Monday, February 27, 2012

Avocado Cream Shake- Avocado Week #1

Recipe created in Sept 2011

Do you love the Vietnamese avocado milk shake? I do.. really adore it.
But because I happen to have cream, I whacked up my avocadoes with cream instead of the usual condensed milk, and voila, almost ice cream like! Yummy!

My first attempt was not as fluffy, just like ordinary avocado milk shake. But my 2nd attempt was fluffy.
Difference was… the avocado was not at the bottom, so the cream and ice whips up first before it hits the avocado and it turns fluffy!

Try this for a quick dessert.

Avocado Cream Shake
Recipe created by: Wendyywy

1 Hass Avocado
2 tsp sugar or more
¼ cup cream
¾ cup ice
½ cup water (if you need some)

Put ice into blender, followed by cream over the ice, then avocado and sugar. Whizz until it breaks up, adding more water as needed. Taste, if more sugar is needed, add more.
The iced whipping cream whips up the whole smoothie to a creamy fluffy texture, just like eating a very light soft serve ice cream.
Add some mint for a fresh burst of flavor.

*Fresh ice blends better than ice taken out from freezer for a while.


  1. oh.. I will love to see more of the avocado recipes!!! Always just make spread... :p

  2. I mean myself only know using avocado to make spread.. but not got your recipes, will surely more options to try!

  3. cynthia,
    I fully understood ur first comment ;)

  4. Oh my, love the fluffy and creamy texture.... Make me wanna have one right now.

  5. Hiya, I just threw away 2 over ripe avocados cos they are too soft for salad and I do not want to make guacamole! Your cream shake would be perfect with soft avocados! Looks so yum!

  6. I doesn't like to eat avocado just like that. The taste is wierd..But somehow I like to eat it in other kind of form like avocado smootie and maybe something like yours here would be very interesting.

  7. yvonne,
    Macam makan aiskrim leh.. nice

    Oh you will hate me.... All the remaining recipes uses soft avocadoes

    Haha, taste like funny butter right?

  8. Love avocado and this looks very refreshing :)

  9. i love this too!! I love avocados in all sorts of smoothies, ice creams and cold desserts.

  10. This is so sinful, ultra fattening yet nutritious. My sis makes it with coffee powder and gula melaka,, very yummy too. I made it once but pics still in my hdd. Oh boy, that was like almost 1.5 yrs ago... Need to catch up with my blogging.

  11. Loved the creamy texture! Drizzle with a little gula melaka and that would be the ultimate indulgence.

  12. when i read your title, i thought it's something like nescafe shake drink! i made some banana crumbles this morning and while eating that, i was longing for some ice cream to go with that! i hvnt tried avocado milk shake but i can imagine what's the taste is like and quite similar to this, i might like that!

  13. Anncoo,
    Oh yes, perfect for a hot day

    Me too, but my hubby hates it

    Blessed Homemaker,
    If there is anyone who can win me over with backlogs, you are the only one!
    With coffee and GM? Oh, I have never ever heard it made this way. I hope to try it the next time I get some Avocadoes. LOL.

    I think it's Singaporean to eat with GM is it?
    I've never seen it this way here. Must try one day.

    Ipoh's vietnamese restaurant in Greentown is very pathetic, I don't think they serve it there. Avocado milk shake is very very delicious. This is just a sinful version of it, hahaha.

  14. Yummy! I love Avocado cream shake, very refreshing especially in hot days, want to try this out too!

  15. There's a popular stall in Sgp selling very yummy avocado shake. My sis picks up the method from there. Very fragrant with GM and coffee. I don't usually like avocado shake as I find them too creamy. But I like my sis's version.

  16. My daughter would truly love this.

  17. Avocado is creamy and perfect for this milk shake.

  18. This looks slurpy good...and avocado !!!! yum yum yum. I would love to have this !

    Btw, I have an award for you to pick up at my blog, pls collect it at your free time :) Love your blog !

  19. Good creamy and cool dessert....I like this one.

  20. Ooo...I love avocados. I am so going to try this. I also love the Indonesian way ~ with melted chocolate, yum.

    Usually we will just drizzle some EVOO, sea salt & eat just like that.

    Btw, how do you choose avocados? Sometimes by the time it ripens (soft), it's already brownish on the flesh.

  21. Min,
    If you have extra cream from baking, try this out :)

    Thanks, I lvoe it too

    Oh maybe the coffee toned it down. Eh, make it into a cake flavour combination.. not bad hoh

    It's good for her

    ehhmmm.. cream shake, LOL.

    slurp.. delicious right?

    Me too!

  22. Poh Lin,
    then let it turn brown. Green ones are too firm, IMPO. If you can see, the skin of my fruit in the picture isn't green.
    My brother taught me to choose those with stems still intact. When the stem loosens from the fruit, then it is ripe.
    But to make smoothies, it's best to use those really soft and creamy, firm ones are better for salads.

  23. This is simple and so yummy. Our weather now is so hot and steamy and this will be a great dessert to eat.

  24. this is my third time seeing an avocado dish this day :) a salad and an ice cream.
    anyway good post. enjoy the weekend.

  25. Wendy....I love avocado...
    tapi badan boleh naik dari Pusat Slim Badan...ekeke

    Wendy, I dah try your resepi - kuih bakul bungkus dalam popia dan yam tu...tapi hasilnya sungguh melucukan walaupun sedap, terimakasih ya...

  26. Wow! So creamy and yummy! Google says avocado is one fo the most nutritious stuff we have. I will definitely try this =)

  27. Hi wendy wad type of blender do u use?

  28. HI Wendy

    this looks delicious...would like to ask:
    1) is the qty enough for 5 pax or should i double it?
    2) can i use diary cream for this recipe? also, do i need to whip the cream first?

  29. octopusmum,
    I didn't whip the cream in advance.
    You add the ingredients as per the order I recommend and you'll get it fluffy.
    Mine is dairy cream, since 2009, I do not use non dairy cream.

  30. thks , Wendy for the quick reply!



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