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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hasselback Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Seems familiar? That is if you've seen this in Sea Salt with Food.

It looked so pretty on her site. So I tried it.

I don't know whether it's due to my sweet potatoes or what, but the potaoes had a dry skin, akin to a tree bark. Hard and chewy, not crunchy.

But as you can see my purple sweet potatoes aren't that purple either. So, let me blame it on my sweet potatoes.
They're no good.

My MIL thought they were bread when she first saw it, and Mike's aunt said they looked like worms. I thought they looked cute.

Only Lyanne liked them. :(
I could only eat whatever that is not part of the "bark".


  1. Wendy, my mil bought some purple sweet potatoes and told me is delicious so I guess those I bought might be too old so tasted not good. I am going to give these purple sweet potatoes one more chance, already asked my helper to steam for me tomorrow :P.

    Probably you encountered the same situation as me, so give it a try next time :).

  2. Never thought of doing it with sweet potatoes. They look very interesting and I'm sure they tastes good.

  3. These look like something served on a fine-dinning table--that is if you add a flower or two and some leaves...haha!
    Wai, you make my hands itch leh...coz I just bought some small purple ones yesterday morning. But I don't have a proper oven la, wonder if my toaster oven'll work?

  4. These look so cute and pretty. I love it. Sweet potatoes are my favourite....very healthy and delicious.

  5. Hmmm....tree bark is an...interesting texture =) haha
    They look really cool though! I've never seen sweet potatoes as dark as those here.....

  6. Wow, nice looking sweet potato. Want to try it one day. When are you going to email me your address. Time is running out as I'll be leaving soon for holiday. I'm sincere, so am not expecting anything in return. The flour is not expensive anyway.

  7. I tried baking this once and you are right. The skin turns out really hard and chewy. The next time I make this I will trp zapping it up in the microwave oven first before baking it.

  8. hahaa yes... they do look like worms

  9. It's so cute Wendy! Really looks like harmless worms. I like the look of it! Hahaha...

  10. Angie's Hasselback Potatoes has become somewhat iconic... Maybe this only works with potatoes? I just had deep fried sweet potato sticks in Seoul today - very hard too, unlike the shoestring potato chips which are usually crispy.

  11. I think they look nice! Probably, the purple sweet potato has softer flesh compared to other sweet potatoes. Sometimes even watery inside! Happy merdeka Day to you too. Have a nice evening.
    Cheers, kristy

  12. Wendy...they look cute hahaha and when I first look at it I thought to myself ...wa the potatoes are long....haha when u mentioned sweet potatoes then I laugh..haha they do look cute. The skin of sweet potatoes may be thick so that is why it is hard. Maybe it works for only potatoes :)

  13. Jess Bakericious,
    Oh yes, my sweet potatoes are the one to blame :)

    Back in Japan oredi??? No la, not my idea.

    To me they taste yucks, seriously, but taste is a personal matter.

    You can try to boil it whole for 2 minutes, slice it like mine, slather some oil, sprinkle some sugar and top with s small slice of butter over the "slices" and toast it in the oven.
    Cos if you don't parboil it, I'm worried the high heat from the toaster oven will not cook it through even when the skin is all blackened.

    Or maybe you can slice it, steam it until half cooked only then you oil, sugar, butter and toast.

  14. Mary Moh,
    I do agree they look cute.

    They look darker after they were roasted.
    BTW, these are not that nice, not bright purple.

    Try at your own risk!!! hahaha.

    Oh no, don't microwave it. I'll be even drier. Sweet potaotes don't have the same amount of moisture compared to regular potatoes. I think steaming will be a better choice. Cos I've zapped sweet potatoes before and they do turn dry instead.

  15. Swee San,
    Want one??

    Passionate about baking,
    Haha. They're dead worms.

    Yeah, both may carry the same last name, but totally different in charateristics.
    Botanically, they are from different families. Just like a Hokkien Tan and a Hainanese Tan.
    Haha, similiar but not the same.

  16. Kristy,
    Oh.... I've never encountered a watery purple sweet potato. I've always found them to be drier then the orange ones, especially the fat orange ones (locally grown).

    Yeah, I do agree that it may only work with potatoes. It's not that long la, actually she small ones are really small, like my little finger only. The long one is at the length of my palm.

  17. Hey Wendy, you have to peel the sweet potatoes skin and slice them thinner, almost all the way through. Fyi, the smaller Japanese variety is best for this recipe.


  18. Angie,
    Oh peel them. OKok.

    Actually these were very thin oredi, about 2mm thickness only, but because the potatoes were really small, so it seemed thick by comparison. The ones in the first pic are only slightly longer and thicker than my thumb.

    Use Japanese variety hah, but those won't be purple, but yellowish flesh, although they have purplish skin. That is the only Japanese variety available here. Limited choice.

    But then again, I think my potatoes are dry, because it's been 3 weeks since I bought them before I made this, which was why I blame the failure on them.

    Really appreciate your advice. Thanks.

  19. Wow Wendy, You have the best looking Hasellback potatoes ever. They look like giant inch worms measuring the plate! What an marvelous idea! Only one with an artistic mind can come up with this. I am thinking hard to do my version. hmmmm...

  20. michelangelo,
    LOL, no I didn't come up with the idea. Angie from Sea Salt with Food did :)


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