Monday, February 13, 2012

Japanese Cream Buns - Plain Rolls # 1

Recipe tried out in May 2011

My 2nd bread with my mixer. Long ago.....

When I prepared the roux, I was a bit shocked to see how hard that clump of dough was, and I weighed it again.. phew, correct weight, but it was hard. Lightly kneaded it to distribute the moisture and kept it airtight in the fridge overnight.

While I was kneading this, I made calls to Lena making sure my bread was going on the right track. She taught me, knead until it looks glossy then it'll be right. Ok I heeded her advice, and my bread came out nice.
Thanks Lena :) I am pretty much a bread noob although had been baking manually kneaded breads off and on, but working with a machine is different. It's just like cycling and riding a motorcycle. Both are two wheelies, but the latter is motorised. Motorised makes the ride a lot faster. It's also more dangerous if you don't know how to use it, control it and how to read road signs. And the road sign here is the window pane stage of which I have very very rarely encountered with hand kneading.

But that was many months ago.. I've learnt along the way and I can say, sometimes I bake breads without refering to a recipe nowadays. Just like how I bake cakes. I should make progress, right? If not, it'll be so wasted.

I did double batch and they were finished up by 4 adults 2 kids within 24 hours. LOL, quick right? It's because bread baking is still new in the house, and no one got sick of it yet.
We had these buns plain and it was delicious.

Japanese Cream Buns
As seen on: Frozen Wings
Original source: Magic Bread by Alex Goh

Ingredients A
120gm bread flour
85gm boiling water

Ingredients B
380gm bread flour
75gm sugar
6gm salt
8gm instant yeast

Ingredients C
120gm cold milk
100gm whipping cream
1 cold egg

Ingredients D
40gm butter

1 beaten egg for glazing

1. Add the boiling water from A into flour, mix until well blended to form dough. Cover and set aside to cool.Keep it refrigerated for at least 12 hours
2.Mix B until well blended. Add in C and knead to form rough dough. Add in A and knead until well blended.
3.Add in D and knead to form elastic dough.that passes the window pane test.
4.Let it proof for 40minutes. Divide dough into 50gm each , mould it round and let rest for 10minutes.
5. Place onto greased pan and let proof for another 50minutes.
6. Brush surface of bun with egg wash
7. Bake at preheated oven at 170(fan)/190C for 15minutes.


  1. Mm, I love these so much - these look especially good! ^^ It looks like you had fun!

  2. Beautiful golden brown buns you have made. Good to have homemade bread and buns.

  3. I like this type of bun the most.... Simple and delicious XD

  4. Hi Wendy,

    Beautiful bun :) yum yum. May i know is the bun still soft and fluffy the next day? :( because my bun always turn hard the next day. sigh..


  5. Wendy....bread making using roux method will have soft and fluffy buns. Yours looks wonder habis so fast. I just bought 2 more bread books from book waiting patiently for them to arrive :p Can't wait to start making bread again :)

  6. yeah i remember..that was so long ago. By now, i think you are already a professional bun maker! i've also been making breads during the cny holidays..just wont get tired making and eating breads!

  7. Noor Harfidaus,
    hope you like this

    Fun? The early attempts were mind torturing. LOL.


    More simple buns to come

    terima kasih

    these were finished up so fast, I don't know. But this method should yield buns that stays soft for 3 days, and with that added cream, it should. But make sure it is properly kneaded until window pan stage, if not, no matter which recipe it was made with, it won't be soft any longer after turning cold.

    Wah, didn't look inside also know it's good? Hahaha. I have some online discount coupons from book depository, have yet anything in mind to buy

    not professional la, but somehow, have begun to know what I like to do and what I like to eat. Being able to gauge the kneading, speed and timing better. And also knowing the truths about the myths that surround all the different methods. LOL. I no longer fear baking bread and can cincai taruh only, like cooking, hahahah!

  8. Hi Wendy
    Quick question if you don't mind - when does Ingredient B needs to be added to Ingredient A? AFTER 12 hours of Ingredient A being refrigerated or ADD Ingredient B to A, and THEN, refrigerate for 12 hours?

    Many thanks

  9. Ling,
    No. It was never stated after Step no 1 there is another need to refrigerate for a 2nd 12 hours.
    In Step 2 it is:
    After 12 hours of fermenting A,
    B(dry ingredients) + C (wet ingredients) = dough
    Then you add the fermented A into the dough.
    then proceed to step (3) onwards
    Hope this clarifies your doubts

  10. Hi,
    What is window pane stage?

  11. Anonymous,
    It's the stage where your bread dough can be stretched thin like a membrane. That shows the gluten has sufficiently developed.
    Membrane stage and window pane stage is the same.

  12. I have this book and going to attempt few recipes soon. Sometime simple one is the best.

  13. Bread making with whipping cream able to produce fragrant buns. No wonder can finish so fast.

  14. they look so good, all golden and shiny (:

  15. Wendy...yea, I read the reviews on the two book and Chef Dennis gave a good review on it. Lena has the book too :) but she has yet to bake anything from the book :p " Artisan Bread In 5 minutes A Day " and " Healthy Artisan Bread In 5 minutes A Day " You know me la....crazy woman when it comes to buying cookbooks online !!! :p

    Have a Sweet Valentine's Day with your loved ones!

  16. I think you have asked the right person for bread making advices. When I first started baking bread, I had to asked Lena too for her advices and she is very supportive.

    Your bread looks fantastic!

  17. Hi Wendy,

    May I know what kind of brand & how many walts of mixer u use?

    You're great baker

  18. Wendy, I have bookmarked this from frozen wing's recipe but no time to try it out. Between, can I use bread machine as I'm not good in kneading and always no patient..usually knead half way give up already..hehe

  19. Sonia,
    simple one eat forever no jelak :)

    Actually any buns finish fast, except wholemeal ones, hahaha.

    Shu Han,
    The secret to glossy buns - egg wash :)

    LOL, I meant, inside my buns.
    I'm sure you only buy good books.

    Oh yes, she's a very nice baking buddy ;)

    Please check out my About.

  20. Jes,
    sure why not?
    I don't hand knead la, I'm too lazy for that.

  21. wendy, i've been baking bread for a year now and my shaping skills are still so much more inferior to yours! your buns look so wonderfully even and golden brown all over!

  22. Can I hand knead as I don't have a machine?

  23. Janine,
    I guess weighing each piece helps :)

    You may, why not. But take note that it may take up to an hour to reach window pane stage by hand

  24. Ever since I reunited with my KA, I never manually knead my bread doughs already. It's great that your cream buns turned out so lovely! Great shaping skill! Think I did this recipe too but couldn't quite remember how the texture was the day after....made too many breads. ;P

  25. Eh, didn't see any Japanese also...ha ha ha!

    Mmmm, can imagine the aroma when hot out from the oven.....yum!

  26. Bee,
    I used to gather and pinch, like making pau so that the top looks round, but inside not that nice la, hahaha

    Hmm.... Mongolian chicken also not from mongolia ma.

  27. Going to bookmark this recipe for future bake too, looks delicious soft!

  28. Oh...take 1 hr to reach the window pane stage? U mean the whole process or just step 3 take 1 hr? too long...

  29. Anon,
    Just step 3, manually. That is if you want as soft as store bought and as long lasting as store bought.
    There is no short cuts to baking bread with bread flour. You can knead half an hour, but the result is definitely not as good
    If you don't have the patience for it, try manual kneading recipes calling for all purpose flour, then you only knead until smooth, no need to be super elastic.

  30. Wah, got jealous of ur soft bread. I always fail in my bread baking even follow the recipe closely. Usually I use all the water stated but the dough will be sticky. I can't shape it, so I ended adding more flour and knead longer. It is way too out of the recipe. The bread turns tough. Btw I knead by hand, don't hav canggih KA mixer. The hand mixer burnt out on my trial. My family eat bread daily. I'm glad if u can post the step by step hand knead bread making in future. I'm proud of ur details n organize work. Thks...

  31. esther,
    Good soft breads always have sticky dough, or at least tacky.
    You try the wonderful soft bread in my blog. My older bread recipes are hand kneaded and they are ok, you can try the sweet bread bun recipe or wonderfully soft bread. Both are manual kneading friendly, but more than 30 mins kneading minimum.

  32. Ah, this has been on my mind for months! I've had one good experience and a couple of bad ones. Need to try again soon!

  33. I will never get tired of eating bread but am tired of making them already. Moreover, my right arm is problematic again and I don't like using bread machine. Moreover, we have a bakery near my house that sells a varieties of good breads.

  34. Hi Wendy, I made the ingredients A last night but the dough looks rough in texture. Do I need to knead it longer like tong yuen dough? But I pandai pandai pour the hot water on the flour and not in the well. Does it affected?

  35. Jes,
    oh yes, hard and rough.
    No need to knead until soft. Only need to partially cook it(the boiling water) and hyrdate it.
    Putting into the well is just to prevent the sides of bowl turning sticky only ma and to ease incorporating.

  36. Oh I see...thank god..luckily I didn't throw it away haha...luckily asked u first b4 I throw..

  37. Hi Wendy,
    Can i subsitute cold milk to whipping cream. Will the bun
    B more creamy ?

  38. Anonymous,
    take nore that milk and cream has very different fat contents.
    If you choose to use more cream instead of using milk, then I advise you to totally skip the butter as cream is 31% fat, minimum.
    Pls take note that rising of the dough can be impaired with too high fat levels.
    Please understand the nature of ingredients and the effect it could bring on to the recipe before doing any subtitutions.

  39. Hi wendy

    How to keep bun soft for few day?

  40. Anonymous,
    1. Keep it airtight.
    2. Knead the bread properly, an underkneaded bread will not stay soft for long.
    3. Use high liquid ratio dough recipes.
    BTW, please do not keep your bread more than 3 days. Homemade breads don't stay fungus free for long.

  41. Hi Wendy,
    I had done the Ingredient A, and kept it refrigerated since last Saturday till now but I haven't use it. U think i still can use it or not? hehehe....I had tried b4 this recipes without the Ingredient A, it turn out also very soft and yummy too! JasMine

  42. JasMine,
    within 72 hours should still be fine

  43. Hi,

    I am interested to try out this recipe. Just a question, where should I get the whipped cream from? Is it the same as those put on ice cream?

    Thank you.

  44. Sharon Low,
    What is used in this recipe is whipping cream of which is still in liquid form. Whipped cream is already fluffy and not used here. No, not the same as those that you squeeze out of the cans.
    You can get whipping cream from supermarkets or bakery supply shops

  45. Hi Wendy,

    Thank you. I will go and buy the liquid one and try it out. I'm new to baking.

  46. Hi Wendy. How many 50gm bread u can get from this recipe? Can I cut the ingredient into half as I dont have many guinea pig.

  47. Nicole,
    Just add up all the weight of the ingredients and divide by 50 :)
    What you saw in the pictures is what I've got with double the recipe

  48. Hi Wendy. Just wondering. Did you use ur bread maker to knead this or u use your normal stand mixer?

  49. Nicole,
    I don't own a breadmaker. Breads made May 2011 onwards are made by stand mixer

  50. Hi

    May I know roughly how long do I need to knead using a KA mixture befor the dough comes to window pane stage? I've tried making bread several times but can never get the window pane effect. Thanks.

  51. Alice,
    with my KA, soft sticky dough (500gm bread flour)takes 20mins speed 4
    Firm dough minimum 30 minutes speed 2 500gm bread flour
    Lesser flour, will be quicker.

  52. Alice,
    It also depends on what is added in, if less fat, less sugar, it is faster.

  53. Hi Wendy, tried this today, amazing results. I myself finished 2 pieces immediately after taking them out of the oven :)

    Wanna ask, do u knead continuously 20-30mins on ur KA? Any problem with overheating motor?

    Phui San

  54. Phui San,
    I wonder how many pcs left now, hehehe.
    My KA is ok. It's a bigger model than the common Artisan model around here.

  55. Hi Wendy, do I need to wait the ingredient A back to room temp. to add in (step 2)?

    From : Vivien

  56. Vivien,
    No I didn't. Used it cold


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