Sunday, February 26, 2012

Random Sunday - Angry Bird Cake

My friends have been asking me, where's the angry bird cake?
It's announced in my personal FB looooong ago
Ok,ok, here it is...

I made this last September for my niece.

Her dad told me, Joanna wants an Angry Bird cake. So I called up, hoping she'll have other options for me. But she said,
"Ku cheh (姑姐), I want a red angry bird cake, the whole cake red".  

Smack my head. Red, that's a nightmare. Making that really red bird needs a lot of red and I do mean a heck lot.

Making the frosting freaked the hell out of me. I used one whole tub of Wilton No-Taste-Red.
I'm not someone who is comfortable with soooooooooo much food colouring. Some is fine, but one tub seems tooooo much. And look at my table... such a mess. LOL.

The cake is a Japanese Strawberry Shortcake. I made the sponge cake, modified from Reese's Cutie Strawberry Rolls.
LWP, here's the link to the recipe, LOL. So long ago hoh. Sorry la!

And if you can notice... there's something wrong with the comb. haha. I don't play Angry Bird, hence can't really remember how it looks like. By the time I had to do the comb thingy, my laptop went dead (I brought the laptop into the kitchen, checking on the picture all the time to do the cake). And when I finally got it on again, hahaa, I found that my comb was wrongly done. But then, I can't bother to scrape the comb and do it again. Dead tired, mentally.

My niece was ecstatic when she saw the cake, smiling from ear to ear.... And I warned everybody about the amount of red dye in the frosting. To eat or scrape, it's up to them. But it's Italian Meringue Buttercream, darn good. Yummy. Wasted but no choice if one does not want to consume sooooo much red dye.


  1. That is too cute! Wonderfully done too!

  2. 哗!好美!我家孩子看到一定吵着要的!!

  3. Hi there Wendy,

    Love your angry bird cake. I especially love the red tone colour. I can never get that redness in my creams (I usually use non-dairy whipping cream). I wonder, as I don't have any Wilton colours, do you think I can achieve the same brightness if I use an oil-base or powdered food colouring? So far I've only managed to get pink or hot pink. Do you think I ought to add other colours to my pink cream? I'll be baking an angry bird cake next week too, I'd love to get that red tone and loathe the idea of resorting to using decorgel or fondant (it's going to be an ice cream cake). Thanks in advance for any advice/tips/hints, really appreciate it. Cheers.

  4. mr pineapple man,

    hahaha, then you make one for him lor

    Zack Zachoes,
    Frankly, I don't have much experience in tinting creams. But this is made with one tub, of which is why it's this bright.
    I heard powdered colouring is very intense and maybe you can try that. If it's an ice cream cake, why not you make the bird out of strawberry granita or raspberry granita? or make liquid jelly (straw or rasp) in the form of angry bird then set it on the ice cream cake?

  5. It's awesome! And a great deal of frosting work!

  6. Wendy what can i say here. The angry bird looks so red and nice. Used up one whole tube that's meant alot. U bought the red dye coloring from Wilton? must be very expensive rite? Do u have any idea where to get Wilton things here at m'sia? I like to browse wilton's recipe and ideas, they are all awesome. And can you show me how you make the Italian Meringue Buttercream? Thanks in advance :D

  7. BTW, I also follow Reese blog for the cute swiss roll. I modified it, cos my hubby likes chocolate. I made it here >

  8. Perhaps I'll do that. Thanks for the idea :D

  9. Well done Wendy. The cake is really pretty!

  10. I hate to use red coloring too, followed by black. You end up using so much colourings. Maybe next time, if using red or black design, just use non dairy cream, scrap off the cream and won't feel so wasted. Butter cream scrap off so wasted, eat it and imagine eating a whole tub of colourings.

  11. Cathy,

    Passionate Abt Baking,
    Frosting work is nto much, clean up work is a lot

    Ipoh Wah Seng and Intrico has Wilton products.
    Red is very hard to do, cos really needs a lot to make the colour intensely red. Other colours only need a little bit but red, red red is horrible, and needs a LOOOOOOT to make it really red. IMBC step by step ah.... hahaha, wait la...


    Yawoh.... next time I will use non dairy. It's really scary.
    I actually tried making black icing to line, but it only got a grey tone. I don't want to add any more colouring to it. Then I added some red to it to pipe the base, hence the maroon-like cream at the base that was BITTER. Yucks, bitter. In the end, I made some ganache to line the piping. This cake really gave me an insight to bakery cakes, how much colouring is used, SCARY.....

  12. Must be very 'xiong' to cream the whole cake though... but the effect is really very nice! I will freak out too, knowing so much coloring has gone in. I'm going to think twice about eating cake with red coloring now haha..

  13. Wendy thanks for the info. About the IMBC not in a hurry lar...wait till i'm very expert in baking only ask u...stil not too late right? wish u have a nice sunday.

  14. I heard Americolor Super Red does a better job. Great piping skills there!

  15. Wendy, I can't help not to leave you a comment. I am impressed with your patience with the piping. Thanks for sharing the idea.

  16. Lala,
    Xiong mentally, to add or not to add more colouring. Mind was fighting :)
    Oh yes, can apply lipstick with the cream, haha.

    No need wait til expert. U think me expert meh?
    Haha, just learn along the way, be daring to try.

    Next time, if I see Americolor for sale, I'll try to buy some. Great meh? ahhaa, blotchy la, patches here and there.

    Thanks. Once u get the frame done, it's actually quite easy. I only hate the tinting part.

  17. Gorgeous Angry Bird Cake! If my sons see this, I will be get headache soon :)

  18. this cake deco is beautifully done! I love your frosting! May I know what piping tip you are using? thanks!

  19. DG,
    Haha, I'm sure you can whip up a beautiful Angry Bird cake for them too.

    ah Tze,
    Actualy I used as many tips as I could. So that I don't need to wash them in between use. Every colour is a different size and different pattern. 5 tips (two 6 tip star, one 8 tip star and 2 round tips) in total for 6 colours. Important is just to squeeze those colour on, I didn't care much for the pattern of the tip. My tips are not Wilton's, so I guess the number may not be relevant.

  20. so nice...i bought an angry bird kek too the other day....dont know how to make :p

  21. Was looking at this page with my kids. When they saw the cake, both of them said " Waa... so beautiful ". Thank god they didn't say " I want.. " haha.

  22. Small Kucing,
    Kids nowadays all want angry Bird hoh.. faint*

    Belly Good cooking,
    Haha, smart kids. They won't say it now.. maybe nearer to their birthdays.

  23. you will never like to see me handle all these frosting, i will also turn into an " ANGRY" bird! LOL!! my kitchen and myself will also be in a mess!

  24. lena,
    I want to see real angry bird, hahaha!

  25. I am also addicted to Angry Bird games:P but not making angry bird cakes 'cos soooo difficult and time consuming and also, don't know how to do frosting lol! I can see why the birthday girl grinned from ear to ear, such a lovely cake!

  26. Wendy

    Oh! the cake is too nice to eat, Very nice. Love it.


  27. 我家小瓜3月尾生日,可是还没想到要做什么蛋糕给他呢?也许就是这个了吧!现在小朋友好像只认识这只鸟,没有其它了。
    你做了好美的angry bird蛋糕哦~ Very Good ah!

  28. Very nicely done Wendy! BRAVOI!! This must be very tedious and I can see why you are tired mentally! I don't think Quay Po can handle this! hehehe, I also like Angry Bird, my birthday is coming!! Hint! Hint! LOL!

  29. Jeannie,
    Ha! You can do frosting one if u want.....

    oh no, must eat, if not my effort will be wasted

    cherry potato,
    yawoh, very hong tong tong... too tong la, LOL

    Thanks. Yeah, nowadays Angry Bird is all that is in their heads. So sien la.

    Aiyor, ur are too old for this la. Won't you be in the States for ur birthday?
    Mentally tired because of the tinting....

  30. Angry bird cake! My kids favourite!! The comb was wrong? I don't see anything's wrong with it, and I guess it passed easily with your niece too, right? I ordered angry bird cake for my girl last year during her birthday. Yours is definitely more beautiful (and looks harder to make, especially the frosting part).

  31. Prior to the princess cake request, dd3 asked for an angry bird cake. I couldn't commit for a few reasons.
    1. too much piping work, which I sucks at it
    2. how to get RED? Too much colourings

    In fact, for my mermaid's tail, I used up 2 toothpick of colours from Wilton. Before we eat it, I scaped off the whole frosting on the tail. Can't imagine letting my family eat so much artificial stuff.

  32. How is IMBC compared to SMBC? More stable? Taste-wise?

  33. My son also ask me to make AB cake for him for his coming Birthday. I think I will just use non dairy cream as buttercream is too buttery.

  34. Yvonne,
    The comb should only have 2 feathers, whereas I had 5, haha!

    Next time, If I ever make this again, I'll make strawberry jelly for the "red", but cannot make the whole cake red, maybe set the angry bird face on the cake only. My niece wanted the whole cake red, and that was the problem.
    IMBC is more delicous than SMBC, hahaha, the mouthfeel, gosh! Heavenly. Smooth and light. Very light.

    Simple buttercream is too buttery but IMBC no la. If done properly and eaten when chilled not really la. Hope to see ur beautiful AB cake later :)

  35. such a beautiful + perfect cake!! very nice ler :)


  36. So beautiful ! I can perfectly understand the Amt of work behind ;)

  37. Hi Wendy

    Well done! Your cake looked fantastic. You must be mighty proud of yourself.

  38. Thanks for posting this I just got done with one of my own.You helped me a lot for my sons birthday cake.

  39. Hi Wendy i think this AB cake is awesome you did an amazing job! I am doing one for a bday party this weekend and was wondering if you did the outline of the eyes and nose eyebrows first before doing the rest of the decorating? looking forward to seeing more of your cakes!!!

  40. Daisha's Cakes,
    Yes I outlined the cake first before piping. I piped twice so that the outline will be thin, but tall.

  41. Hi Wendy,

    Can I pipe this cake 1 day before and put in the fridge? Will the cream melt at room temperature after I took out from fridge? It will be summer time when I do this cake (for 2 yrs old bdae boy).
    Thanks Wendy.



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