Sunday, February 12, 2012

Random Sunday - Latest Loot from US

Hello everybody!

Happy Sunday and I think most people like to shop on Sundays due to working on weekdays. I on the other hand, hates shopping on Sundays, even when I was still working. I'd rather go after work and shop on weekdays.

I bought these from Amazon (except for the chips). I love internet shopping, but it's dangerous. It can easily go out of hand. What I do is, usually I will add it to my cart, but I don't complete the purchase first, save it. Few days later, after more surfing, I'll decide again if I still need it. If not, I'll remove it. This way, I refrained from making impulsive purchases of which I will tend to do. I am kind of an impulsive person, in some ways.

Here's my loot this time, and they were brought back by my MIL and BIL on their recent trip back.

So... what are they

1. Ball Pan. You can make a sphere cake.  Bake the cake in 2 half spheres, join them together and you get a really round cake, like a ball.

2. Zeroll Mini Cookie Scoop. Perfect for quick cookie shaping and proportioning. I made peanut cookies using these this year and wah.... 10 minutes and I'm done shapping the recipe for 300gm nuts of which took me ages usually.

3. Silpat. Non stick silicon mats of which dunno why turns greasy after use, wash and keep. Areas exposed to air turns greasy, because I keep the baking surface of both mats together, inside, the back of which faces out turns greasy. Anyone has the same experience?

4. Kitchenaid Ice Cream Maker attachment. Hahaha, bye bye icy ice cream, say Hello to smoooooooth ice creams. This ice cream bowl needs to be attached to my mixer like the regular bowl, but it needs to be frozen overnight before use.

5. Kitchenaid bowl cover. Covers my bowl when not in use. Looks nicer than a towel. LOL. Came in pack of 2. I shared this purchase with Lena (Frozen Wings) who happened to have the same mixer model as mine

6. Kitchenaid 5 speed hand blender plus attachments. KHB2561. I have a Kenwood at the moment, but I am not satisfied with it so I bought this. A lot lot smoother and a lot lot quieter. I used this with my transformer. Do not plug any electrical appliances bought in US directly into the socket. You'll burn it.

7. Pie Weights. Yup, going to bake pies and will be used in blind baking, Bye bye beans and no more wastage.

8. Microplane zester/grater - You don't know what you're missing if you haven't tried this before. The zest is so much finer than my fine grater. And it's pretty sharp, so minimal force is needed.
Beaterblade- supposedly, it scrapes the bowl as it creams in my mixer, but it only scrapes half the bowl. Ok la...

9. Ghiradelli Chocolate Chips - I only asked my MIL to buy some Choc Chips back and I'm glad she bought these. These cost a bomb here. Move the decimal point to the right, that's how much the difference is, dollar to dollar. It's pricier on Amazon than at Walmart. Walmart is about $2 something per pack.

What's in shopping list next.... lots more, I'm waiting for the next trip, LOL!


  1. Wow Wendy, you have so many beautiful and wonderful Kitchen Gadgets and toys! With all these, you will be busy yourself in the kitchen. I'm sure you must be real happy and thrilled when you received this, don't you?

  2. Congratulations and enjoy your new toys!

  3. Wow.... this is fun! Thx for the idea. I'm going to browse the Amazon too. My son is coming back from USA in May for a break, can ask him to bring back for me.

  4. Alamak.. seeing your loot reminds me of my US shopping again. hehehe ;P
    I bought silpat mat,chocolate chips & microplane there too~ Btw, my silpat mat also turned greasy after use, wash & keep... not sure why as well?

  5. Haha, I know the experience of impulsive buyer cos I am one myself. Amazon is one of fav shopping sites for baking ware too. Hi five!

  6. Mel,
    Haha, I can't wait for the moment they touched down!


    Oh please do! It's so much cheaper to buy things there. Especially if you like fancy bundt pans. Aiyor, Nordicware is so so much cheaper. Everything is so much cheaper especially Corelle and Corningware. Crazy!

    At least now you and I know that we are not alone. I have you and you have me to share the "greasiness", LOL.

    It's very syok, but it's like stepping on landmines. LOL.

  7. I bookmarked some of the baking stuff in amazon cart but my husband complaint that the things that look for expensive so tak jadi beli..

  8. Jes,
    Expensive ah? He doesn't know the price of these items in Malaysia. BTW, if he's the tak masuk kitchen type, he doesn't know how useful these are for us.
    Men think differently one, my hubby says, I must make enough bread to make the mixer and bulit in oven a worthwhile purchase, because buying a loaf of bread is so cheap. That's how men's brains are. Because with that amount of money, it can buy us 10 years amount of Gardenia, LOL. and that i haven't put in the butter, flour, eggs, milk cost leh.

  9. must be very happy when receiving all too, i'm now waiting for my mom to bring back the pans she bought for me in NY...hehe

  10. jealous!! They all look covet-worthy. Nice!! I also scared to shop in Amazon, everything also i want.... :)

  11. Wah, bumper crop! I bought the ball pan in HK last year- they came in various sizes but I bought the smallest one- was really cheap... but I forgot why I had decided to buy it in the first place... I think I was only looking for a half sphere but it came in a set... haha... Ice cream maker, I am still waiting to go to Europe and get one with a built in freezer (no need to change voltage :) )

  12. Me also wanna get the ice cream maker attachment. but then, i have no one to bring it back from US for me.. Sigh..

    I never use my Silpat for baking, mainly i use it to work with fondant. That also it will turn sticky and greasy.. Is that the thing with silicon mat?

    In KL, beaterblade is selling for like RM 200...

  13. Sherleen,
    haha, the anticipation builds up after seeing mine eh? hahaha.
    I wish to see urs too, post it ok!

    click first, but don't check out immediately.. this way, you cut down on a lot of impulse purchases :)

    LOL, you buy everything one la.
    Have you bought your immersion blender yet?
    Remember your splashed all over soup case?

    Oh yes, beaterblade is so so expensive here. I wonder why. It's made of plastic not steel leh.
    Sigh, at least now you know ur silpat is not alone. You have a few greasy silpat buddies. LOL.

  14. Hi, I bought my silpat from Amazon as well but I did not encounter the same prob. Also, the beater blade that I bought is able to scrape the whole bowl very well. Is your kitchen aid the heavy duty type? The blade you shown on the pic is for the bigger models. Love your ice cream maker attachment. Maybe you can try to adjust the height so that your beater blade can work better. The chocolate chip is available in Singapore NTUC for $5.50 per pack .

  15. Wow, that is a big haul!! You are lucky your MIL carried them all back for you. You can shop till you drop online :) I don't like using silpat as I don't like the smell of it. I am eyeing the ice-crem maker too as I am not sure if I should buy an individual one or just buy an attachment for the KA.

  16. Jane,
    Yes mine is the heavy duty type. I checked the model number before making my purchase. so if my beater makes a screeching noise in a clean bowl, and it scrapes only one side, how should I adjust it? Higher or lower the bowl?
    I don't travel to Singapore so, I don't get to purchase from NTUC. Thanks for the info :)

    Oh new silpats smell funny, but after 2 bakes, ok ah.
    Actually I bought even more, she brought back less due to over weight. LOL. Cos she also bought a VII and the board and lots of Corelle for a friend.
    Up to you lor, but I don't want another machine in the house, and this ice cream bowl works fine for me.

  17. Do blog about the ice cream maker when u make some ice cream ya! hehe:)

  18. Hi, I live in Canada but love shopping in the US too! Abt the beater blade..the one that came with the KitchenAid mixer does well. And u are right, nothing replaces the microplane. I think there are some that comes with interchangeable blades. I have one, a small one that cost abt USD10 that is perfect for using at the bar.

  19. Hi, may I know how much u paid for the silpat? Thank

  20. i must go and chk the shipping charges for that ice cream maker attachment. wah, so much things your mil carry this back for you! so must cook nice dinner for her, hor?

  21. Wendy, this is actually a great post! Well, first, I am the same way when it comes to shopping on-line or in the store: I wait few days before I pay. Amazon is my favorite internet super-mall. With few exceptions, most of my shopping is done there. When I lived in Seattle, I even ordered produce from Amazon-fresh. Thanks for reminding: I need some of those silpats too. Let me know about ice-cream machine, I've been looking at it for a while, but not sure. Thanks!

  22. next time i wan tumpang. hahaha

  23. Hi Wendy, I'm drooling when i saw the Ice-Cream Maker. But the bowl need to freeze like 15hrs before it can be used. The thing is... the fridge must have space for that bowl. Right? Sigh! I stay in Singapore, and they sell this damn Ice-Cream maker bowl at SGD150. So expensive. I'm now thinking.... should i? LOL!

  24. Next trip can tumpang or not? Hehehe , no relatives in US lar. That ice-cream maker look a bit bulky ho.

  25. Good shopping ! Next year can tumpang ? Hehehe. That ice cream maker look quite bulky ho.

  26. chris,
    I don't think beaterblade comes together with the KA. KA has no affiliations with BeaterBlade.
    Interchangeable plates? Ahhh... I should find that

    As much as you saw in the Amazon link below the picture.

    I hope they send it for u!
    But there is a risk, If it's mishandled, it might leak coolant.

    I've used the ice cream maker a few times, so far so good! Smooth creamy ice cream, 2L ice cream produced exactly with 1.4L of base.

    Swee San,
    U tumpang oredi.. hahaha. But because it was small and light, then okla.
    Big ones, cannot lor.

    Yes you are darn right. It needs tall freezer space. I had to take out a rack to fit it in, and the height of my racks cannot be adjusted. what a waste of space, just that 5mm needed only and one rack has to go

    If your item is small and light, shouldn't be a problem. Because a lot of our family members shop in US. and sometimes my in law brings things back for the other in laws.. (my ku-jai's gar-poh, ku jai and shuk jai)Even my stuff they can't bring back all each time, sure got something cannot bring. They are usually bringing things back for around 7-8 ppl. So, it's pretty hard to accomodate.

  27. Hi, thk for yr response. For zeroll disher what is the size that u purchase? Thk

  28. Can,
    The 2nd smallest 0.65oz. As shown in the Amazon link, exactly.

  29. Can,
    Exactly as shown in the link, 0.65oz.
    Colour is different for different sizes, u won't get confused

  30. When it comes to buying kitchen tools, I can go nuts! I got to restrain myself from being so impulsive, otherwise I got to rent a warehouse to house those tools. haha You are so bad, "tayang" all your COOL kitchen stuff and now I want to buy some more. LOL!

  31. wow! so many new tools in the kitchen! baking and cooking will be more fun for you!! I love your ice-cream maker.

  32. Hi wendy, i bought the same silpat for macaroons and it didnt work, only grew small feet and shell didnt rise, dont know why everyone suggest bake on silpat but mine didnt work . Baking paper better.

  33. Kat,
    Oh yes, I do hear that silpat is not as good as baking paper. Can use the mats for other things? cookies?

  34. Pei San,
    It's 2 half spheres.
    Bake them and them glue them together to form a sphere.

  35. Ohhh......then the baking hour will be longer?

  36. Pei San,
    Time of baking depends on size of pan, any pan.
    And type of batter :)
    This sphere pan is only 6 inches big, so, not that long

  37. Hi Wendy,
    Do you find it cumbersome using big transformer for the KA bought from The States?

  38. YoonHee,
    Not really, I just keep the transformer behind it all the time. I do use this with other US appliances as well, like my hand blender. My husband uses it to recharge his US gadgets, LOL. BTW, I did regret buying one at that Wattage, I should get one that's bigger so that I can get heating appliances from US as well. Now, unless I get rid of this, then only I can get another transformer.

  39. Thanks, Wendy! Btw, how much is the transformer? Where can I buy it?

  40. YoonHee,
    It was around RM800, if I didn't forget.
    You can get it from electric and electronic shops, not those that sell appliances.

  41. So expensive the transformer ah? so how much is the kitchen aid?

  42. noriza,
    I forgot how much was mine, but you can always check the price on Amazon.

  43. Hi Wendy,
    Your Zeroll Mini Cookie Scoop looks like a ice-cream scoop. Can is double as a ice-cream scoop? The microplane grater - do you use it if you need to grate a large amount? say a few oranges? I would like to get a microplane but am not sure if I would use it frequenttly. Many thanks.

  44. butterfingers,
    Yeah, the scoop doubles up as a mini scoop for my kid's mini cone.
    The microplane is a superb tool. Grate 20 oranges of you want :)
    I use it whenever I zest any citrus.


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