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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wintermelon Drink

Those of you from Kampar will definitely remember the Herbal Drink stall infront of Kam Ling Restaurant. One old uncle together with his fair and pretty wife will be selling wintermelon tea, Wong Lou Kat, Hui Sap Sui, sometimes Sugarcane drink too and some other stuff that I can’t remember. And my favourite will be the wintermelon drink.

Actually they live just 200m down my house in Kampar. Everyday I’ll see the man on the bicycle, peddling the mobile stall to location, with the wife pushing the stall from behind. Such a lovely couple… but I got to know from my mom that the man has passed away, few years back. Actually the couple have already retired more than 15 years ago, and sold the business to another couple. It’s no longer the same thing..something’s missing.

So, for those of you who loved the lovely couple’s wintermelon tea, this is a close attempt to that version that is the favourite of so many in Kampar.

1 wintermelon, mine was about 3kg
7.5L water
480gm candied brown sugar (I prefer this over rock sugar here)

*Please reduce accordingly if you want to make a smaller portion, here’s the ratio
1kg wintermelon : 2.5L water (10 cups/rice bowl): 2pcs candied brown sugar(160gm), you can put more if you like it sweeter.

1. Wash the wintermelon, scrubbing the green skin with a soft scourer (green Scotch Brite, not stainless steel scrub) to get rid of the white powder.
2. Cut the melon up, discard seed, do NOT peel and cut into chunks, about 2 inch cube, not too big so that they’ll cook faster, not too small so that you can easily fish them out later.
3. Put in in large pot (10 or 11L capacity) and put in 8L water. Put in sugar.
4. Bring to a boil on high heat and lower to a simmer until wintermelon turns soft, means you can poke thru the flesh easily with a chopstick, skin will still be hard, so don’t poke thru the skin instead. It took me about 4 hours.
5. When wintermelon is soft, fish them out and scrape the flesh with a spoon and mash them with a fork.
6. Discard the skin and put the flesh back into the pot. Cool down and chill.

With no additional stuff like candied dates or longan, the flavour of the wintermelon really shines through and it feels so "yoon" on the throat

By the way, these picutres were taken more than a year and half ago. Can you see those floating bits of wintermelon, all mushy mushy.


  1. Hi
    just passing by to look at your thirst quenching drink, thanks for sharing all your yummy recipes and your generousity.

  2. Give me a glass of iced winter melon tea, pls......So hot now a days. Really need cooling drinks like this.

  3. Super refreshing drink. I've not drink any wintermelon juice before. This is very special!

  4. love ur wintermelon drink...lovely drink and is my fav.

  5. wah, 3kg wintermelon...! can finish meh?!
    Never seen that type of brown sugar before...Where do you get them? Chinese Med.halls?

  6. This is my fav cooling drink to make especially during summer time but I will usually just grate the melon and add some dried red dates and longan to it.

  7. i feel thirsty! PLEASE make one for me 10q

  8. Lori,
    Thanks. Don't just pass by but come back for more:)

    Make some :)

    Little Inbox,
    Today rain ler.... :p

    Kitchen Corner,
    Oh, it's a pretty common "liangcha".
    It's not a juice actually, but an infusion.
    Boiled to bring out the goodness.

    Mine too :)

    You think 3kg is a lot ah? 1k is so little only leh. I can drink 500ml at one go lor. It's very nice esp when chilled.

  9. Gert,
    Ya, that's another way..but this is the fav way in Kampar, my hometown.
    Mushy mushy wintermelon.

  10. Voon,
    Pergi buat sendiri. Hahaha!!

  11. A real thirst quencher! Will have to find time to make this instead of drinking from the packet!

  12. My kids love this especially! I used to shred the wintermelon and my boy said it tastes like eating birdnest. Very delish! haha.... Btw, I love buying 'leong cha' from that uncle too. That was long long time ago. lol! Time just flies, isn't it! Have a great day.
    Cheers, kristy

  13. Thanks for posting a picture of this melon. Definitely helps. My mom used to steam this melon now I know of another method. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Busygran,
    Oh, if you like the version of the packet one,
    try my wintermelon tea. It's another post, and the taste resembles the one from the packet.
    This one taste different than the one you like.

  15. Kristy,
    Eh, the sharkfin melon really taste like sharkfin leh... round round shreds, like noodles.
    Try that if you son likes "sharkfins"

    Do you mean the whole melon dessert?
    I love that to bits, but takes too long to steam.

  16. Wendy, give me a glass, I badly need this wintermelon tea to cool my body now!


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