Monday, September 20, 2010

Southern Pinch Biscuits

Mine look so much different from the recipe source.

At first I thought it was some sort of bread, but no, it's a scone.
Southern US calls scones biscuits. I only knew that after making this.

And it's after I make this, that I found out that many of them who made them smooth (looks like bread), swear by White Lily Self Raising Flour. Gosh, where can I get this??? It's impossible. I might have changed the shortening to butter and slightly changed the method, but hey, I don't think that would've made them not smooth, because some recipes on the internet use butter as well.Anyway, these flatter scones taste great and remain soft the next day and the next. Not soft like cake, soft like a good scone, but not dry like a cookie. It's the yogurt!!!

I made 2 batches, because the first one was a bit too tall.
This one below is my first batch. Making them in a 8 inch square pan makes them about 1.5inch tall after baking. I followed the intruction exactly, but with cold butter. Not smooth. So, I immediately made a second batch, with melted butter to see if it'll be better.....

And this is my 2nd batch, baked in a 10 inch pan. Any better???? Haha, can't compare as one is unbaked and one is baked, but I can tell you that they look pretty similiar, except for the thickness.

Southern Pinch Biscuits Recipe adapted to local ingredients
300gm cake/superfine flour or self raising flour
1 Tbsp baking powder (omit this if using self raising flour)
1/2 tsp salt (omit this if using self raising flour)
2 Tbsp sugar (some sweetness will be nice, but it's not obviously sweet, it only makes it taste nicer)
80gm butter, melted
180gm plain yogurt (substitute for buttermilk)

1. Preheat oven to 200/220C
2. Sift both flours and baking powder together.
3. Mix with sugar and salt.
4. Pour yogurt and melted butter into dry ingredients and work through to form a soft but non sticky dough. Do not knead too much.
5. Divide dough into 9 pieces and gently roll into balls.
6. Arrange balls into a 9 or 10 inch greased shallow pan
7. Press down balls with your knuckles to make indentation. The dough will be flattened as well.
8. Bake for 20 minutes.

Keep them airtight in the fridge, and whenever you feel like eating,
zap on high for 20 seconds and yummy, warm scones..
Oh sorry, biscuits.


  1. Wendy, I got tempted only when saw the last pix :P, looks good leh.

  2. Refrigerate, zap, break and put a cube of butter and a dollop of jam! Mmmmm....yum!

  3. seeing your scones makes me want to make some as well :)

  4. I've seen plenty of round and triangle scones but this is the first time I've seen a square scones! Perhaps a little too thin in thickness? They look good Wendy, as usual...everything you make in the kitchen all come out looking and tasting very good!

  5. Jess bakericious,
    Haha, the surface dun look good hoh?
    So diff from the recipe source

    Jess Kitchen,

    Yup!!! Exactly!!! But I prefer warm than cold, hehe.

    I know how you love these. :)

    I made them like my recipe source, flat and wide, stuffed together in a pan, tightly. But hers look more fluffy and smooth, unlike mine.
    I didn't know that it's a scone, until I tasted it, because hers looked like bread.

  6. I can imagine dipping this in a hot cuppa, must be very nice!

  7. This reminds me of scones, I think I will love their textures. They match well with a cup of hot coffee for breakfast :)

  8. Hearty Bakes,
    Yes, very nice with coffee.

    Oh yes, it does taste like scones.

  9. Maybe handle the dough too much? Anyway, so long the scones taste good, no matter what shape, just enjoy first! :)

  10. hi wendy:) I was browsing through your old posts and decided to try your creamy chicken curry and the dulce de leche pound cake. absolutely loved the way they turned out and thought I should let you know. thanks for sharing!

  11. Yea the people from the south like to call this Biscuit and normally they are savory. It is great with stew.

  12. everytime i come sure got yummy food this is more of a softy kind of biscuits ar? not the u know crispy type...

  13. i think ur last pic answered my last question haha

  14. Bee,
    No gua, cos I just combine until they lump together. Then I stopped and formed them into the shapes as told by the source.
    I think hers is slightly kneaded, as it is really smooth.

    Haha, are u sure the DDL pound cake is from me? I've never made one, hahaha!!
    Anyway, thanks for enjoying the curry chicken recipe.

    Yeah, the source said to eat with stew, which was why I made this initially for my curry chicken, but when I saw it's scone like, I quickly cooked some rice. Hahaha.

    The term biscuit here is not the same as our understood biscuit. It's scones. Haha. It's soft and yummy.

    Thanks for the very kind words.

  15. OK, here comes the American-headed girl ...

    Scones are scottish. Biscuits are American. I had biscuits served both in the Deep South and upper Midwest (northern Minnesota). They're different mainly due to the ways they're served ... with what kind of accompaniments ... sweet or savory ... Tak boleh campur them up one!

    But based on my experience hor, biscuits shouldn't be this short wor ... Like what you did lor, just replace with low-gluten flour then boleh lar ...

    I still miss my biscuits. One day, I'll make again! HAHA!

  16. Hello dear,
    My husband is from North Carolina and he cools the dough in the fridge for half an hour before shaping the biscuits.The biscuits will rise so much better and it will be nice and soft.Its normally accompanied with a gravy.To me, these are scones, but I've given up trying to explain to him that the Americans adapted this from the Brits and gave it a different name.

  17. semenyih,
    LOL, it's quite useless to tell them what's Brit what's American, LOL.
    thank for the tip, I'll try that next time.


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