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Monday, August 9, 2010

How to Peel a Pineapple

Remember Cheezels??? That's how you eat Cheezels, stick your finger through the hole. But this is a pineapple. that's a bit to big. Hahaha!!

When I made Pineapple Tarts for sale back when I was 17, I never peel my own pineapples. I pay extra 50 sen (for each fruit) to have it done. It's not easy to peel 10 pineapples each time I make the jam. And I make that a few times. I'd rather pay. But now, I only need one... So, I tried peeling this myself. My first attempt. Hahahah!!
I'm going to do another upside down cake, since I was dissapointed last time.

So before I bake the cakes again, here goes my peeling adventure..

 Wonder why the numbers are not quite right with this 2nd peeling pic? Cos I missed those in the middle out during my initital editing, so I just quickly remedied it... haiya, nevermind la. Not perfect nevermind one.

Now, I can peel my own pineapple already. Can you? I'm sure you can.

Oh ya, one more thing about pineapples. I always bake with Morris variety. Huh? What what???
There are a few varieties of pineapple in Malaysia, and the common ones in the market are Morris, Josapine(not Josephine ok, no such pineapple), and Sarawak variety, with Morris being almost everywhere. It's at the rojak stalls, the cut fruit stalls, the juice stations.. Why? It's the cheapest!!!

Well, it's not because of the price that I use this, but because of the taste. I'm sure you won't want to bake with red apples, but green ones. Why? Things that are too sweet don't really taste that good when baked, right? I like Morris, due to the tartness, the amount of fibre it has (especially when it comes to pineapple tarts, the more fibre, the more jam I'll get from 1 fruit). Josapine is more of a eating pineapple than a baking one, that's my personal opinion., but then again, I don't eat fresh pineapples. Maybe due to bad experiences of them making my tongue sore when I was a kid, and they were Morris :)

Ok ok, enough said, check out my 2nd upside down pineapple cake 2 days later.


  1. look like sunflower! chef sifu!

  2. Wendy, I used to dun eat pineapple due to the same reason as you but now, I love pineapple. I started to eat with only sarawak pineapple, very ripe type. I always cant get very ripe type when I bot the whole pineapple so when I craving for it, I bot the cut pineapple from fruit store, I will choose those very yellow nearly translucent type, for sure super sweet and definately wont cut our tongue. Now my another favourite pineapple is SW Sweet 16, very good,

  3. BTW, how is your bloggers meetup on Sat? We had great great time on Sun, me and Pei Lin were talking about you, not gossip abt u lah but just hoping to arrange a meetup in KL since we are not able to meet up last wk, hope can do it soon :)

  4. Voon,

    Glad you enjoyed ur meeting. I do hope to meet you some other day, for sure!!! Hahaha, I do wish to know the content of the conversation.

    Dunnolor, I dun enjoy fresh pineapple taste, it's like "I have no interest".

  5. I never peel a pineapple before also, and from your pictures, I know it's much more harder than I thought, haha, I will rather pay more for people to peel for me, hehe.

  6. Love the 'sunflower' with a thumby centre! :P
    Good step-by-step pics on how to cut the fruit. I usually get the vendor to cut unless when I want to carve it.

  7. Your pineapple rings look like they'r being peeled by someone who has peeled them for years ok!? So clean and nicely shaped!
    Like you, I dun quite fancy pineapples too but I'm the one who's always doing the peeling!! I mean when younger la...we use it for dishes and some time pineapple tarts...hey, so many u make ar? I remember the most I peeled for pine.tarts was 6 or 7, usually it was 5...wa, u really make a lot of tars la...

  8. Sarawak has nice pineapples, sweet & juicy but I like cooking them than eating raw.

  9. I actually love peeling pineapple. They do sell those already peeled here but they were double the price and also they don't cut the eyes off like the way we do. Over here they slice the skin off together with the eyes. Can you imagine what is left in the pineapple after they peel them :)

  10. Hi Wendy,

    Thanks for posting this. It will come in handy when I am making pineapple tarts with homemade pineapple paste. So far I have been using store bought ones. I have no idea how to choose pineapples and prepare them.

    I seldom take fresh pineapples. Usually they will 'bite' my tongue. The best fresh pineapples I had are honey pineapples I think. It has a honey-like sweetness and does not 'bite'


  11. Min,
    Actually it's pretty easy to peel just one or two. The vendor didn't charge too much extra for the peeling work. If she wanted RM2 each for the peeling, I don't think I'd pay, cos I used to buy 10 pineapples for the tarts.

    Wah.. carve it. I'd love to see your pineapple artwork one day!!

    I knew the technique, but doesn't mean I have to do it. Hahahaha!!!! When one is seasoned with the knife, peeling pineapple is nt difficult la

  12. HomeKreation,
    I've tasted them before, as usual, I can skip a second piece, no matter how tasty the pineapple is. But weird, I like roasted pineapple, but not fresh.

  13. Gert,
    Hahaha!! You're the first I hear liking to peel pineapples.
    Yeah, I know how they peel pineapples. Very very clean and botak!!!

    Always go with Morris variety when making jams, in my opinion. When they are tart, you can add more sugar, and more sugar means the better they can keep. My pineapple tarts are known to be kept for 3 months room temp and they stay well. Homemade jams are so so so much better than bought ones, and I used to spread them on bread and eat :)


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