Saturday, August 28, 2010

Lydia is 3!!!!

Lydia.. my elder daughter. Born this day 3 years ago.
I remembered the day I woke up, thinking I needed to go to the loo, but actually it was contraction pain, 13 days earlier than my given date.

Being a first timer, I was totally ignorant and kept on thinking why the pain won't go away, even after I've eased myself. Right until more than one and a half hours later, when I realised it actually happens at regular intervals, and it's already at 16 minutes. Because it was very very mild, I didn't suspect anything earlier on. When I managed to get my hubby to wake up, I actually leaked.

First time... what did one know?

Haha, I'll leave the rest of the experience unsaid now... but all that I could say was, the pain of being induced was horrible, unbearable. I couldn't breathe. No time to breathe. So bad I cried for epidural. I almost wanted to give up and told my hubby, no more babies after this. Hahaha, but then Lyanne came after Lydia. Hahaha. Words said on impluse. I didn't mean it. Hahahaha.

I remember the moment Lydia was out. My tears also came out, tears of joy. She was grey and dirty when I saw her, still with a long umblical cord. Then the nurses cleaned her, and there she is my sweet bundle of joy, resting on my chest. Oh the joy, indescribable!!!

She's grown up a lot these 3 years. Actually a bit too matured for her age, I feel. Her infancy seemed shortlived cos she ran, literally ran like a kid 3 days after she walked. Jumped off the ground at 18 months. Differentiates between chimpanzee, gorilla and orang utan at just 2 plus. Whereas Lyanne is pretty much like other kids at 18 months, still babyish and fumbling around most of the time.

Last 2 weeks, I showed her pictures of my Pork Tocino, and I asked her what is in the picture
1. Me pointing to the this, she told me, CHICKEN
2. Then I pointed to this , she answered CHU YOKE, which meant pork in Cantonese.

I was rather surprised that she could recognise the chicken cos it didn't look like a drumstick or anything in her books. But I tell you, she can recognise a feathery chicken, a dressed chicken (no heads), raw chicken parts in hypermart brochures (be it breast or wings) and call them all chicken. Cooked or raw, she'll tell you chicken. Even if you tear the meat and put in her mouth, she can tell if it's chu yoke or chicken.

Now, she's not so much of a foodie. Remember this incident? Of late, she's not very interested in her meals, except noodles. But she still enjoys my bakes, especially bread, although I not good in it. And she cannot resist vegetables, especially carrots, raw cucumber and "Choy Sum".

And I love the way she helps me make steamed buns, and here's her creation.
I call it marbles bun (bozi bao). The small balls of dough taste really good when made this small.

I'm sure you all remembered this picture before Chinese New Year 2010.

But then, let me show you other pics

Her First Christmas

Playing with the computer at 17 months. Just playing, not doing anything for real.

Her first time in a swim suit at Sg Klah hot springs.
Ever since, she always likes to take out this outfit and ask me to bring her to the beach.

Lydia my dear, I will bring you to the beach, I promise.
Pester your father, not me, as I'm not the one who will be driving you there!!!


(we already have one beach holiday planned at the end of the year)


  1. Happy Birthday to Lydia! I see you have documented all her birthdays on your blog - this is going to be precious for her when she becomes a mother herself one day. And oh, since she can already recognise ingredients at such a young age, I think she may have already inherited your genes to be a good cook - congratulations! You have a successor in the kitchen!

  2. Lydia is so cute. You are such a dedicated mom, taking pictures of her and stuff like that. It's good that she likes veggies, especially since she is a toddler. She seems really smart. :) Happy birthday to her. The small marble ball she made looks so cute like a sheep.

  3. happy birthday lydia.time going fast,lydia already 3 years now.she looks mature and steady and so sweet.

  4. Happy Birthday to your little sweetie. :)

  5. Happy birthday to your girl! Yeah, kids just grow too fast... don't they! My boy already 13. Still remember 13 years back, I'm still breast feeding him. haha.... Have lots of fun & enjoy your day too.
    Blessings, kristy

  6. What a beautiful little girl! Happy birthday to her :)

  7. Shirley,
    Ha, well, I left out her birthday celebration last year, becos her dad forgot to bring the camera to the party!!!! And I made so much stuff for that tea party, so wasted that it was not shared to all.

    Esther X3,
    A sheep, hehehe, I never thought of that, but come to think of it, yeah, it does look like one.

    Thanks, Fan Fan is so cute too. I only wish Lydia can stay put during her haircut like Fan Fan.

  8. Happy Flour,
    Thanks :)

    Haha, I think when she's 13, I'd still think of her birth like it was just yesterday. Which explains why we are forever kids in ur parents eyes :)

    Jess-Sugar High,
    Thank you.

  9. Happy Birthday to Lydia! Kids are so much smarter than we used to be. Hope she will have a fun time celebrating today!

  10. Sweet little girl. Happy Birthday, Lydia!

  11. Little Lydia is so cute. My son Jason just celebrated his 3rd birthday on the 6th of this month. Oink oink!

  12. Happy Birthday Lydia!! Haha she's really very cute la.. *pinch cheeks*

  13. Happy Birthday, Lydia! I think your daughter is adorable :)!

  14. Happy Birthday Lydia! Where is birthday cake that mommy Wendyywy bake for you? ;)

  15. Oh, ya hor...3 already...! I remember her birthday's quite close to Ee Sync's.
    I can feel the joy in your heart as I read your post...and fully understand that! Hahaha...!
    Happy Birthday to the darling 寿星婆! :D

  16. Happy Birthday Sweet Little Lydia!!! Looking forward to see her birthday cake made by mummy :)

  17. My, my, isn't she a precocious little young lady!
    Happy Birthday Lydia!

  18. Happy Birthday to your lovely Lydia!

    she looks like you. (refer to old photos you posts)

  19. Thank you for sharing with us your memories of your sweet daughter! She shares the same B'day as my hubbs! (He's considerably more than 3 though!!!)
    Reading your blog reminds me to photo and treasure every moment with our newborn (our first born!) he's not even 3wks and he already looks different to the little red faced bundle that was handed to me!

    Happy Birthday Lydia!

  20. Small small baker,
    Haha, kids are better nourished from the womb now :)

    Little Inbox,
    Thanks :)

    Belly Good Cooking,
    Oh, happy belated birthday to Jason!!

  21. Happy Third Birthday, Lydia!! Wishing you smooth-sailing, happy, carefree years ahead! You've got a lot to learn ... But you're already that impressive at such tender age!

    ** Psss ... Wendy 老媽子, pass my message to your daughter lar ... **

    Wendy, too bad I only got to see Lyanne that day ... =( ... Now hor, you're making me wanting to visit you and your folks in KK ... I want to play with Lydia!!!

    Will update you when December draws near ... I really hope that can happen! Btw, maybe we can make 算盤子 together ... HAHAHA! I just talked to Swee San about our plan and the taro beads ...

  22. Btw, I think Lydia looks more like you lar ... Only like 10 percent of Mike's only ... from her face ... Such a 靚女 ... Like you the 靚媽 lor ...

  23. Swee San Jie Jie,
    Painful la!!!!

    Cooking Gallery,
    Thanks and thanks :)
    She's really cute when she's not naughty.

    Hehehe, wait, she'll have 2 cakes. :)

  24. Happy Birthday to Lydia! Wendy, she is so adorable leh... and so smart, inherited from you or mike :P.

  25. Happy Birthday to Lydia. She is so adorable, feel like giving her a big kiss ;DD

  26. Aunty Mel,
    when can I play with ES again? Long time never see him.

    Wait, wait.. coming up soooonnnn....

    Granny busygran,
    Thank you :)

  27. Voon,
    no la, she is chop papa, compare her 1 year old birthday party, and see her papa's face la.... aiyor, she is 100% chop papa.

    Oh you just had a baby 3 weeks back??
    Congrats!!!! Better rest your back more
    The birth moment is something forver etched in the heart, nothing can remve that. :)
    Cherish it, it never comes often, ahahah!!!

    Haha, you should see Mike's mom. She's in Lyanne's birth story. Lydia is a replica of her grandma. Ppl comment I look like my MIL. I can pass off as her daughter, but if you really look in detail, she's not like me at all.

  28. Jess,
    If brains, I'd definately say it's mine, hahahah!!!
    Haha, frankly, we'll see when she grows up, if she's maths and physics, then it's daddy, but if it's language, then it's me. But so far her ability to recognise stuff and remember lyrics is more like me.

    Lydia says thankyou for the kiss.

  29. Happy B'day to ur little one the cute clicks !!!
    The Apricot yogurt cake from ur prev post looks so wonderful n inviting ... jus cant wait to try it out !!!

    - Smita
    ( fun food ideas for picky eaters )

  30. Smita,
    Thanks. And please don't forget to tell me how the cake turns out to be :)

  31. Happy birthday to your love girl! Children grow very fast in no time! God bless you pretty!

  32. Happy day to Lydia! I too had the same experience with my first child. I pee-ed and kept peeing..and had pains..not knowing what was happening. I was too kan-cheong, because it was the Australian Survivor finale... and they were revealing the winner. I never got to see it!

    HA HA HA

    Ok.. sorry for the sidetrack.. Happy 3 years old, may it be filled with happiness and sweetness!

  33. Mott,
    Thanks. You made me laugh, I can imagine the situation, with an ultra exciting tV show and a contracting tummy, ahaha. Luckily you finally realised it.

  34. Awww she's so sweet, happy belated birthday to Lydia!

  35. She looks so sweet! I love that picture of her having all the flour on the face! Just fun!

  36. Lydia is so adorable!

    Happy belated birthday to her.

  37. Happy belated birthday sweety Lydia. I'm sure your mummy can't wait for you to grow to accompany her in the kitchen. Be a good & happy girl always.

  38. Angie(seasalt), BabeKL, Cook.Bake.Love,

    Thank you very much :) Muaahs from Lydia

  39. Angie's recipes,
    That's not flour, that's talcum powder :)
    She thought she was very pretty until she looked into the mirror and shocked herself.

    Hahaha, I sure am waiting for the day!!!!

  40. Happy birthday Lydia =) These pictures are the most precious sights I've seen all day

  41. happy belated birthday lydia..auntie's birthday is three days ater than yours (hihi)..

    :) lydia is already making debut in the kitchen !

  42. grace,
    Thank you :)

    Eh, merdeka birthday eh???
    Wah, then Happy Birthday to you today!!!

  43. Belated Happy Birthday to your cute daughter :)


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