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Sunday, July 1, 2012

How to Remove Stone from Stone Fruits

Stone Fruits are fruits with a stone inside, as in 1 seed only, and the seed is hard like stone.
Fruits in this category include cherries, apricots, peaches, plums, pluots and nectarines.

Mangoes, avocadoes, red dates, coconut or Lychees are drupes, although they have a stone in the middle too. Stone fruits are part of drupes but drupes are not stone fruits.

Below is a pictorial guide on how to remove the seed nicely.. and retain 2 beautiful halves of the apricot.
Apricot season is here already.... Check out your local supermarkets. I saw US grown apricots last week.

If the seed doesn't come off nicely from the other half, you have to do this.

Check out all my stone fruit recipes here.


  1. I think apricot will be the easiest of all... peaches are not so easy to remove

  2. Tq so much for sharing this!now i know why i was having a hard time removing the seeds!lol

  3. Echo's Kitchen,
    Yeah, sometimes even nectarines are a PITA to remove. Depends on whether the type we bought is cling stone or free stone. But sometimes in the few peaches I've got, some is loose, some is cling :(

    U're welcomed.

  4. Wendy, this is very informative. Thanks!

  5. I never realised coconut was a drupe fruit because i always think of it being a 'liquid' lol quite silly, i know!

  6. I never even heard of the term drupe fruit until you mentioned it! That;s the way I remove stones from stone fruits too, and avocados.

  7. Phong Hong,
    U're welcomed

    Small Kucing,
    It is easy :)

    Food is our Religion,
    we tend to ignore what we can't see. It's hard to notice the 'nut' is the seed cos we only see the kernel :)

    Shu Han,
    If it's not because of my pomiculture papers, I don't think I would too :)

  8. luckily i still know how to remove stone from this fruit:D i remember one time removing the pit from avocado, almost cut my finger, that avocado just refused to ripe!!


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