Sunday, March 30, 2008

Rich Chocolate Ice Cream 丰富的巧克力雪糕

This is my first attempt at making ice cream.

Went thru a few sites to get an idea. Most recipes I found online needed an ice cream maker to make ice cream, but not many Malaysians have it in their homes. I'm one of those that don't have one. So, I tried to do it with just a whisk and a hand held mixer.

My brothers commented," This tastes like melted chocolate... too rich...."
My hub said," Very nice, but not more than 2 scoops at one go, very 'geng' "

Well, if u're not fan of rich chocolate ice cream, just cut down on the cocoa powder and sugar.
This is a "no maker" recipe. As long as u have a whisk as a minimum requirement.
I didn't make it according to recipes found online. This is my personal preference of proportions.

No maker Rich Chocolate Ice Cream Recipe
8 egg yolks
500gm sugar
500ml milk
150 gm quality cocoa powder
2 tsp vanilla essence
500ml dairy whipping cream


1. Whisk egg yolks and sugar until slightly pale.

2. Bring milk and cocoa powder to a boil.
3. Pour 1/3 of hot cocoa mixture into whisked egg yolks and combine well.
4. Pour in the rest of cocoa mixture and combine well.

5. Return the cocoa custard mixture to the fire and cook with a low fire, stirring continuously until custard turns dark and glossy. Turn off fire. Stir in vanilla essense.
6. Leave cocoa custard to cool down.

7. Pour whipping cream into a large mixing bowl and whip until soft peaks form. Whipping cream would have doubled up by now.

8. Fold 1/4 whipped cream into cooled cocoa custard mixture and combine well.
9. Continue to fold in 1/4 whipped cream at a time.
10. Place ice cream mixture into freezer and freeze for 1/2 hour.

11. Take ice cream out from freezer every half an hour to give it a good whizz.

12. After a few whizzes, transfer ice cream to freezer containers. I use Tupperware's Freezermates.
13. Freeze until firm.

Serving suggestion:

Here's how it looks after being scooped...


  1. hi, Wendy.
    thanks for your sharing, and I'd like to know the 'milk' that you mention is drinking milk like Dutch lady or condense milk/sweeten creamer like F&N or teapot etc, or ideal milk?

    thank you.


  2. jiahui,
    condensed milk is condensed milk.
    Ideal is evaporated milk.
    It should never be confused with just "milk"
    Milk is any liquid milk, be it fresh or recombined full cream.

  3. Thank you, Wendy.


  4. Hello Wendy,
    Thank you very much for this recipe, it's very helpful to people like us (without ice cream maker). :D
    I wonder, have you tried making vanilla ice creams? Would you mind to share the recipe?
    Besides that, do you conduct baking classes? Your blog helped beginners like me to achieve lots of wonders :D but there are still some skills that I couldn't pick up by self-learning no matter how many times I've tried.. and it gets more and more depressing after uncountable failures =(

  5. Zi Ning,
    Thanks for taking interest, but unfortunately I don't conduct classes on my own.
    There is a vanilla ice cream recipe in the black forest ice cream mooncake. Just beat it periodically to achieve a smooth texture.

  6. Thank you very much, Wendy! :D

  7. Hi, I half your recipe to 4 egg yolks, because I don't have so much whipping cream, but when whisk we egg yolks on sugar, it doesn't become so liquid like your second become lumps when whisk with e sugar. Is it that I need to whisk egg yolk alone first or the recipe meant eggs, including the whites? Thank u!


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