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Sunday, February 5, 2012

My First Random Sunday - Blogger CNY Potluck today!


Hahaha. Usually I am always the last to blog about gatherings. Today I hope that I am the first, LOL.
Nonono.. no fighting to be no.1. but if I wait any longer...I won't know I have the time to do this or not.

I'll just post 2 pics and I think the rest of them will let you see more pics.

I'm still in KL now and will be travelling back tomorrow probably.

Who were there?
Lena of Frozen Wings, Sonia of Nasi Lemak Lover, Veronica at Quay Po Cooks, Swee San of the Sweet Spot and Sharon of Feats of Feasts. Reese of Reese Kitchen couldn't join us last minute due to an emergency.

To all who were unable to join us....
Sorry la, u missed out on

Lena's sweet sour crabs, radish cake and pandan kuih.
Quay Po's Tuna Cheese Mini Toast (I don't know the exact name), Swedish Wedding Balls and cauliflower salad
Swee San's Pistachio Blackberry Cake and Plum Frangipanne Tart
Sharon's Pork Stuffed Youtiao and Apple Cabbage Slaw
Sonia's spread of Nasi Lemak and condiments,Sambal prawns and Lemongrass Fried Chicken and her refreshing Lychee Lime Drink
and my beef rendang, Kumquat Almond Tea Cakes and Goiabinhas
Reese didn't make it, but her salted wings attended the potluck on her behalf.


  1. yeah dont have to jaga anak meh??

  2. This is such a big feast and wonderful people. How I wish I can be there. :)

    Tml is last day of CNY. Happy dragon year!

  3. Wow, the best of the best all in one room. Introduce me to them leh!

  4. Small kucing,
    drooling ah? Lol

    haha. Must be fast. If not will wait forever

    got ppl jaga for me today, so must zhan chui gei wui

    if u are back for CNY can join in. Let me know next year

    ah tze,
    bloggers potluck ma sure must good spread

    sure. Come here next time and join us

  5. So jealous lah you all get to meet each other. Wah so you cooked everything in KK and bring down the dish all the way to KL?

  6. Jes,
    Haha. Too bad lor

    Yup. Reheat at Sonia's place. Lena cooked hers in situ. Next time, we really hope you are back.

  7. Hi Wendy, hop over to my blog, I have an award for you.

  8. All this great food and so beautiful!

  9. Wow, wow, wow, the spread of delicious food on the table.... I'm drooling excessively now!!

  10. Wouw .... all yummy food there :)

  11. Wah a very nice gathering leh! Sonia was asking if I'm back in KL...unfortunately not! *sob sob* next time ah...., lol!

  12. I have a pair of eagle eyes, from the 1st picture, I could guess that it was Quay Po standing on the left corner,hahaha!

    A group of great cooks gather together=5* food! Wish that I was there too!

    Wendy, I thought that you are living in Tapah or somewhere in Perak?Why do I have this in my mind?

  13. Not Tapah, should be Kuala Kangsar, right?

  14. Haha, no worries, I think you are definitely the first to post about this.

  15. edith,

    those in the pics were only half of it, LOL

    i give u tissue ok ;)

    haha, bloggers ma

    Let us know in advance so that we can plan something. But I know ur time here is usually rather limited

    yes, i am residing in Kuala Kangsar, but that doesn't mean i can't travel ;)
    We do go to KL at least once every 2 months.

  16. I am SO SO glad you posted this so that now I know the right name for the your "finger like with red nails" cookies! Goiabinhas!!! Aiyoh, how to pronouce ar? kuay been hars? hehehe.. When I thought of how we pronounce that French pastry chef name Pierre Herme as Peeyay Meeyay, I laughed out loud!! Quay Lo hear me and must have thought Lucy gone bonkers!!! Wendy, it was such a fun afternoon chatting with all of you! One more sweet memories into my memories piggy bank! Thanks so much for the yummy food and good company! Glad I was there!! Jiggety Jig!!

  17. OH that must have been so fun! The food not only sounds awesome, the company sounds awesome! All these people are bloggers I follow regularly, so I have no doubt how delicious the food must have been! Ah, I'm jealous!

  18. quay po,
    No la, it's pee yay hai mey, hahaha.
    I'm glad u were there!

    Shu Han,
    Haha, be very jealous! LOL.


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