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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Honey Sea Coconut

Feeling hot??? Need some quick dessert after dinner?

1. Grab a can of honey sea coconut
2. Place some into a bowl.
3. Top it with some crushed ice (or vice versa with step 2)
4. Squeeze the juice of a calamansi lime over, and you have your honey sea coconut ice ready.


No more excuse of not trying out anything from my blog :)


  1. Mmm, I love the pictures you took of it. And what you said rings true, I don't have an excuse for not trying out anything on your blog yet. :( I do want to try something out...but I haven't yet. I will soon!

  2. Wendy, I hardly take canned fruits unless for making cakes or dessert. I like sea coconut dessert too, so refreshing!

  3. Jess,
    Me too, cannot ear canned fruits like that, too geli, unless make them into desserts.

  4. Too bad we can only get sea coconut in syrup here. I prefer the one with honey :)

  5. Gert,
    Get some the next time u get back ;)

  6. Looks easy :) Haven't tried sea coconut in can before, do they taste the same like the fresh one?

  7. Oh Wendy, you're reminding me again :) I love sea coconut and I am going to make this especially for the hot weather now.

  8. It has been quite a while since I ate this. Must buy some -good eh? No toiling in the kitchen!

  9. hahahahah very easy and your calamansi just make everything so different...

  10. I like sea coconut but I prefer the fresh ones as the canned ones are too sweet. But looking at your pictures now, I just feel like eating it off the screen.

  11. Min,
    Depends on which type you buy.
    There are 2 types of canned sea coconut.
    1 is in plain white syrup and one is honey syrup.
    The plain white syrup taste pretty similiar like the fresh one, but the honey one is nicer ;) in my personal opinion :)

    hHehe, then quickly buy and make some, it's so hot la.

    Yup, on a hot day, perfect for a quick cool down.

    Yalar, the calamansi will tone down the sweetness with some tang. Wakes u up a bit.

    Blessed Homemaker,
    Haha, don't eat the canned ones just like that. They are meant to be mixed with water or ice for desserts.

  12. Already diluted with water and tonnes of ice but when I bite into the sea coconut, I can feel my break breaking up due to the sweetness :P Hahaha!

  13. omg, this one i like it
    when feel very hot must eat

  14. I have yet try the canned sea coconut! But will try to make a quick dessert out of it. I'm sure your girls will love it too. Have a nice day.
    Cheers, kristy

  15. okay Wendy... Sea Coconut? I have never tried this! Do you think I could pick it up locally? I almost bought palm fruit the other day...any ideas!

  16. Megan,
    Toddy Palm fruit is the same as this, sea coconut.
    Sea coconut is what we call it here.
    May I ask, the palm fruit is still whole or just the flesh?
    Email me the pic, if possible, then I'll tell you what to do with it ;)

  17. oo I love this stuff! So refreshing!


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