Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cabbage Veggie Rolls

When I was still a fresh graduate, I stayed with my chummies in a rented apartment. We always cook and have meals together. And they complained about their waistline when I stayed with them. Hahaha!!! Everybody who stays with me does!!

One late afternoon, I just went about shopping at the nearest hypermarket, Giant. Suddenly I felt like making cabbage rolls. So I just bought a small jicama, a small carrot and a bit of this and that. When I got home, I felt like in putting in this and that.. and lucky Wai Wai came home. She said, woah, what are you doing.. and hehehe, we had the best meal in the house (everybody else was out) Just these rolls, and the both of us were so full.

Cabbage Veggie Rolls Recipe
1 round cabbage , about 800gm
350gm jicama (sengkuang), unpeeled weight
1 small carrot
1 palm sized wood ear fungus, soaked size
1 chinese sausage, peeled (omit if you’re vegan, it’s ok) 2 shallots
2/3 tsp Salt and pepper to taste.
(Actually I used to put in egg shreds too, feel free to use that as well)

1. Cut and dig stem from cabbage. Place in a pot of water, stem side down, and boil for 10 minutes or until soft and pliable. (the cabbage should still yield some crunch, but pliable)
2. Remove cabbage from pot and let it cool. Peel cabbage, leaf by leaf, taking care not to break them. If it’s not soft enough, return to pot and boil again. When the leaves seem too small for wrapping purposes, slice them finely and squeeze them dry.
3. While waiting for the cabbage to cook and cool down, cut jicama, carrot, wood ear fungus, Chinese sausage into matchstick sizes.
4. Slice shallots.
5. Heat a wok and put in 3 Tbsp cooking oil.
6. On medium heat, fry shallots until golden and crispy. Drain and dish up.
7. With oil still on wok, on medium low heat fry Chinese sausage until golden. Drain and dish up.
8. Turn heat to high and fry jicama, carrots and wood ear fungus until wilted and rather dry. Put in shredded cabbage and toss until dry again, just make sure there is no visible juice at bottom of wok. Season with salt and pepper.
9. Dish up and leave to cool.
10. To wrap: Place one piece of cabbage, curve side up, snip away the hard end with scissors. Place some of the veggie fiiling onto cabbage. Top with some fried sausages and fried shallots.
11. Fold both sides in and roll cabbage tightly.
12. Repeat until either all fillings or cabbage is used up.

And I have nothing in excess this time, all nicely used up
Mike needs chili sauce to go with this, but I just eat them as they are, I love these, so did Wai Wai, 9 years ago.


  1. Wendy, such a healthy dish and somemore looks delicious and easy to make, I am going to try it. BTW, did u get cherries in KL? Read from Swee San's post that she got it so cheap, even so much cheaper than Spore.

  2. WOW! This cabbage rolls look very nice! Beautiful rolled up and looks very tempting for me. Thanks for sharing how to make the rolls, it's a nice dish to serve guests.

  3. Wendy...this is a nice cabbage rolls. Have KIV this :) Thanks for sharing the recipe :)

  4. These look soooo neat and beautiful. I love to make them too. They are very juicy and delicious.

  5. Wendy, I believe I have made similar dish before. However mine is wrapped with minced turkey or pork, then stewed for a couple hours in tomato sauce. Yours looks good too, a vegetarian version. ;)

  6. This dish comes in timely for me cos I have to start eating healthy under doc's advice. Thanks Wendy, this is another dish bookmarked so that I won't be bored eating plain, less fat food.

  7. At one glance I thought it was Vietnamese summer rolls. this look so healthy. I've tried something with cabbage before but it was roll in rice & meat and than cook in tomato sauce. I don't fancy that as I like yours better.

  8. Wendy, so beautifully done! Looks like a very healthy dish, will try this out one day. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Jess,
    I didn't get the same cherries as she did, cos hers were last stock at the night market.
    I got RM20/half kg. Not too bad la. And they were XL cherries.
    Very nice.

    Kitchen Corner,
    Yeah, a good dish for entertaining, but since cabbages are rather large, the rolls are rather large too, and your guests will have go "Aaaahhh" to eat them.

    I hope it won't be KIVed for too long.

  10. Marymoh,
    And very healthy too :) Psst, if there are not lap cheong!!!

    This is more of a Chinese version, a vege popiah :) Hehehe.

    You can eat this as a meal. Very filling.

  11. Gert,
    This is actually popiah in cabbage wrappers. Hahaha!!!

    It's tasty, for veggie lovers :)

  12. Oh, that's the way to prepare the cabbage before rolling. :) I would love to try this too.

  13. Little Inbox,
    You mean, the boiling part?
    Hehe, same goes for the long cabbage if you want to use it for wrapping.


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