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Friday, September 24, 2010

Peach Oatmeal Griddle Cookies

I was looking at some peaches, held one close to my nose for a whiff.
Lydia wanted to smell too. I let her hold one, but her finger nails went through the soft skin.
Sigh, I had to buy that fruit at RM4.59.

I kept the peach in the fridge for a week or two before I remembered Anna Olson’s recipe that I have bookmarked quite a while ago. Then while browsing through my favourites, I saw it and ah-ha. Alas, no milk at home. Had to wait until the birthday cakes are all over before I have some space for milk.
I finally made this (after 4 weeks of purchase) and Lyanne simply loved this. Lydia was ok and was trying to pick out the fruits and leave the cookie behind. That’s her usual antic.

Peach Oatmeal Griddle Cookies
Recipe adapted from Anna Olson
150gm milk
50gm oats
15gm butter
50m honey (or use 30-40gm sugar)
1 egg
20gm all purpose flour
¾ tsp baking powder
Small pinch salt (1/8 tsp)
½ cup diced peaches

1. Put oats into a small mixing bowl (a big noodle soup bowl). Put in butter
2. Bring milk to a gentle boil and pour over oats. Let it sit for 15 minutes.
3. In another bowl, combine baking powder, salt and flour.
4. Put (3) into the oats and mix.
5. Put in egg and honey mix.
6. Put in diced peaches and mix.
7. Heat a pan and lightly grease it.
8. Put in 2 tbsp of batter onto pan. When you see bubbles and the edges are no longer sticky, flip the ‘cookie’ and cook until golden. Be careful the ‘cookie’ browns very quickly due to its honey content.

If you think this tasted like cookies... then you'd be greatly dissapointed. It's pancakes!!
Wonder why did Anna Olsen called these cookies.


  1. One look at the picture, I thought you had name it wrongly, heehee. Looks too much like pancakes.... Yeah why Anna named them cookies?? Looks really soft and flavorful! Should be able to sub with other fruits right?

  2. Wendy, the peach can keep so long ar? won't turn brown and soft? Mine kept in the fridge for only less than 2 weeks, the skin and flesh turned brown in some spots and very soft.

    This looks like pan cake than cookie to me leh :P.

  3. Bee,
    I think other fruits will be great too.
    It's a oatmeal pancakes :)
    I think strawberry will be a great substitute

    My peach, when bought hoh, not very ripe leh. Can la, sometimes I keep my plums for almost 2 months, ahahha. But it also depends on how u keep it. If u keep together with apples, then it'll ripen much quicker.

  4. I feel it's pancakes at first and it is! This looks appetizing breakfast! Thanks for sharing! Now, I've got a new breakfast recipe in my daily menu. cheers!

  5. You are making me have a craving for peach pancakes!

  6. ya, it look exactly like a peach pancake, sedap kah?

  7. This looks great for breakfast. Did you use Quaker oats?

  8. The pancakes look so delicous!!
    I am curious about the peach too. Did you store it in the freezer?

  9. Kitchen Corner,
    Hope that you like this :)

    Still have peaches there? Summer's over right?
    Haha, try to find some and solve your craving, haha!!

    If one likes to eat oats, then will find this nice. If you don't like to eat oats, then I dunno lor. Haha.

    Yummy Koh,
    Yup, I used quick cooking oats, but not Quaker brand. Quaker blue packing will work fine here.

    No, haha. My fruits tend to keep for a long long time in my fridge. My mandarin oranges from Chinese New Year can last me 4 months, my apples for 3 months, my lemon and oranges for months as well. So much so that I've totally forgotten about them until I went searching in my crisper for other stuff then I saw them. The fruits are kept wrapped in plastic, so that they won't dry out. Currently I have one month old blueberries in there. Haha!!

  10. Looks like pancake to me. Thanks for sharing.

  11. I remember bought a packet of dried peaces but ended up not made use of it and had to throw it away....

  12. Ron,

    Home Kreation,
    Sometimes I have this vice too, buying stuff that I end up throwing away :)
    Happens all the time, ahahah!!

    Blessed Homemaker,
    Sure. Nectarines will be a good choice

  13. Hi Wendy,

    Is 20gm all purpose flour sufficient? Thanks


  14. Jaynelle,
    Yes. You can refer to my source to confirm the amount in volume.

  15. Dear Wendy,
    Hi, may i know whether can mix the batter at night & keep in fridge for frying next morning?
    Thank you ^^

  16. Kah Chin,
    I have never tried keeping the batter overnight.
    But if you want to save time, maybe you can measure everything out and keep the wet ingredients in one container and the dry ingredients in ont container. Combine it the next morning.


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