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Monday, November 25, 2013

Oatmeal Sandwich Bread - Loaves #1

The texture was  better after some tweaking with the yeast

I made this almost 2 years ago. I never posted this as I was still looking for the perfect shot, but after  6 months with the new mixer (that time), my mojo for baking bread loaves fizzzled. The shots weren't as nice  as I wished because I just moved in the house that time. I wasn't very sure of the  lighting spots and my use of the camera is very different than now.

Used a bread loaf pan and the shape isn't as nice

The original recipe rose very quickly and was very yeasty. Weirdly the  recipe says it won't be puffy during the 1st rise, but dunno why, mine was so furiously puffy.The next time I made this, I reduced the yeast to half and made this bread at least 3 times  before. I think it  was more than 3 times. The last time I made this was almost a year ago, haha! I rarely repeat recipes, unless I am not contented. But I cannot repeat this anymore for the time being so that I can get a nicer shot as my KA died on me after ONLY 2 years of once a week usage. It's a US model and the local distributor refused to fix for me. The only way is to get a replacement ...should I think of Bosch?

The dough is  very sticky and soft and I cannot imagine manual kneading without adding on flour. My bread slices were  kept in a tupperware and  lasted 3 days still staying soft and moist. Once I made this for a  relative who stayed at my home for a week and she loved it soo  much. My kids didn't like the oat top, although I find it to look better this way.

Oatmeal Sandwich Bread
Source: King Arthur Flour 
Makes 2 loaves

500gm bread flour
120gm quick cooking oats, finely ground
60gm quick cooking oats
40gm dark brown sugar
45gm honey
130gm milk
300gm water
10gm yeast
8gm salt
90gm butter
More quick cooking oats for sprinkling on top

1. Mix everything except butter and knead until a dough forms(or just mix with this with chopstick until it all comes together). Add in butter and knead for 8-10 minutes on Speed 4 until window pane stage. The membrane might break due to the presence of oat bits, but, it will be stretchy and break with roundish holes.
2. Cover and let dough proof for 1 hour.
3. Transfer dough to working surface and roll out and roll up to form a log.
4. Place dough into a two greased 9X4.5X4.5 inch bread pan
5. Let dough rise for 45 mins -1 hour until dough has almost risen to the top of pan.
6. Brush top with some water and sprinkle on some quick cooking oats, Gently press them to adhere.
7. Bake in preheated oven at 150(fan)/170C for 35-40 minutes or until bread is done (sounds hollow when tapped at the base)

*If you’re using a loaf pan (like those for cakes) let the dough rise until it crests (forms a dome above the rim), then proceed with step (6).

First attempt with recipe and  the holes are pretty big.
Used a loaf cake pan and see the nice mushroom shape?

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  1. i love this sandwich bread! tis for sharing the recipe

  2. I would like to share with you my experience on Bosch MUM 54230 which I bought it few months ago.
    Basically it is a fantastic machine which not function only as a mixer but also come with many accessories that allow to use it as blender, slicing and so on..To have all these in one with a mixer pricing only really a good deal.
    But when I used it to knead my dough of my bread, I found it is not really as good as what I expected. The recommended speed for dough hook is max 3 only (full range is until 7). I will say that speed 3 is quite slow for dough kneading if you compare with other brand. Secondly is when my daughter see me using the machine for dough kneading, she shout to me "The machine seem going to break into 2!" Yeah, it is really looks very "tough" for the machine to knead the dough which I also worry it might break into 2 piece!
    When I attended the demo class by Bosch, the chef actually did mentioned MUM 5 is not suitable for dough kneading but MUM 8 is more suitable! I felt a bit regret of buying MUM 5 instead of MUM 8 as my main purpose is for dough kneading. But of course the MUM 8 price is about double the price for MUM 5. So now I wondering I want to buy a bread maker to do bread??
    There are few video on YouTube for the dough kneading by MUM 5, you can take a look and compare. If you are not planning to use it for dough kneading, I will say it is very good. If not, you may need to compare more then just decide.
    Hope you have make a good choice... :)

  3. 我没有bread machine。我做面包都用手肉面团。很喜欢你的面包

  4. Hello...I tried this recipe last night and it turned out great. Thanks for sharing. I used KA to knead.

  5. Lee Ching,
    thanks for the sharing.
    I actually need a machine that can handle more dough.

    Sara Lee,
    wow! I am too lazy, hehehe.

    Wow, you are quick! Glad u liked it

  6. Sounds like a good recipe...pinning it for trying too.

  7. With quite lot of oats inside the dough yet yield pretty soft dough. Bookmarked! Thanks for the linking up for LTU.

  8. Hi,tried out the recipe and it's fabulous and easy,my family members like it very much,tks for sharing��

  9. Wendy,
    The bread look so cute with the mushroom shape.
    Thanks for sharing such a lovely oat bread loaf to LTU.

  10. These sound delicious and I love the shape! These would be wonderful on just about any holiday table!

  11. Hi wendy
    What brand of mixer did u end up buying? M lookin to buy a mixer which can handle bread dough n wld like to get yr advice. Tq

  12. Zoe,
    My mom got me a cheap breadmaker around RM250 and I'm back to using the handmixer for cakes.


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