
120gm avocado flesh  (very ripe and mushy, scrape all the way to the skin for best colour)
1 Tbsp lime/lemon juice
150gm condensed milk
200gm cake flour
100gm all purpose flour
1 tsp baking powder
¼ tsp baking soda (use more if your avocado is not very ripe)
2 large eggs

1. Combine avocado flesh with lemon juice and mash until fine. Pass it through a sieve. Set aside.
2. Sift cake flour, all purpose, baking powder and baking soda together. Set aside.
3. Preheat oven at 150(fan)/170C. Prepare 2 loaf pans (3X8), line them.
4. Cream butter and sugar until pale and fluffy. Beat in eggs, one by one, beating well after each addition. Beat in condensed milk until well incorporated. Put half the sifted flour in and mix on low speed. Add the balance of flour. When everything is smooth, on low speed beat in avocado puree.
5. Pour batter into prepared pans and bake for 35 minutes or until done


  1. With Avocado, this is sure a healthy cake snack! Yes, good to have a piece together with a cup of tea!

  2. Seriously, I don't like Avocado. But thru ur photo the green cake looks yummy to me!

  3. Avocado in cake? That takes the cake! Lovely light green hue!

  4. I just threw away 2 avocados because I procrastinated too long and they rotted on me! Your cake really looks delicious and love the color and crumb..

  5. Still looks very green after baking, hor. So nice and inviting. Are you able to taste the avocado?

  6. i hope to try this one out one day cos i'm eager to know the taste. It's a very sweet green colour here. are these avocados green when unripe or they are of this colour regardless ripe or unripe?

  7. wah! wish i can have such long leave. er.. paid or unpaid? =P

  8. now I know what I can do with avocado besides ice cream and salad...cakes. Wow..envy you 2 more honeymoon years....haih...wish I could have that too :)

  9. I've a few avocado laying in the fridge, this cake looks so tempting, I love the green!!

    Is good to spend more time with your kids when you are able to do so.

  10. Very interesting cake - nice green.

  11. Such a nice green.

    5 years of childcare leave ! Envy!

  12. Look soft & yummy. Wonder how the taste like?
    Will try this & love yr blog always with new ideas.

  13. Wendy, your avocado pound cake looks sooooo delicious! Great to know that you won't be back to work so soon, otherwise, I won't be able to see you sharing great recipes so often! I made this cake with slightly different ingredients before, love it!

  14. Love the texture of the cake, looks very tender and soft! Wonder if I sub it with other ingredients other then avacado...will it be as good, heehee. ;) But the green so nice la....

  15. Very fluffy cake. Wonder can taste the avocado inside or not.

  16. what a great idea,wendy. My hubby hate avocado, i will trick him this time LOL ..

  17. J3ss,

    Haha, healthy hidden with butter

    I dun tell u, u won't know it's inside leh. nice one.

    I think not every avocado can make it this green

    Haha... if only u waited just a little while longer

    Poh Lin,
    Rather mild. But still there. Well, avocadoes are... rather bland too what, LOL.

    Cherry potato,
    Oh yes.

    the local avocado's flesh is greener than imported ones :) They are green regardless, I think. This one is very very ripe ler

    I wish it's paid!

    Have another baby, then you can apply for it too ;)

    Ah Tze,
    I hope urs turn out this green. Because my avocado is not Hass variety.

  18. Yummy Bakes,
    thanks :)

    No $ one ler.. no need envy

    Mary Chey,
    Hmm....nice and fragrant :)
    I bought 6 avocadoes in 2 weeks time, that why I had to try new recipes. More to come in the future.

    Haha.... So truthful of you.
    Actually when I started blogging, I was still working. Still can cope.

    Should work well with pumpkin for texture and taste. But omit the baking soda.
    Other fruits, might not give you the same velvety mouthfeel for this cake

    Vivian Pang,
    because avocado and butter rather smiliar... haha, this taste like a more fragrant butter cake with a fruity note:p

    Mom's the little one,
    Haha.. try la, see what he says.
    I hope he loves it.

  19. I love the color of this cake. Never thought of making cake with Avacado before. There are so many recipes from here I wanted to try out and the list is getting longer and longer. By the way, I made the crispy mashed tofu and they were good.

  20. Never know we can grown
    Avocado here. I bake avocado pound cake before, moist and good. Your recipe is with condensed milk, must be good.

  21. I never knew you could bake with avocadoes before! That's a really lovely colour...all natural? Very pretty! Can you taste the avocado in the cake?

  22. ohhh, looks like a very very very loooong time i'm not tarik hand brake and singgah at this creative dapur...the idea was so good and the looks ermmm, jatuh chenta!

  23. what a lovely green! certainly don't this kinda avocadoes in the market. Wonder if they would be sold?

  24. Gert,
    thanks for the feedback.
    Haha.. take your time to go through the bookmarks.

    Can grow, it's very common in Indonesia actually. I remember your cake, with condensed milk the texture is very fine :)

    As much as the fruit itself. My avocadoes on its own were pretty bland :p

    apasal la tak singgah? Mesti harum dapur Wendy tak sampai rumah Chah, tak dapat nak tarik Chah.

    Yeah, it's mostly Hass being sold.
    In Perak's Jusco, they are sold by a vendor, but the quality is not as good as these homegrown ones.

  25. Hard to get good avocado here....I love them very much....

  26. Oh, my!! This is so delicious!!!

  27. The colour of the cake is very beautiful and it looks so moist and tempting. Wow, so tempting to have a slice now.

  28. Avocado cake? First time I heard of this cake. Looks very moist and delicious.

    Enjoy another 24 months leave ;-)

  29. hai we share the same nya dpt cuti stress being a teacher nowadays...
    x tau kat sitiawan ada avokado...ada jual kt mn?

  30. Pete,
    Yawoh.. no smell one leh.


    Please take one :)

    Aussie avocadoes are plenty.. do make some one day
    Haha... Become 24 more months of maid, LOL.

    Tanam kat rumah, huhuhuhu.
    Stress giler, lagilah aku ni guru disiplin, stress sampai nak mampus.
    Cuti lama takde gaji, kering poket.

  31. Wow, nice, 5 years of child care leaves. :)

    Didn't know it's so easy to grow avocado. Thought you need to wait a few years to get the fruits.

    Will try this recipe soon. I love avocado! By the way, how many avocados will yield 120g flesh?

  32. Nitya,
    I don't know how long the tree was grown, it is not my tree. As I said, the fruits were given to me.
    Depends on how big ur avocado is or how well it is, some can be half rotten. Hard to say how many fruits, but if everything is well, it's less than 2 fruits. For me, it's one fruit, cos mine is big.

  33. Baked using Aussie avocado, I can't get the green colour that I want. It's just like pound cake crumble texture, yellow colour with a nice fragrant. I love the crust too. Btw it became yellow is it due to my omega orange yolks? Thx for the great recipe, I've introduced avocado to my family..

  34. esther,
    great to hear they are eating some avocado :)

  35. Nice cake. Not too sweet. Just bake it last nite after buying the local avocado with just a bit of yellowish green in color after baking.

  36. Delia,
    thanks for the feedback ;)
    My local avocado is very green.
    Aussie ones seem much paler

  37. This cake looks gorgeous! I love the bright green. It's been a while since I found a recipe to get excited about, but I really want to try this one! Now I need to patiently wait for some avocados to ripen.

  38. Hi Wendy,

    Thanks for sharing this special recipe. I tried baking this cake today and the texture turn out to be wet & coarse although I baked for 50mins..Could it be due over mixing?

    Best regards
    Chilliqueen :)

  39. Chilliqueen,
    First of all, did you bake this in one pan or 2 loaf pans?

  40. Hi Wendy,

    I used a big loaf pan to bake and there is a big crack at the top's side. May I know is it ok to omit the lemon juice?

    Best regards,

  41. Chilliqueen,
    Baking in 1 pan or 2 pans makes a huge difference in baking time.
    1 pan and you will need at least 50-60 minutes. With this high moisture cake, you probably might need up to 65 mins.
    Which is why I chose to use 2 pans.

    The amount of baking soda used in this recipe is accounted to counter the presence of lemon juice. Lemon juice is needed to prevent the avocado's colour from turning unpleasant.

    If the baking soda is not neutralized with the lemon juice, the holes will be big or even vertical.

  42. Thanks Wendy...for solving the "mystery to my failure"..I will definitely try to bake this cake again using 2 loaf pans :)


  43. Hi, Wendy ! I tried this cake and I like it a lot.
    I add chocolate ganache on top of the cake. If you like to come to my blog and check it out, I'll be very grateful. Thanks so much ! :)

  44. tika,
    I'd love to, but unfortunately your profile is not public, hence I have no blog to visit.
    It says "The Blogger Profile you requested cannot be displayed. Many Blogger users have not yet elected to publicly share their Profile."
    thanks for the feedback!

  45. Oh...sorry about that, my mistake !
    Here's the link

  46. Do you have this recipe in U.S. mesurements? I would love to try this . It looks delish :o)

  47. today I try again this recipe.this it came out very soft and not too dry.Taste very good too.the 1st time I make it very dry.
    now I know why because last time the avocado I use not enough ripe.
    Wendy,i will make again if I get avocado....

  48. Hello Wendy!

    My cake did not rise, what could have been my mistake?

  49. Clara,
    Can you show me a picture of your cake via FB?
    It'll be easier for troubleshooting

  50. Can I use milk instead of condensed milk?

  51. Jenny,
    I don't think it's possible to use fresh milk, as the liquid content will be too high.


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