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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Salted Fish Fried Rice

Do you like salted fish? Fried or steamed? I love them in fried rice. Simply yummy.
And a vegetarian shop in my hometown, Kampar makes this fried rice with lots of bean sprouts, just like the way one would fry salted fish with.
Try this if you are a "bean sprouts with salted fish" lover, but even if you are not, do try this if you a re a fried rice lover.

2 rice bowls(packed) of cooled, cooked rice
40gm salted fish flesh, finely chopped (I used kurau/tanau/threadfin)
200gm beansprouts, about 2 cups
2 large eggs, cracked into a bowl
1 clove garlic
Pepper for seasoning
2 sprigs of spring onion, finely sliced
4 tbsp oil

Heat wok until very hot, put in oil. Put in salted fish and stir for 2 seconds and put in chopped garlic. Fry until both are golden and fragrant. Push aside and put eggs into wok and scramble immediately. When eggs are cooked, return salted fish from the sides to the middle and put in rice.
Toss until rice is hot and fragrant. Season with pepper. Put in bean sprouts, toss for another 15 seconds, put in spring onion and toss for another 5 seconds.
Dish up and serve.

*To add or not to add salt is up to personal preference and depends on the saltiness of the fish.


  1. This is a new method of fried rice that I learn today. :)
    By the way, what type of salted fish? I've no experience in buying salted fish.

  2. This is something that I will order each time I eat at a Chinese Restaurant as I can't cook it at home. The smell of salted fish will definitely drive my husband away :) :)

  3. Yes! Salted fish fried rice is out of this world! It's a family favourite. I would fry extra salted fish to a crisp and use as extra food!
    Err... but right now, I wished I could reach out for that bowl that's staring at me! So tempting!

  4. Simple poor man's food like salted fish, only you can make them look luxurious wendy! The only time I actually had salted fish is when it comes with claypot chicken rice, and also 'hamyu fa lam pou', not sure if you've heard of the dish though!

  5. Little Inbox,
    I have no idea what to call this in Hokkien, but it's kurau or tanau or Threadfin in english. In Cantonese it's Ma Yau.

    But actually, any fleshy firm salted fish will be fine. Just don't use the oiled salted mackeral in bottles.

  6. Gert,
    I truly have to agree on the stench!!!! Hahah.

  7. Busygran,
    Salted fish taste good with nasi lemak, try adding salted fish to your nasi lemak if you are crazy abt this pungent fish.

  8. Quinn,
    Such a generous comment!!! Thanks.
    Fried rice is still poor man's food, so is bean sprouts, hahahaha!!!!

    Anyway, hamyufalampou is on my to-do list. The belly is already in the freezer, just waiting for the day for it to touch the wok.

  9. Just curious, did you stir fry the "tao ge" together in the fried rice? It looks kind of raw? But this is my younger daughter's fave fried rice...will try it out, thanks. :) Also ....did you fry the salted fish first before adding in to the fried rice?

  10. Bee,
    The taugeh is put in the almost at the end of the stir frying, so that it retains its crunchiness. It is still very crunchy and wilted taugehs are yucks to me. It is not raw, but cooked, like those char kway teow taugeh, still plump and crunchy. If you cook it for 15 seconds, it's enough to cook it through.

    I fried the salted fish in the beginning, but since it burns quite easily (it's dry), so I only did it for 2 seconds, it's like i put in salted fish cubes, stir in once, then the garlic goes in already. Cos you need the wok to be super hot when you do fry rice, if not it won't be nice and a super hot wok will super fast burn the salted fish if the action is not quick enough.

  11. ha i was just thinking about this and planning when to cook it as it is my son's all time favourite!

  12. I love salted fish and would fry rice with it occasionally too.


  13. Salted fish....of course I like....100%. Your fried rice must be very, very delicious. I love to put it in almost everything, except sweet food :P

  14. My type of comfort food! Miss 马友 salted fish a lot!

  15. Yum...I like this! Your taugeh looks plump and juicy, just like those we eat in Ipoh! Here not always get nice taugeh hor...?

  16. Blessed Homemaker, Edith, Beau Lotus and MaryMoh,
    Hahaha!!! Guess all of us have this thing in common, salted fish fried rice.

    But MaryMoh,
    I'm not a everything in person. I still have certain rules with fried rice or porridge :)
    Especially those with names

  17. Angie,
    Oohhh.... maybe you should buy some should you ever travel to Chinatown.

  18. Mel,
    No la, mine is just Jusco beansprouts. The same type you get in Jusco Klang.
    Just that the rice was served in a small bowl, they look big, comparatively.
    Haha!!! Klang Valley bean sprouts not bad la. I've seen fat ones on Sonia's blog.

  19. The trusted fried rice - can't go wrong with this.

  20. Can u believe that salted fish has never ever stepped in my house...super fail. I only eat this outside, ah.. dry bah kut teh works well with salted fish. very yummy one..

  21. Shirley,
    There are times when I go wrong... fried rice are not yummy all the time, ahahaha!!!

  22. Swee San
    Now can you believe I have never eaten dry bak kut teh??? I wish to taste that one day and you'll treat me cos I'm your guest in Klang:)

  23. Oh, tanau, yea I know liao. Thanks.

  24. I L-O-V-E salted fried rice! This is something I often eat when I'm dining out. My husband even calls it an obsession :)

  25. Little Inbox,

    Hahaha, this post digs out a lot of self confessed Salted fish lovers.

    I rarely see one who doesn't.

  26. Salted fish! I'm loving every bit of it especially 'mei siang'! haha.... Enjoy your day.
    Cheers, kristy

  27. Kristy,
    MuiHeong is super nice!!!


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