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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Lydia's Birthday Parties, as always, 2 parties

I'm sure you all would want to know what cake I made for Lydia.
This is it. Pretty???

And here's how it looks like when cut

Nice?? I sure did a good job!!!

Hahahaha!!! No, that isn't the cake I made her, but a present from her cousins, Hannah and Joanna.
I made her 2 cakes, so, let's see them.

Celebration no.1
First cake on her actual day, 28th.

That night we had a simple celebration at the family's house. I let Lydia wear a new dress. She has been eyeing this dress that I've been keeping in the drawers for a few months, but I never let her wear for real.

Kids nowadays always get new clothes and new clothes don't feel special anymore. So, now I make it a point to only allow new pretty clothes for special occasions. So, that they feel the day is extra special.

Well, Lyanne has something similiar too.. can't buy one and deprive the other

They were so happy in that dress, twirling all the time...

Now, it's cake time

I'm sure you want to see the inside of the cake, here's one pathetic shot of it

It's a chestnut cream cake. The chocolate thing is chocolate ganache. The chest nut taste is quite mild, no one knew I put in chestnuts until I told them. I got the filling's recipe from here.

Celebration no.2

A carousel cake :)
3 days later, another party at my mom's. And stupid me forgot to put in CF card into the camera!!!!!! So so stupid!!!! So, my brother took the pics for me instead.

Want to see if the carousel can turn????
Click on the video

When the cake survived the turning, I knew, I really got it done!!!
I didn't test it at home.

Before the candles we lit, she was so happy and wanted to go near the cake and touch it and turn it. But when the candles were lit, she was terrified, and clung close to me while the song was sang.

With Hannah and Joanna, daughters of my eldest brother.
Three of them are very close to each other.
Hannah and Joanna were so thoughtful that they bought her presents that they think Lydia will love,
A toy camera and a "cake", the one you saw way up there.
Lydia loved the cake so much, she hugged the cake all the way back to KK.

The bottom layer was chestnut cream again, but I improvised, and used equal amounts of chestnut and cream in weight. This time, the cream was good. Everybody said it was good, including the girls.

The top layer was peach filled, canned peaches. The kids won't eat it. They prefer the chestnut.

Just in case you need to know where to get roasted chestnuts and their price, here's some samples and the size of their nuts.


  1. The cake looks stunning & gorgeous! I wish I can make one too for my boys' birthday.

  2. Wendy, u DIY the carousel yourself? You are a genius! Both cakes are beautiful, but of course carousel cake is more impressive!

  3. DG,
    You can!!!! Why not???

    The carousel is not that difficult to make actually, I was worried about it not staying put but then I figured it out and it was easy.

  4. Lucky Lydia to have 2 cakes! WoW! She's a natural in photos! She can model girl's clothes. Lyanne is such a cutie pie!
    Love both cakes' decor! Btw, are the horses edible? Are they made of colour flow?

  5. Busygran,
    The horses are made of dark and white chocolate.
    100% edible.

  6. Hi, Wendy, I have to salute you for being so creative, the carusel cake is so beautiful, of course so as the other birthday cake.

  7. The carousel cake is gorgeous!!
    Absolutely amazing! The colours are so bright and cheerful. I love it!

  8. WOW!! Wendy, both cakes looks gorgeous! You're a great Mom :) Happy Birthday to Lydia, she is so adorable ;))

  9. happy birthday to Lydia!

    You are lucky have a mummy who know to make nice cake!

  10. Hi Wendy,

    May I know how did you do the chocolate horses ? I really so admire you, you are so good in baking and so creative :)

    Happy Birthday to Lydia too, may her stay healty and cutie always :)

    Elyn Teo

  11. oh wow the cakes are beautiful! I love the carousel cake especially with all the vibrant rainbow colors. I am sure Lydia is very very happy with it. I can see it in her big wide smile :)

  12. wow...the carousel cake is wonderful!!
    n ur pipping skills are great! =)

  13. Love the carousel cake! Great work Wendy. :)

  14. WOW, I am impressed with your skills

  15. Happy Birthday to your sweet princess. Both cakes are very lovely and impressive. Great work. :)

  16. Haha, I actually fell for your cake trick. I was thinking whoa, that cake looks weirdly perfect and a bit plastic, but I guess she made it. Both of the cakes look amazing. I especially like the horses. Your piping skills are so good, very very neat. Great job on the cakes!

  17. How adorable! Looks like she had a wonderful birthday!

  18. Hi Wendy, You are so creative to come up with this idea. Where did you get the small lil turntable from? It looks great. I am sure Lydia is very happy that her mummy is so skillful :)

    By the way, I gav eyou an award recently. Please feel free to pick it up yea. You really have a good blog and I really admire your skills :)

  19. Whoa, Congratulations! Both cakes look as stunning. I like the carousel cake and the moving idea. Btw, where did you get the toy birthday cake and the turning board? haha... That plastic one looks as good though. haha... What a great party after all.
    Best wishes, Kristy

  20. When I saw the first cake I was like "wow", when I saw the second cake (carusel cake), I can't stop my "wow". Very very impressive.

    If not of the height and size, I think ur girls will look like twins. They are very adorable.

  21. Wendy, I wish my mom can bake like you! Better not let my kids see this, they love carousel! I already struggled with the piano cake :P

  22. Sem,
    Actually I only decided on the carousel's colours last minute.

    Kids love everything colourful, I had to make it the way they love it ;)

    Haha, adorable when she's not naughty.

  23. Voon,
    Lucky only becos I know how to make cake ah.. so kesian lor. Hahaha.

    thanks for the wishes and I used chocolates.
    I drew the outline using dark chocolate and let it set for a while, then filled it with white chocolate.

    She was so so happy. She fell in love with the carousel on her last trip to Genting.

    Hahaha, thanks for the very nice comment. I actually didn't do a good job here. Was running out of cream, so had to skimp on the piping, as long as got colour, sudah lah!!!! But if you look closer, the stars are really not that nice.

  24. Bee,
    Thanks, ;)


    Happy Flour,
    thanks ;)

    Jes's Deli Corner,
    Oh no... not expert yet. Many things still need to learn. I definately need to brush up on my cake deco skills

    Hahahha!!!! You want a slice of that plastic cake?
    The cake's pretty hard to frost using a knife, so, it's best to be piped on. Stars are pretty easy to do, I'm sure you can too!!

  25. Jessica,
    Yeah, hahaha. Not many kids gets to blow their own cakes twice. I wonder if I can keep up with 2 cakes each time.

    Thanks for the award.
    The lazy susan is from Ikea. It's not a actual cake deco turn table, but just a lazy susan meant for serving dishes. I use that to frost my cakes as it's cheaper than an actual turn table.

    The lazy susan's from Ikea, and the plastic cake is from Tesco. Want to eat the plastic cake??? My girl will be happy to serve one slice to you, ahaha!!!

  26. Cook.Bake.Love,
    Hahha, thanks for the wows!!! I wish I could hear them, hahaah!!!

    Blessed Homemaker,
    Actually, I'd say this is easier to make than piano cake. Round cakes are far far easier.
    And the frosting's piped on, if you skip the dragees, it's not that time consuming.

  27. Of coz, I want a slice! haha... I must go to check at the Tesco next time. See, if I can get one for my niece. Thanks!

  28. That carousel cake is a winner. Absolutely brilliant! She's a very lucky girl.. 2 cakes and a pretty dress :)

  29. I love your carousel cake!! Espceially the colours you've used =D My sister made one this year for a school project, only she made it with fondant and it didn't look anything as spectacular as this! And this looks like it tastes really good too! I was planning on making a chestnut cream cake sometime soon too! haha....

  30. Wendy, sorry for such of a reply!

    Like I said lor, the pic quality isn't shabby! Very sharp!

    Congrats on the cake! See, we all knew you could nail it down.

    I FINALLY get to see Lydia! She's super-duper adorable and friendly! Missing your girls. Hope to see you all again soon! =D

    Take care yea?

  31. Hi Wendy,

    Both the cakes are very wonderfully done! Many thumbs up for that. The carousel cake looks especially cheery and colourful. Bet alot of effort goes into it. I can imagine using many sets of couplers (5-6), several piping tips and bags to do it.

    No wonder I found the wooden lazy susan familiar. I thought of getting it from Ikea over my side but it is abit too big for frosting 8-9 inch round cakes.

  32. Grace,
    thank you. Sometimes kids deserve an occasional treat, and it doesn't happen everyday. If not it won't be special anymore.

    For some reason, I don't like fondant. But I might try that one day. Right up til now, I prefer to eat the whole cake, than to have someone scraping away my hours of effort.

    The power of editing!!! Hahaha.

    No couplers used at all!!!
    I just piped each colour and took out the tip for the next colour.

  33. Lydia's so-so-so lucky!! I can imagine the amount of work done for that carousel cake! Looking at Lydia and Lyanne's photos, make me feel like having girls myself...sigh...!

  34. Hi Wendy,
    I love this cake with its bright rainbow color!!
    Can you tell me what is the cylinder that you used to support the cake on the top?

    Is it solid enough to withstand the cake to be turned round & round & round? :)


  35. Meldylocks,
    Haha, you can add one more, since u have 2 boys :)

    I used plastic cake pillars. The type that is used to make tiered wedding cakes. You can easily get them at baking supply shops. I added an overturned paper cup to add surface to the center pillar. And I also used drinking straws to add support to the sides. Cut the straws to the exact height needed.
    You can see from the video in the post that the cake can really turn.

  36. Thanks Wendy for your quick respond.

    I will go n look for the plastic pillar then.

    Thinking to make this for my dauther's birthday.


  37. XiQi,
    I really do hope ur daughter will love the cake.

  38. this cake is soo pretty.. Good job on it! I wish I could do this also ;)

  39. Hi Wendy,
    Am new to reading your blog and love it.
    I am going to try your Swiss Meringue :)
    Is the carousel cake's icing made from Swiss Meringue buttercream as well?
    Do you think you can do a turtorial on how to assemble the cake for new comers like me? hehe
    Thanks again and love your blog..

  40. carolinerockey,
    Thankyou for dropping by my blog.
    Hope ur Swiss Meringue turns out well.
    No, the carousel cake is made with whipped dairy cream, stabilized with gelatin.
    Sorry, as I'm always in a rush of time whenever I assemble cakes due to the presense of kids. An assembly tutorial is quite impossible for me.

  41. Its like birthday cake season for you! Lovely cakes you made...especially the carousal one!

  42. Siew Ping,
    Birthdays happen at the same time each year.. and haha.. consider that seasonal. LOL.

  43. Hi Wendy,

    I've followed your site for very long though seldom posted comments. your site is truly inspiring!

    can i check with you, for most of the cake deco you did, did you use fresh cream? As i have difficulties in decorating anything with fresh cream (too soft to handle), do you have any tips on that?

    Thank you.


  44. Benny,
    Fresh cream.. as in dairy or non dairy?
    I think in Malaysia, the bakeries calls non dairy as fresh cream and dairy cream is non existent for commercial bakeries. So, I'm not sure which one you meant.
    If non dairy, it's quite easy to frost... easier than dairy cream.
    If you're using dairy cream, just stablize with gelatin (as seen in a few of my decorated cakes recipes, the method is stated)but still you must work with a very quick hand. Turn on the air cond, it helps. Chill it as soon as you're done.
    Hope this helps

  45. Wendy,
    Thanks for your quick comments. I bought it from supermarket wihtout knowing whether if it's dairy or non dairy ;p
    Guess i need to do more research on it. Yes, have seen a few recipes of urs adding gelatin...
    will try to search for non dairy cream for that matter.

  46. Benny,
    If the box says whipping cream then it's dairy.
    If the box says topping cream then it's non dairy.
    The price itself will speak to you. Non dairy cost half of dairy. But the flavour is very different.

  47. Thanks Wendy... That's realy a good guide.. and most of the box says either whipping or topping and i have no idea how to differentiate previously.
    So your cake are mostly decorated by non-diary cream? I will try to get a box to use..
    Also, sorry it's not related but can you recommend me a butter cake that taste vy buttery, yet soft and crumpy? i see a few of your recipe but don't know which one to try out.. Thanks!

  48. Benny,
    you can only get non dairy in bakery supplies shop. supermarkets won't have it, in Malaysia. I won't know if you're from elsewhere.
    Since end of 2009 I have stopped using non dairy completely after knowing it's made from palm kernel oil.
    After that it's either dairy whipping cream or buttercream.

  49. Thanks Wendy.. I'm from SG and yes, i have not seen Topping cream sold in supermarket before but nah, won't be buying as well since of your advice...
    Thanks again

  50. Hi Wendy, great that I found this cake from your blog as I wanted to bake this cake long long time ago, just that no guide line to follow..the horses, you drew by using melted chocolate right? Then how you do u fill up the white chocolate so smoothly inside the chocolate lines. Besides, how many inch of cakes for bottom n top. The top cake need to trim abit to get this "cover" shape right? Any advise how shall I trim it? Hope to hear from you soon as my girl bday coming very soon


  51. Sandy,
    1. That's the "underside" of the horses. You fill the white after the brown has hardened.
    2. My pan is dome shaped so I just slash the cake to be 2/3 + 1/3. I didn't trim anything.
    No rules to be how thick the layers need to be, I just visually estimated.

  52. can roughly show me your dome shaped pan not? Sandy

  53. Sandy,
    It's shown in my Oreo chiffon cake post

  54. Hi Wendy

    thanks.I bought the cake pillar. It seems skinny ler..Can support the top cake well meh? I know u got support with some straw but it works not? Sandy

  55. Sandy,
    The top is supported by the middle pillar and sides (straws)So far, it worked for me, the cake was stacked on top just before blowing. I transported the cake 40km to the party.
    U must make sure the straws are same height as the pillar la.

  56. The Carousel cake you made is AMAZING!!! I would love to adopt your idea and make one like that for my girl next year! :)

  57. I just made mine, thanks for the inspiration


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