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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wanton Chicken Soup 云吞鸡


A recreation of what I've tasted at a few restaurants.

Some put in canned chicken broth, some use the real chicken broth. Of course, those with added canned broth taste absolutely fabulous. Well if not, how can their soup taste so fabulous and it's something that home cooked stuff can never achieve, unless of course, you put the same stuff it. But how many of us wants to eat the same way that restaurants cook? Add the same additives and flavourings? I'm one of those that prefers none or if I can't avoid it, minimal.

Here's how I did it.

You may add in a can of broth if you like, if the chicken is pretty tasteless. Well, what happen to all the chickens nowadays? Malnourished? They are really pretty tasteless, but I could bear with it. Or use MSG.
But I use the way Grandaunt taught me to. Sugar. Sugar is a flavour enhancer in soups. Used sparingly and it could bring out the sweetness of the broth, without being obviously sweet, and definately without the after thirst. Once I made a soup using those caterpillar roots that are sold in Camerons, and I added one tablespoon of sugar to the pot of soup. My elder brother kept on praising how nice the soup was, how sweet those caterpillar roots were, and that I could've made more soup out of it. I was laughing my heart out and told him, it's sugar!!!!! Actually the reason why candied dates are added in soups is also due to the sugar and that add sweetness to the soup.

Chicken Broth
70gm kampong chicken or free range chicken
2 dried scallops/conpoy , 1 iinch diameter big
2 mushrooms
2.5L water
1 tsp Salt, and ½ tsp sugar if you feel something is missing after u taste it 
Bring water to a boil and put in chicken, scallops and mushrooms. Let it simmer for 1 hour 30 minutes. Season with salt and sugar.

Wanton and final assembly
100gm minced pork
1/3 tsp salt
¼ tsp sugar
1 Tbsp water
½ tsp cornstarch
Dash of pepper
15 pcs small prawns (when peeled about the size of my small finger), marinated with a small pinch of baking soda, some salt and sugar
15 pc large wanton skin
200gm siew pak choy or choy sum

1. Mix pork, salt, sugar, water , cornstarch and pepper together.
2. Place 1 tsp pork mixture onto wanton skin. Place 1 piece of prawn onto pork.
3. Lightly brush sides of wanton with water. Fold and seal wanton. Repeat until finish.
4. (do this only when you are about to serve) Bring a pot of water to boil put in wantons. When it floats, scoop it out.
5. Put the cooked wantons into the boiling chicken broth.
6. Put vegetables into the same pot (after cooking the wantons in step 4) and boil for 30 seconds.
7. Remove veggie from pot. Put veggie into broth.
8. Serve hot.


  1. Wendy, the soup is so inviting, I love soup and wanton soup is one of my favourite. Yummy!

  2. Your wontons look special. Haha, the story about your brother and the caterpillar roots is so funny. Interesting tip, I never knew that you could do that to soup too. Speaking of caterpillar roots, I almost ate a caterpillar yesterdays. X0 I was eating a bunch of veggies and then I saw a dead caterpillar. Eww.

    For the wonton, my family just folds it in half diagonally and fold the tip (both ends, together) toward the center of the half fold and we just bend the right and left ends together. It's actually pretty easy.

  3. great food for sick people like me :(

  4. Once in a while, I would make wantan soup fort family too. However, I only uses dried ikan bilis & just some stew soup chicken bone. Your sounds like a real nutrition soup on it's own. Do you eat the kampong chicken that was stewed in the soup?

  5. Laughs at Esther. I too almost cooked a caterpillar..chopping my vege, and chopped the poor fler along. He still tried to crawl towards me... I screamed like a girl.

    Oh wait. I am a girl.

    Anyway..thanks for sharing. Now I know. SUGAR! I also like to add peppercorns and smashed garlic to the base gives it a real zing!

  6. Jess bakericious,
    Ohhh... then maybe you can try this out then.

    I'll blog about those caterpillar roots the next time I get them from the highlands :)

    Swee San,
    sick ah??? aiyoyo...
    You better don't online that much and rest.

    Yup, everything eaten. Even in restaurants, the chicken is served and meant to be eaten.

  7. Mott,
    LOL. That shows your veggie is safe to be eaten.
    If it's good for the creepy crawlies, then it's good for you.

    You can do that... but in this recipe, the soup should taste clear and sweet. Peppercorns might be overpowering here, but when used sparingly in soups containing vegetables, it is superb. Garlic is a very good suggestion here. I'll try that next time with this.

  8. Wendy, this looks fabulous! And healthy with the abundance amount of cai xin! Ooh, so delicious. Wish to have a bowl now...

  9. Sugar? Ok, will give it a try next time. :)

  10. Passionate about Baking,
    You can put even more if you like :)

    Little Inbox,
    Yup, use sugar in place of Ajinomoto :)

  11. Looks mouthwatering! Love all the veggies, mushrooms in the soup!

  12. Yah, yah I do that sometimes too, if i find my soup not up to the sweetness that I want it to be...but cannot put too much right, coz it will taste like tong-sui 糖水then.

    Btw, just FYI la...the wanton is originally not 云吞in mandarin, (you can translate it into swallowing clouds, haha)I guess it's written this way coz the cantonese made it famous gua... It made the Chinese from China scratch their heads and the orang putih drop their jaws in a awe (wow, ONE TON MEE)wondering how could a plate of noodles weight 1 ton!!

    It should be 馄饨 (read as hun-tun, the 1st word 2nd tone and the 2nd word light tone), you can search for more "wonton" recipes online this way.

  13. What a great soup! Beautiful wanton.

  14. Angie,

    Thanks for pointing out. Hahaha, I wouldn't know what's the proper word. I wasn't even sure if the one I typed there was correct.
    I'll copy what you gave me and put in the title.


  15. Your soup looks very tasty! I'm glad I don't have to experience the same way as you did. I learned making great & simple soup from my in-laws. The only secret in the soup is the preserved 'da tou chai'! No extra seasoning is needed in the soup anymore. And it simply brings out the ori chicken broth flavour. But my mom prefer to add in candied dates! hehe... And thank you so much for the recipe. I'll try the fresh 'dong chung chao' in my soup next time. Have a great day.

  16. Kristy,
    Oh what experience??? I don't get it.
    Tai tau choy is very salty, haha, which is why no extra seasoning is needed.
    I didn't mean the dong chong chou in this soup, it's another soup.


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